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jootsie rated it
Martial God Asura
August 1, 2017
Status: c1062
If you're ever gonna read this novel its better to treat it like Pokemon.


    1. Plotline stays the same even after a thousand chapters
    1. Theres a format in every arc like in every pokemon episode.
        • MC travels to a new place
        • MC encounters some new arrogant characters that will somehow kill you for simply breathing the same air
        • MC is a hot headed sumbit*h that always want to fight everyone even if that person is far above his level
        • Somehow able to survive and escape due to some magical ability or another OP character that he somehow met/impressed
        • MC trains and sometimes stumble on a treasure that magically levels up his skills in the area
        • MC exacts revenge on the arrogant silkpants that he angered/offended
        • MC gets another powerup or something from his harem
        • Rinse and Repeat as he moves to another area
    1. Just like the characters in Pokemon theres nothing interesting about the MC and the supporting characters. He is just a single layered character that the writer made and somehow even after 1000 chapters has no change in his character development.
    1. Every chapter consists of 50% content and 50% side comments/reactions from other bystander watching the fight
    1. Honestly the only reason why I reached 1000+ chapters is because the revenge of the MC to the annoyingly arrogant characters (Author somehow writes the most arrogant silkpants that makes the revenge even better) he meets is somehow satisfying but that hook for me can only last for so long.



    • MC killing snooty arrogant silkpants after getting beaten up is satisfying


    • MC is a hotheaded, rapist (twice I think), one dimensional even after a 1000+ chapters and gets deus ex machina almost every arc.
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Heavenly Jewel Change
August 24, 2017
Status: --
Honestly, I was expecting that the novel would be a great read when I started (MC's snotnosed fiance almost killing him and the black pearl that saved him) but then it doesn't.


  1. The writing itself is not bad nor good but what infuriates me while reading is the amount of useless information in every chapter.
  2. The MC is young (13 years old) and I get it that he is a horndog at this age but goddamn damn does the author want to remind you of that every other sentence whether its him checking out battalion commander or describing the body of her. It gets old and f*cking annoying as you read the chapters.
  3. The Cultivation system. Its breathe of fresh air to the usual pill/meditate/power up hunting we get in every novel but what comes from that is it requires a couple of chapters to acclimate to it. Why can't just have an easily explainable cultivation like in ISSTH?
  4. Whats with Chinese Novels and how every authors writes love story the same? MC basically annoys/do or say pervy stuff to a girl/woman until somehow "he gets engraved in her heart" bullshit. Also Rape? Its fine as f*ck as long as you marry her.
TL;DR its a worthwhile read if you have nothing other to read.
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jootsie rated it
Ancient Strengthening Technique
August 3, 2017
Status: c162
Randomly downloaded the EPUB one night to read on the road (I have no internet) since I've just finish a good xianxia (I Shall Seal The Heavens).

Chapters 1-20?

-Actually interesting and the MC shows promise between the mother and tr*sh thing

... more>> Chapters 20-60ish?

-Okay, I don't know what the author know about pacing but suddenly he decided to just pour all information regarding world building and its really hard to power through.

Chapter 70? Onward (The part where he went to the first city)

-This is where it starts on another way and the MC suddenly turns into greasy guy that gives cringeworthy narratives to the females he sees. This also marks the start of the harem scene

-All that cultivation terms that you just got into your head after a couple dozens of chapters? F*ck that and throw that and just remember "Xiantian" since the MC doesn't really follow that anymore and just becomes OP as f*ck and gains everything he needs out of nowhere.

-Also there are chapters where 80% of what happens is the MC just being a 14 year old horndog giving cringeworthy sayings to the females he "annoys" into liking him.


Want a "cultivation" and harem story with R18 parts? Read this.

Want a worthwhile story where the MC is not s*upidass hornball? Don't read this.

Edit: Currently re-reading again since I'm waiting for updates on other novels I read. Chapter 276 and goddamn is the dialogue much much worse. It actually have an interesting plot (forging and the main story of revenge for his mother and sister) but still all of this is in the backseat because the author gives like 20-30% of main plot and 70-80% of shitty dialogue between the women he is with in every f*cking chapter that I've read. <<less
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jootsie rated it
Realms In The Firmament
January 10, 2018
Status: c212
An interesting start with a flawed but persevering MC who reincarnated after dying.

And then it went from great to "wtf is the author doing with all this nonsense?!"


    1. Interesting start and semi-smart MC due to all his experienced in his past life.
    1. MC is kinda funny and his flaws are properly introduced and explained.

    1. FILLER CHAPTERS. HOLY f*ck. You'd expect this kind of chapters at around the 300+ chapters where its most likely starting a new arc? Nope, as early as 20s-30s of chapter you'd encounter them. Sure some are great and funny but most are just 10% plot and 90% some sort of rambling that could be explained in a paragraph or so. Example of one filler chapter that really made me mad was just the army chanting some sort of battle song/cry? You'll miss nothing if you skip that chapter at all since the past 2-3 chapters already established and painted what you need to see on what the army is all about.
    1. LONG WINDED DISCUSSION/FIGHTS. Simple things like a negotiation usually takes like 2-3 chapters and at most reach around 5-6 chapters if its filled with the "dao of verbal insults"; but this novels takes it to another level where its normal/short ones takes at least 6 chapters long for simple "I want you to do this so I'll do this for you" and its full of nonsense verbal exchanges where you'll roll your eyes because it seems like nobody f*cking pays attention to what each other says because they keep repeating and repeating.

Its like a great tasting cupcake inside a clamshell packaging. It takes an amount of time to just open not to mention annoying to just eat the cupcake. Wouldn't recommend to read.
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jootsie rated it
Emperor’s Domination
September 15, 2017
Status: c970
Read this if you like an OP MC that is confident because he has actually has the skills and knowledge. EDIT: Re-reading again after reaching to the current chapters and honestly its full of "fillers" from now but I still want to read it because its pretty damn entertaining and interesting due to the fact that there are still alot I want to know about the MC.



    1. Intersting lore
    1. MC is not one dimensional (cough cough MGA)
    1. Like the aspect of "bit*h slapping moments" ? This novel have alot of this.
    1. Not a cringy 14 year old kid whenever he interacts with females.


    1. The amount of information gathers up after hundreds of chapter that makes you want to make a list on the things he acquired/met/history. It gets confusing when he suddenly pulls out an item from his spatial pouch that he got a couple of chapters ago.
    1. It becomes more of a "Oh yeah I forgot I have something in this place" then something happens and he goes again "oh yeah I forgot this thing too exists in this place might as well go". The main point of his "mission" gets pushed backward again and again after a couple of this scenarios (ex. The Nether World arc and that freakin island)
    1. After hundreds of chapters the author just went full blown MGA peanut gallery writing where 90% of chapters consist of people talking how strong someone is or what kind of backing this guy has. A simple fight can last around 5 chapters to resolve because the author just packs so much redundant stuff (Past information from earlier chapters).
    1. Cultivation is really really confusing and hard to remember (I gave up remembering different levels after 100+ chapters). Also kinda useless to MC where he just jumps on higher tier enemies because of his OP "physique".
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