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jujugotoday rated it
In a Different World with a Smartphone
June 24, 2018
Status: c1
Why is this not called "guy with overwhelming power who can do everything easily and has great things happen to him, oh and he has a smartphone that makes him more op."

He is OPAF, he has every magic power in the world which includes all the elements and a deus ex machina unique magic that there is literally entire books filled with, which can be used in any situation if he has not shown a skill to overcome his current situation. If you replaced the phone with the ability to... more>> auto-target all enemies in the area along with the ability to see a map you could remove the smart phone entirely from the story.

If someone makes a story like this do not make the main character OP and make use of everything a smart phone can do with a bit of a boost. Not to the extreme as Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World because that story made the main character pretty much a god overnight, also the brainwashing is just creepy. <<less
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