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jojmist rated it
The Novel’s Extra
June 23, 2018
Status: c29
Though there are currently only 17 'free' chapters out at this time, I have sponsored this novel and I am currently at chapter 29 at the time of this review.

FYI, I have never sponsored a novel before, though have read countless novels good and bad over the years. I hope that me dishing out 70 dollars to sponsor and get the max amount of translated chapters shows how great this novel is and the potential it has.

As per the novel itself, the setting is a unique spin on the 'transported... more>> to another world' theme, as the novel's MC is the creator of the world he is transported to in his own book/series but is only an extra and not a main character. This gives him an advantage in information and future events, though at this point in time, he is actually weaker than the rest of the characters in the story (but due to his special abilities, can upgrade/create items but at a cost to balance it out). He does have the potential to be OP in the future and he probably will be, but so far he is putting in the maximal amount of effort in the hopes of fighting off future disaster. If he becomes OP, then it is well deserved.

I can also best describe the MC as mature, intelligent, and more of a 'no-nonsense' character that doesn't let himself get pushed around. He doesn't beat anyone up; if he feels that another character is being a jackass, he will just literally call them out and call them a jackass, or act intelligent and just ignore the childish banter. I like these interactions in the story; it feels as though the MC is a real person, and the interactions are what you would expect from real people in modern society.

What really impresses me though is the scope of the other characters. They play their 'defined' roles well and have additional defining points for each with much more room for depth, backstory, and growth that is foreshadowed in the novel. They are enjoyable and I look forward to their future interactions with the MC.

As per romance, there is currently none with very obvious hints with one of the main characters maybe fancying the MC, but the MC himself has absolutely no interest in anyone at this point in time or aware of any hinted feelings. There is a ton of potential here for later as well.

Lastly, the one issue I find with this novel and that I also found with the author's previous work, 'A Monster Who Levels Up', is that the author tends to be unpredictable and add in jumble bits of plot devices that are there for the sake of the author trying to make the setting more interesting that are also used to quicken the pace of the plot. Luckily, this novel is a bit more slower paced compared to the previous work (that ended before 200 chapters) and much more put together/logical, so hopefully this novel will bloom into its well deserved current rating on this site.

All in all, read this novel! It has humongous potential of being a top novel. <<less
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jojmist rated it
Cooking with Wild Game (LN)
April 20, 2018
Status: v6 prologue
This novel has remained consistent throughout the entire series up to the current translated v6 prologue in terms of story and translation quality, and has me coming back to read more every week (1 chapter translated/released per week, but they are LONG, and I mean LONG chapters. Maybe 7 days worth of the typical daily released translated novel chapters). In fact, this is one of the few novels that I continue to follow week after week, and here's why: The MC is not a dense beta-male (he is a little... more>> beta-ish, but mostly for humbling purposes IMO) like in other Japanese light novels. He is keenly aware of who is interested in him and who isn't, and he has his own thoughts and reactions towards who he may or may not be interested in and the author makes this clear in the novel. He also stands up for himself, sometimes surprisingly so, when needed. Also, the build-up to the romance is slow (and is still developing), but constantly progresses with the plot. The main girl is also not a male-dependent idiot and can fend for herself, but due to her own past circumstances starts to depend on the MC in many ways that are logical, emotional, and well thought-out by the author. Though this novel can be slow at times, it is already translated up to the beginning of the 6th novel at the time of the review. To me, this is one of the greatest slice of life-romance-isekai novels that Japan has produced, ever, that has almost no fluff or BS (other than the side chapters, which you can skip without harming the story/plot). All in all, read this novel! It has a 4.5/5 stars for a reason. <<less
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jojmist rated it
The Godsfall Chronicles
May 7, 2018
Status: c30
I really don't understand how this novel has a 4.4/5 stars rating, nor do I understand how other reviewers have equated this novel to almost "print quality". It feels like the plot was created by an adult, but the actual writing was done by a child. An example could be how the author is extremely liberal with exclamation points and "!?", and how there are plenty of repeated phrases in triplets like "No. No. NOOOO!!!!" or "Save me. Save me. SAVE ME!!!" or "Help. Help. HELP!!" (all are actually in... more>> the novel, multiple times). Again, the overall plot is great, but it feels like the author is someone who has lived in a basement their entire life and doesn't understand normal human behavior and nuances which makes the novel feel awkward and cringey. Its like hanging out with that awkward friend who is fun to hang out with, but has a lot of weird outbursts and unusual tastes that he thinks are cool, but no one else cares for. Additionally, it sometimes feels like the author just pulls info out of his a$$ when describing or explaining characters or events that doesn't feel organic or necessary at all (it feels like this made up quote: "The enemy shot out a sword blade at the MC, but the MC didn't know that the blade was made out of super silver alloy, that was also forged by the legendary Dwarves of Asgard, and was also re-hardened by the blood of a dragon. The enemy was also a veteran of 100 battles"-that last bit was an actual quote for a single random enemy). It's like the author is using plot armor that is directed at the plot itself to try to make it more interesting, but it's just awkward and feels too sudden. Lastly, the MC is originally a literal weak child/teen looking to survive at all cost per the author, is at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of power, and then all of a sudden he does a 180 becoming leader-like looking for battle and even outdoing his mercenary boss in terms of leadership expression within the first 24 chapters. All in all, there is a sense of naivety in the writing that ruins what is an otherwise good plot. <<less
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jojmist rated it
The Second Coming of Gluttony
February 10, 2019
Status: c15
I find it weird that this novel is so highly rated right now.

The very beginning of the story was arguably the best, where the MC actually had emotions, and the world building involving different worlds, aliens (its all in the prologue, so now spoilers here), etc including the MC's beginning predicament was highlighted (gambling addiction, was a scumbag, lost his ability, etc). But as soon as the MC received his future memories, he basically turned into an emotionless, quiet, boring MC that is typical of the 'I am so cool... more>> and quiet' korean MC's. The story was originally from the MC's perspective where he was very interesting even as a scumbag, but now his dialogue, inner thoughts, and emotions are a severe backdrop to the other characters. And the story is just so convoluted and confusing. I don't see how the MC's VISUAL ability makes him so PHYSICALLY strong and OP, and there are so many plot holes as well. The other characters are so one-dimensional and dry that it just further makes the novel even more boring. I feel like the the author put tons of ideas in a hat, and just picks one out at random and just uses that to further the plot. This entire novel is a complete mess. <<less
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This novel is just okay. I am more surprised by the 4.2/5 star rating than anything else which would mean that this would be at least a pretty stellar novel on this site, which I find it is not. There isn't too much depth at all regarding the pet-like children at this point for the first 40 chapters or so, and it seems repetitive in nature. My biggest gripe with this novel is that the MC and kids are already OP as heck, and then the MC literally has rare... more>> weapons/materials/multiple OP pets/skills and even food stuffs literally shoved at him, all at once, early on. It takes away the suspense in this novel where you know that the MCs are OP as heck and equipped with literally everything and can already get past any obstacle. Then again, this is a slice of life novel and the journey/adventure may not be the main overall focus of this novel with it instead being the relationship between the MC and the children, but I believe that other novels similar to this one in terms of 'taking care of child/children' plot just do it so, so much better. There aren't many genuine sweet/diabetes moments like other reviewers have said either, as they are more repetitive and boring than the plot. <<less
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jojmist rated it
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
March 29, 2018
Status: c135
I really like this novel quite a bit. It has a well fleshed-out, believable, and driven main character and amazing world-building. One thing that really bugs me about this novel, however, is that more than half of this novel is pure info-dump and explanation (which is nice for world-building, but to an extent). I can skip a couple of chapters which are decent in length and still literally be in the same scene and miss nothing once I go back and re-read those chapters. Don't get me wrong, this is... more>> a great novel. But does the author really need an entire chapter or two to explain what a building looks like that you will literally never read about again/is not important?? For example, it is taking him 60+ chapters for the MC just to get to his freakin' university after the entrance exam. And then literally 15+ chapters for him just to get to the facility where he will be studying once he finally gets to the university. It is also taking an additional 10 chapters for the incoming freshman to the university to explain why their department is bad. It is seriously ridiculous how much word-wasting this author uses, it gets worse over time, and it is starting to become exhausting to read this novel. Don't get me wrong, I still somewhat enjoy this novel and will continue for now, but I will end up dropping it if the plot doesn't move forward and it keeps feeling like I'm doing my homework when reading it. As a last example, I thought that Ze Tian Ji was average in pace. This novel takes the cake in slowness and info dump that seems like it exists only for the author to hit a word count. <<less
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