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jims rated it
Emperor’s Domination
February 11, 2017
Status: --
MC is too arrogant. I mean he has got a stick so far up his ass that he doesn't have to cultivate. Look at the novel cover, you'd think he's sitting on his toilet.

Guy insults some talented girl that hasn't done anything bad to him. He insults almost everyone. He makes enemies everywhere. His cultivation and body is weak but then he pulls the stick from his ass and starts beating people up.

MC is feeling proud of his past disciples achievements. - "He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches."

Story... more>> concept looked interesting at first, sadly very repetitive, but most of all the MC is insufferable. <<less
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jims rated it
World Destroying Demonic Emperor
August 17, 2017
Status: c1140
Take a look at that novel cover. They say that the MC is more beautiful than a woman. What's up with that mask, the MC is one of the biggest moron's in wuxia history, an absolute waste.

He's got some special powers/aura that's supposed to make demon women go crazy but he still manages to get betrayed several times by them - WTF

He's got something called a demon star which should make him one of the wisest and most intelligent beings in the world but he still carelessly exposes himself -... more>> doesn't even bother to hide his true appearance.

This MC is extremely incompetent, selfish, self centered. This guy's brain is broken, he sometimes behaves like a rabid dog, he needs a shrink. This would probably make a nice chick flick " pretty boy with mental issues"

So at one stage this fool get's "betrayed/abandoned" by a woman. Apparently MC did and "sacrificed so much for her". Bollocks, the MC needed her just as much as she needed him maybe even more. The same woman saved the MC several times previously. In fact without her protection this guy would have died a long time ago. It's a pretty one sided opinion from both the MC, there's also some upside down logic, a lot of far fetched nonsense happening more often than not.

Inconsistencies in MC's character eg.

MC goes berserk over the the fact that some guy was going to give him a cuckold. However another of the MC's wife (long story she lost her memories but MC knew who she was) whom was to be engaged to another guy but the MC didn't show any resistance, it just so happened by his luck the wife refused to go through with marrying the other by her own choice.


Bad logic eg.

MC's enemy has held some of his family hostage/prisoner for around a decade. Enemy representative that was sent threatens MC to swap one of their captured spies with one of MC's wives but somehow (honestly seems like an ass-pull used to prevent the MC from bowing to the enemy) MC figured out that the Enemy's goal is to convince the MC to cooperate with them so they won't harm any of his family. So he has his subordinates beat up the enemy representative without consequence. Not long after an enemy spy is discovered in MC's camp and the spy took his kid hostage but now MC is afraid even after he just confirmed that the enemy won't hurt any of his family.


MC is too passive eg.

He was willing to just abandon his wife and let her marry another guy.
He was also willing to let another plan fail because he just doesn't take the necessary action to prevent that, it's the other or a third party that ends up doing things that lead to his advantage and that is pure luck and it has nothing to do with the MC, he doesn't plan it.


So I read this on lnmtl website, thought the the positive ratings there were good, turns out this was not a good reflection of the novels true rating as lnmtl does not seem to have the option to edit/change your rating. So if you give it a positive after reading only 10 or 20 chapters you are unable to change it even after reading 100 or a 1000 chapters. It's quite unfortunate as it might have been more useful if the ratings weren't locked in after rating it prematurely.

It's a mess and the MC himself gets boring, he's no martial expert nor is he as smart or as wise as he was "hyped up" to be. He may be a little clever here and there but over all that's all he is. It becomes a repetitive bore. <<less
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