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jkmessah rated it
World of Cultivation
October 18, 2016
Status: c401
I am tired of most Xianxia. It seems to have lost it's novelty for me. Then I stumbled upon this gem.

I'll have you know, I only binge read 401 chapters in like 2.5 days. I didn't sleep through the night. This is truly an eye opener on what a proper novel, a properly well thought out Xianxia could be. I was disappointed that I did not find this sooner, but I'm glad I could binge almost half the story.

Let's get on with the review.
Freaking amazing, hilarious but not forced.... more>> Unique and 3 dimensional characters that you care about. Common tropes used with shockingly good thought helps you from getting tired or bored. He takes common tropes and flips it like a hawt pancake. The pacing is absolutely wonderful. I enjoy reading the peaceful times and tense when reading the battle scenes. I don't find a single moment boring.

The world building starts out slow. You first know just about as much as the MC. As he grows, his knowledge and environment slowly expands. The details bring it life and the cultivation, the different groups and their interaction with one another is well thought out. If you like large scale wars between two big groups, then this really could be for you!

Zuo Mo is the most interesting character I've read in a while. His love of Jingshi and that hard-working personality is really quite believable. Characters grow, but sometimes some MCs kind of lose their original personality. NOT OURS THOUGH. Such a pragmatist that would survive well anywhere. For a Xianxia novel, he must be a saint compared to other Kill-first-questions-later MCs. But he's not a saint because it's the right thing to do, but because it makes money! How he unknowingly gain respect and friends is amusing to read.

The side characters. Oh my. There are so many you think you'd lose track of who. But you don't. You might need a nudge of reminder, but the side characters each have their story and devotion that you can't forget them unless you tried. They aren't cardboard pieces of each common tropes. People can actually change!!! Notice the excitement in that.


When was the last time some snotty ass conceited side character who disses and bullies the MC ever get a second chance? Luo Li my man, I'm looking at you! You make me proud! You bring hope to snotty brats!


There is an overarching goal I suppose, but it's so grand and far away, it's not the main focus atm. The arcs are all interesting, each with a goal in mind. It's not some random travel and discover, beat new enemies there, level up. The characters grow stronger together, but not at a crazy, ridiculous, are-you-sure-this-makes-sense kind of pace. Man, how I appreciate a weaker MC that grows stronger at his own pace.


As we get to later chapters, I realize that Zuo Mo is good at delegating. Not a perfect leader from the get go, but he is so resilient that he doesn't mind learning from others, namely, his subordinates. He has trust. Especially in the later chapters. MCs tend to be quite literally, gods. They can do anything and everything. Zuo Mo can't. And he knows it, embraces it and uses it to great advantage. Truly refreshing!


ROMANCE! Let me just warn you that if you came to read this because of that tag, be warned that 401 chapters in, there is absolutely no romance. Unless of course you count the MCs immense LOVE of money. Maybe that's why the tag is there...

I can't find enough good things to say, and maybe that's cause I rushed to write this as soon as I caught up. I don't know if anyone would read such a long review, but I feel better now that I've shared my thoughts. I must make a special mention for the translating team who does such a wonderful, wonderful job. I can't believe this is updated daily. The quality of translation is superb, and I love the little TL notes at the end. Truly a 5/5 experience.

I can't wait to finish the story! <<less
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I'll rate when more chapters are out.

The story reminds me of the beginning of Empress with no Virtue, however, the Emperor in this story is much more hateful to the MC. I truly wanted to give that guy a b***h slap and a knuckle sandwich for the sh*t he's done to the MC for no good reason. I mean, yeah, she came from the enemy kingdom as a peace offering so you might dislike her, but there is absolutely no need to go that far in humiliating her. Kudos... more>> to the MC though, she's one tough cookie and honestly deserves much better. Going by the synopsis, the Emperor is the lead male MC, but I wish someone else could just sweep her off.

So far the story is alright and the translation is fine.

EDIT: Oh man. The emperor... I'll put off reading more till it builds up. I get so annoyed whenever that stupid emperor enters the scene and flails his stupid arms. I just need to see him so henpecked or it seriously won't justify the sh*t he's done. <<less
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Will add rating when a bit more comes out.

Do you want an independent woman who was thrown into an otome game at her destruction flag? Do you want to see how she stands up for herself without needing rescue from the Male Lead? This could be the novel for you. Nothing admittedly groundbreaking for the villainess lady genre but it will give you diabetes. The Male Lead swoops in like an eagle catching an unprepared rabbit, the sheer impact shocks the poor rabbit. This is my first otome novel where... more>> they talked about a sequel to the game that the MC has no knowledge about and in that case, the story has potential to go through many different routes. If you need a fluffy shoujo otome novel, this is definitely worth a try. Plus, the name of the Male Lead is absolutely nuts! Please welcome His Royal Highness, Aquasteed Marineforest. <<less
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jkmessah rated it
The Earl’s Bad Wife
November 5, 2017
Status: c2
Only two chapters in but I'm quite interested. I was probably sold by the art cover since she sends like such an intense and determined woman... But I like how she is portrayed and how much she loves her family.

She actually reminds me of the strong and independent wife in the series Hokuou Kizoku which I also recommend!

I think this novel will be giving people some diabetes with the sugar and I haven't even seen the so called playboy fiance yet! I look forward to more chapters to see how... more>> their relationship will play out, so five stars for now to get people interested to read! <<less
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jkmessah rated it
An Unyielding Wind
January 21, 2018
Status: v1c4
I always have respect for anything that Dreams of Jianghu translates. This one has not disappointed me so far.

Indeed it is a transmigration story of a powerful and loyal mercenary into a good-for-nothing young "master", however I believe it is tastefully done. While our MC is cold, she is not emotionally dead. She is cold because she has to protect herself (ways of the mercenary) and can still appreciate good will (also beautiful people haha).

She starts off awakening in a body of a young "master" with many secrets. She fully... more>> accepts her situation and strives to improve herself and her situation. Loyalty and dignity are the hallmarks of her character.

The Male Protagonist is a nice change of pace. Not a cold emperor tsundere, but just someone with a working moral compass and brain. Quite the pairing actually! (My ship will stay or burn.)

The world is developed well enough to be interesting. Not all characters are dumb beyond belief. We have some nice side characters here and there that makes reading this at least enjoyable. Pacing is done well so far, not too fast, but not an info dump to your face.

Since this is still Xuanhuan, face slapping (or jewel cutting *cough cough*) is still present for your enjoyment.

I look forward to reading more and I hope the translations become more consistent. <<less
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jkmessah rated it
The Grandmaster Strategist
December 8, 2016
Status: c30
Oh my. Within the 30 chapters that I read, all I could think of was how well-written and well-paced this novel is. Truly, this is a great novel worth reading for anyone who wants a thoughtful story where characters too have flaws that make them more real, more relatable. The first person POV is also quite interesting and well done!

I absolutely enjoy the characters in this novel. Our MC is not OP in a typical sense, but he is gifted. If you've read Nirvana in Fire (also a wonderful novel... more>> and tv series) then you know what I mean in that the strategist himself is physically weak, but his mind is truly bright. He has doubts, he has strength and he sounds like a very real person going through some very real problems. Each of his actions has a purpose, likewise, each chapter in this story also has a purpose. All characters are given ample time for us to be familiar with them. Honestly, 30 chapter in and I'm quite attached to all the characters! The pace is great. The chapters are definitely on the longer side, which is refreshing in its own way. You feel like many things are going on quickly, but at the same time looking at the big picture, you are still far. It's very easy to become absorbed into the story. There is this sense of reality in this novel. Training up an army takes years, plans take time to do and in fact time skips happen often. You don't notice it as much, but I think its important. Can you imagine how unlikely it is for someone to find a perfectly able, perfectly loyal aide in less than 3 months? So it doesn't happen with our MC.

Special mention for the translation which is absolutely well done! Translating poems must be a pain in the ass as you don't want to lose the meaning and subtleties that bring this novel to life. For that alone, I believe the translator has worked very hard and is worthy of commendation. I would recommend this to everyone who wants a smart and thoughtful MC surrounded by people who matters and has a purpose built into their characters. The writing is unique with that biography occasionally giving us a summary of what had happened giving this authentic feel of it truly being part of history. Give it a shot, your brain would thank you for it! <<less
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jkmessah rated it
Possessing Nothing
June 19, 2017
Status: c40
Still at 7 chapters but the premise is quite interesting. Will rate when more are out. Nothing extremely original but the world and characters are well written.

Unlike most second chances or regular Isekai novels, our MC is not overpowered. Weak but determined to survive with what he has; pragmatic and sensible. Usually having past memories is extremely advantageous, but since his past life was relatively unremarkable, the benefits it brings are toned down. Enough to give him an edge, but not a god.

Translation is done well and the world it's... more>> in is rather interesting. The few side characters aren't complete card board cutouts from the little interactions we see. I am looking forward to more chapters!

Edit: it has been a good ride! I always look forward to reading more about Sungmin. He is still very flawed as a character, but his strengths are really coming out now. He's a character you can't help but root for. In the span of 33 chapters you can actually see character growth in not just his strength but his perspective, his mind and his attitude towards things.

Other characters in the story are also interesting to read which gives this story that full experience. I highly recommend anyone give this a try! <<less
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Both are Foxes
December 27, 2016
Status: c3
I will rate with more chapters out. So far though, it's definitely a above a 3 (not sure what's up with all the 1 star)

Can I just take one moment to appreciate this story that has no reincarnation/second-chance/transmigration? It's simply a woman who is extremely talented and beautiful who accidentally got engaged to the most eligible bachelor in town. Our MC is a very decisive woman who is actually quite the crafty woman seeing as how she can literally stay a shut in for years and her main family... more>> can't do anything to her. So far as we are introduced to our also immensely talented male MC, he seems to be the calculative one but he isn't a heartless person. They haven't met each other yet as of chapter 3, but I can imagine that he would at least treat her respectfully and not bully her based on rumors. That's usually a good sign that the MC isn't a total butthole.

Will wait and see what direction the story will go. Translation is done well and I look forward to more! <<less
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jkmessah rated it
The Demon God Pesters: The Ninth Lady of the Doctor
November 16, 2016
Status: c20
Another female transmigration story added onto my arsenal once again.

I must say, it is quite typical at the moment. MC dies, transmigrates into another body with the same name that died a pitiful death only to be found by what I believe to be the titular Demon god. Things happen and she's bound to him in a servant contract? Not sure where exactly this story will go, the synopsis is not very clear for me. If anyone could enlighten me as to what 'maldeamores' is then that would be... more>> nice.

Translation quality is... understandable, to a certain extent. There is definitely room for improvement. I personally find it hard to immerse myself in the story due to choice words like "OMG" and "boobs" that give me a more modern feel.

EDIT: I find it difficult to keep track of characters and where the story is going due to overwhelming grammar inconsistencies. It doesn't help that the story itself is rather confusing for me, not sure if its brought upon poor writing or the story was lost in translation, but I don't think it's worth my time. Atm it's dropped. <<less
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jkmessah rated it
Maid Will Go on Through Thick and Thin!
January 27, 2018
Status: c8
Another Isekai novel, but more of the female MC mofu mofu style. It's not bad, and if you just want some mindless fun, almost slice of life-like then this fits the bill.

From what we have seen so far, our MC is rather resourceful and in fact I think she is rather pivotal to the whole team of swordsmen and magicians because they can attack and defend, but she can fill their bellies with edible food. She also keeps everyone clean with some cheat cleaning skill that would totally be useful... more>> IRL.

Character development wise... I would be inclined to say it is non-existent at this time, it is more like them trying to survive and the MC trying to cook more, weave more and just basically be self-sufficient. The ultimate support maid!

It's just a fun read and I look forward to more chapters so while it may not deserve a 5 for me at this time, the enjoyment I get from it gives it a 4 star rating from me! <<less
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jkmessah rated it
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)
August 13, 2016
Status: c162
I really enjoy this novel. It's not my first Japanese LN, but it's one of the very few that I still read and look forward to. I tried reading those popular ones, like Arifureta or Shield Hero, along with other similar reincarnation/other world types but somehow those seem a lot more... repetitive?

I'm not saying that Slime isn't entirely repetitive, it does have that constant increase in powers, crazily strong allies, enemies dumb enough to provoke him. But I enjoy that it doesn't stay at just that.
... more>>

I like how he literally creates his own country and tries to get it to be as modern as present day Japan. Which is ridiculous in the context of the novel as they were in medieval times.


They don't focus on how he hates the world, or other people, just doing his thing with his own ridiculously OP buddies. I also appreciate the lack of harem (though some will disagree). I think it means that all the other characters get some time to grow a bit.

I'm sure that people drop this for the reasons that I keep reading, but it's down to personal choice and preference anyways. It's 5 stars for me due to my own personal enjoyment of the WN, so I urge people to try it out if you're curious. <<less
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jkmessah rated it
Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields
October 8, 2016
Status: c6
It is quite refreshing to see the MC have siblings who are not total jerks and downright evil. The story is going at a believable rate and she's not OP with her modern knowledge of agriculture. The titular general have yet to appear but seeing how independent our adorable MC is, I'm not too worried of her being a completely dependent maiden in love that loses all her abilities or sense of responsibility. I am looking forward to how the story unfolds and the translator is doing a good job,... more>> though a little bit of grammar is off, nothing that would affect your reading significantly. <<less
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jkmessah rated it
Beloved Empress
November 8, 2016
Status: c3
Look another transmigration story! We have an empress this time too! I think for now, what sets it apart is how the Imperial Couple are on bad terms (Kind of expected considering the green hat the previous empress gave the emperor...) but the MC is a tad... weird? I wouldn't say dumb as she is clearly smarter than average from the first 3 chapters. But at the same time, her way of thinking is quite unique for the time period.
... more>>

Let some other concubine become favored so that they are public enemy no 1. Never thought about it that way!

The misunderstandings does bring about some levels of cringe, but nothing I can't handle. Worth a shot, let's see what direction the story goes! <<less
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Fluffy diabetes.

Don't go into this expecting FULL DEPTH, complicated plot. No, this is just a straightforward story of a young girl who knows what is important in life and so she pursues a good future.

It's just a quick cute fun read!
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jkmessah rated it
One Night, One Day, One Year, One Lifetime
November 4, 2017
Status: Completed
I was not expecting that. I read the first two chapters and just had to go through Google translate to find out the rest.

I will say this now, there is a lot of pain in this story and when the tag says tragedy, they mean it. The characters were developed beautifully and the story was poignant.

You don't always treasure what you have until you lose it. For just under 15 ish chapters you get a story of loving and hating. The only story that comes to mind with similar ways... more>> of engaging you is The Mulberry Song which I also highly recommend.

Please give this a try and prepare tissues. <<less
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jkmessah rated it
Eight Treasures Trousseau
October 19, 2016
Status: c3
When the wonderful translators at Dreams of Jianghu said TBAVW 2.0, it really got me excited. The vibes that just the three chapters bring is quite impressive. It is definitely on par with TBAVW for now and the scenes are easily imagined. Once you're familiar with the terms, it's not that hard to get into. As another reviewer has mentioned, there has yet to be typical tropes common in historical, royalty romance such as scheming relatives, and horrible parents. Quite refreshing for now. I can't say too much within these... more>> 3 chapters but it's looking to be a fantastic read.

Translation is most definitely top notch and won't be a hindrance to reading and understanding the nuances. <<less
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jkmessah rated it
Nirvana In Fire
September 21, 2016
Status: c13
Read the first 13 chapters, got so into it that I jump straight for the drama. So far, it's really good.

The previous summary for this had some spoilers but it's nothing major as it's revealed pretty early. A story about a man whose family got betrayed and killed, but he survived and after assuming a new identity, he comes back for sweet revenge. The characters are unique (Fei Liu is so cute) and the story is comprehensive despite being rather straightforward. If the machinations and schemes of the novel are... more>> the same as the drama then I must give it a thumbs up!

The story is engaging and the new translator is doing a wonderful job. Check it out! <<less
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jkmessah rated it
Gate of Revelation
December 16, 2016
Status: c236
Someone kindly recommended this to me and though I don't usually prefer a modern setting, I found myself rather enthralled by this novel and its unique premise. It's not perfect yeah, but I think it's interesting enough to keep me going, and most importantly, speculating.

It starts out kind of slow, admittedly, the first dungeon was a little boring... but that's because we don't really know what exactly is going on. We are kind of like the MC who is confused but trying his best to survive. Once we are... more>> told (through some info dumps, honestly) what on "earth" is going on (get it?!) it makes so much sense and it becomes very interesting. The world building steadily moves forward and opens up many possibilities.

Character wise... it's definitely diverse. I must say that I do not like the two female companions of our MC; the loli is especially creepy with that anti-social, yandere-like personality and her sister seems like a carbon copy of all useless female sidekick. The sister started off a little better but ended up a common trope. I must say however, that all the other male characters are quite well written. Each has a distinct flair and personality appropriate for their character making them seem more relatable. Our MC is the smart, almost a walking library type of guy who isn't afraid to use his fist. He is quite realistic in that while he does want to "free" his world, he is quite the pragmatist.

There are gaming elements, and more modern weapons, down to the sci-fi mechas but it doesn't overshadow the world that he lives in. While others might dislike the author's Gundam or LoL references, I think it instead solidifies the world that our MC lives in which is technically our world. If this was a fantasy series based in Imperial China, then yes, Garen or Jarvan from Demacia jokes would certainly be out of place.

The translation is done well, I have no noticeable complaints and it is consistent enough. The story is fresh and unique in its premise for me personally where the closest novels I could think of that has this admin vs the world or bug fixing would be Kumo Desu Ga and My Disciple Died Yet Again respectively. Worth a shot if you are looking for a good read! <<less
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I've been running out of novels with female protagonists so I decided to give this a try.

Through the first 3 chapters we see how the main female MC in her first life is truly a talented and dedicated agent who died for the greater good. When she finally begins her second life as the 8 year old slave, it was really hard to churn. I mean, waking up as a slave is already some high difficulty setting, but waking up to wolves is another thing. Some names that were mentioned... more>> in the summary made their appearance but it's very difficult to like any of them so far.

It's still at 5 chapters, but the translation is good and the story has a very strong female MC. I'll be waiting patiently for more!

EDIT: This is actually a pretty gruesome and dark story... I wonder if it will continue. But it's great! <<less
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jkmessah rated it
Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal
August 25, 2016
Status: c21
It's an enjoyable read and the MC is quite interesting. The male MC is really drool-worthy and he has a good chemistry with the female MC imho. Was wondering if this was some type of reverse harem though, since there are so many good looking guys in this story, so I'm looking forward to see how it goes.

EDIT: Still a fun read! I might have to jump ship after the recent chapters though. The interactions in this novel is quite refreshing!
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