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jonsylo rated it
Against the Gods
September 2, 2016
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Starts of good for the first 100 chapters or so, the rest is pretty much disappointing and goes downhill. The MC is more lucky than intelligent.

The MC plot armor is ridiculous, no matter what stupid decisions he makes, things still works out for him eg. He slaughtered an entire clan but spared only one survivor (This guy was one of the causes for him slaughtering the clan and he also hates the MC and it's also obvious that he would kill the MC given the chance but the MC is... more>> too arrogant to recognize him as a threat). The survivors entire family was killed by the MC but the guy just so happens to get incredibly strong later on and returns when the MC isn't around and prevents the MC's aunt from being raped and also protects the MC's clansmen LOL.

The MC survives months in a space where even cultivators that are 2 whole realms higher than him wouldn't be able to survive.

When enemies that he can't handle are after him he conveniently (it wasn't his intention to go missing he just so happens to and thus avoids the enemies that could've easily killed him at that time) goes missing or is thought to be dead and by the time he returns, he's already stronger and then steamrolls them. This becomes repetitive.

The Author constantly explains the crowds (the people watching him fight) thoughts about how amazing the MC is. OMG this is one of worst parts about this novel. It's always like everyones so shocked because BLAH BLAH... LOL, almost everytime he's witnessed fighting. We get it, he can fight realms above him everyones shocked but we don't need to hear it for the 100th time LOL

There's plenty of negatives with this novel like the lucky power ups and how the strong and high status women fall on the MC's lap. Most of these have already mentioned by previous reviewers so I'll end it here for now. <<less
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