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Against the Gods
July 29, 2018
Status: c1170
The world and mysteries created in this novel was the only interesting thing left in this novel.

The MC is a selfish and disgusting man-child. He rapes innocent women with the convenient excuse of saving them.

The first woman he rapes was from a female only sect that have staunch teachings and beliefs when it comes to the opposite s*x. The woman was dying after using a suicide attack. Instead of the MC listening to the woman's pleas of letting her die with her dignity intact. The MC rapes her and takes her virginity with the excuse of saving her by using the method a Spirit had suggested to him and our dear MC showed no signs of guilt and made sure to laughingly thank and praise the Spirit for providing him with an excuse to rape the woman.

The second woman that he rapes is his very own master. This was the most disgusting thing that happened in this novel to date. The manner in which the MC carried out himself. The woman was also a virgin and was affected by some kind of aphrodisiac. The MC first acts afraid and then decides to rape her and after the rape he was acting like he is feeling guilty then all of a sudden he noticed that the aphrodisiac hadn't completely worn out so MC gets all excited again and didn't forget to comment on how he must " continue to work harder" and then the rape continued for who knows how long. The woman was treated like his personal cum dumpster. The MC runs away from his sect not long after the rape in fear for his life.


I'm all in support of MC's having harems but in this novel it's so disturbing as to how the women in this novel are forced to lose their virginity by having s*x with the MC for the sake of being forced into life and death situations.

One of the MC's fiances is forced to have s*x with him in-order to save his life. Another woman who is a complete stranger to the MC forces herself to have s*x with the MC in-order to gain a stronger power for her to take revenge on her enemy. Our dear MC initially feinting resistance like "I already have a wife" but that only lasted for a second and then MC is on cloud nine. That's the number one beauty in the continent and the MC is an out and out womanizer and it's the creepy kind. LOL MC trying to pretend seriously?


MC is a lecherous wolf - at some point he becomes the leader of a female only sect. MC uses his status as a doctor to molest the women there and he is very sly. He only preys on the easy targets like the shy and naive women the one's that are easy to deceive. Keep in mind most of these females grew up from a very young age in this sect and spent most of their lives away from the outside world and are therefore like children unaware of the dark-side of humanity. Some of the women there are aware and the MC makes sure not to target those women so he is weary of them. He is like a real life s*x-pest and child molester taking advantage of the weak, naive and unsuspecting.

The novel has been very repetitive. The MC is almost always disappearing and mistaken for dead. The MC has ridiculous luck. The enemies are one dimensional. MC's cultivation is always several levels below the enemies but then he goes and gets some cheat power or lucky break to gain several level within a short period of time and then easily beats them with no suspense.

The MC is not very likable at all and it gets worse as the novel progresses. He makes many promises that he doesn't keep and he's so selfish as he does things that jeopardizes the safety of people around him. He is a faker constantly doing the wrong thing over and over to fulfill his own selfish desires then apologies to his master and promises to never do it again but then does the same thing again which is so ridiculous.

Initially MC was portrayed as someone who had matured through his difficult time in his past life but that is not the case as seen by his actions over time. There are so obvious things that MC doesn't or takes so long to figure out. In the end the novel is just a disappointment.
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