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Dragon Maken War
June 25, 2016
Status: c15
*well translated.

*typical shounen genre characters. (People talk a lotduring fights)
"I will remeber this"
"Don't forget my name"

*omnipotent narrator explaining everything (think george of the jungle).
*the culture of the setting is very japanese-esque despite being in a medieval european fantasy.
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jaq921 rated it
Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi
June 26, 2016
Status: v2c2
This is lukewarm compared to Nidome no Yuusha (like stale water to molten lava).

I don't feel the madness, the anger, that guilty pleasure when you see your enemies suffer as you cut their limbs one-by-one, the fear in their eyes as they beg for life.

I don't feel the evil. If you like a revenge story treated with kiddie gloves, this is for you.
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jaq921 rated it
Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi
June 28, 2016
Status: v2c1
Plot twist is new, but the story telling is generic. Basically, name a highschool anime/manga and replace the name of the characters with this one.

Author focuses way too much on the new kids with their whining and chuunibyou tendencies.

The MC is behaving like a child even though he has already experienced war. It's been 11 chapters, I'm half-expecting him to be engaged in politics, building an army, organizing resources, updating world news from the last decade... but nooooooo, the story is filled with stupid dialogues made from a gag manga.... more>>

The translation is good though. Wish they had an editor that can translate the "tone" to english as well.


[I’m tired y’know~, Isaku~n]
[Iya iya, but it’s a great thing right, Yoshinobu]

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Read 7 volumes, so far... its bland.

MC is generic.
MC is a half-ass cheat user.
MC, despite being an adult, behaves like a little sh*t from elementary school.
No farm/store/city/empire building.

The plot is messy.

... more>>

Plot A:
Buy stuff from town-A then go dungeon-town-B to train and levelup.
[Me]: I like it, simple and direct. +1

Plot A-a:
Have a princess rescue mission, while introducing villain/victim X. and add more women.
[Me]: ahhh... forcing the story to a harem.. ok that's acceptable. +0

Plot A-b:
Have a save-the-city event on city-c using 10% of MC abilities, so he can let people pointlessly die.
[Me]: half-ass. -1

Plot A-c:
Give MC honorary court title as plot armor. and add more women.
[Me]:ahh.. a prelude to politics and intrigue, possibly to building an empire. +3

Plot A-c-a
Make MC not care or use his honorary title.
[Me]: Why did he even accepted it? He could have just run away if he didnt want the title.. ahh wait.. right... moe/boobs and all that sh*t. -5

Plot A-d
Proceed to dwaven kingdom-D and make swords, buy scrolls, books. Lets not buy commodities for wholesale.
[Me]:what the happened to original plan Plot-A? -10

Plot A-e
Lets throw some more women, moe, loli, boobs, ass, vagina to the mix.
[Me]: shame, shame, shame.


7 volumes and he still has not done anything that portrays a merchant.
Alice/Arisu/Arisa is the only notable character due to her actually knowing her sh*t.

+1 though, for this is the only web/light novel I've read where generic shounen-demographic MC actually went to a brothel and f*cked a woman. <<less
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jaq921 rated it
Summoned Slaughterer
June 22, 2016
Status: c52
This novel is ridiculously good. The MC is overpowered, and he doesn't hesitate to use it. He is not naive idiot like 99% of the novels out there, he kills using his trained skills, body strengthening blessings from godA, blessed katana from godB, darkness magic from godC, and other japan medieval weapons he commissioned to be made.

There are also city building, army building, politics, backstabbing, assassinations, executions, and murder.. No, slaughter, a lot of people are killed. MC can still die from normal attacks, he's like a super samurai but... more>> can't do massive AoE attacks like in To-deprive-a-deprived-person.

Important characters die, even MCs allies.

What I like most here is that MC does not discriminate between killing women.

There's a chapter were he conquered a city and demanded the surrender of the Adventurers Guild based on said city.

While having the discussion, a young typical hero-esque male adventurer in golden armor came inside, accompanied with two female companions; an archer and a mage. The male adventurer started spouting stuff like justice and then challenged MC.
MC asked if any of the adventurers present has the same sentiments as the hero-esque guy, half of them showed support.

The hero-esque guy then drew his sword, which MC took as a sign of aggression. MC lunged towards hero-esque guy, in the direction of the female mage, smashed her head into the wall (skull is crushed, brain matter leaking out), then MC decapitated the female archer. The hero-esque guy was in shock seeing his companions die, MC took that chance and liberated hero-esque guys head from his shoulders.

He then proceeded to slaughter all the adventurers that showed support for hero-esque guy.

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