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Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife
January 25, 2017
Status: c5
This is a really well written story so far, with an interesting take on the "transported to the past" and feudal politics tropes. But after this chapter it's clear that there's going be plenty of NSFW play time. The s*x scenes are pretty detailed, and this latest chapter definitely steps into hardcore territory.

It's already tagged R-18, but just to be clear:

Children should not read this.

But adults will find the scenes to be tasteful for the most part.
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japzone rated it
The Latest Game Is Too Amazing
February 23, 2017
Status: c9 part1
This is an interesting take on the "clueless MC" trope. Unlike your standard "MC is a dense moron who never realizes anything for no good reason", the MC truly believes he's playing a game. And who can blame him when he was told he was getting a chance to Beta test the latest VRMMO, and he has all the standards of an MMO like stats, skills, overlays, and the key ability to logout. If you could logout of a fantasy world, take a nap, and watch some TV, wouldn't you... more>> think you were playing a game? It also doesn't help that this world seems to perfectly align with the setting of the game, locations and events included, so the guides and tips from other players all match perfectly.

This creates some funny interactions between the MC and the natives. Him operating on the assumption of this being a game sees everyone as NPCs or Players. So when he encounters someone and helps them assuming they are a Quest NPC but then doesn't get a quest, he misunderstands and thinks the other person is a player and he committed the forbidden act of "kill stealing", causing him to run away. Meanwhile the girl he just saved simply wanted to say thank you.

This could be a funny throw away or an interesting take on humans misunderstanding each other if the author decides to take things further. But seeing as we are only 9 and a half chapters in it's hard to say which way the story will go. For now it's worth reading for a quick laugh though. <<less
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I haven't gotten very far, and there's no guarantee that the story is actually good. But, the prologue for this story is worth reading alone. It may play the classic Bullied Kid trope, but it turns into one of the most unique and badass takes on the trope I've seen yet. And I cried many manly tears 馃槩
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japzone rated it
Douluo Dalu
July 21, 2015
Status: --
Of all the Chinese Web Novels with OP Main Protagonists, Douluo Dalu is top class. The world building in the story is first rate, and the characters have amazing development. The Protag has a well developed personality that is calm and calculating, but has little arrogance and plenty of heart. Sure we still get the random antagonists that are introduced one chapter and defeated only a few chapters later, but the characters that matter and interact with the Protag get the perfect amount of development. Story does well in dropping... more>> clues to future plot points without screaming "look at them" and lets you figure them out on your own until the big reveal.

Overall, I'd say if you're looking for a supernatural martial arts story with plenty of good fights, character development, and a ton of world building, then this series is right for you. <<less
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japzone rated it
Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
March 11, 2019
Status: c84
This is a lighthearted story about a guy traveling around a fantasy world together with his partner Fenrir and Slime. Lots of food is involved. They meet various people, fight monsters, collect meat from monsters, and then eat the meat. Don't jump into this story expecting depth, as you'll shatter your ass in the shallow water. Read this story if you want a lighthearted travel story with lots of food. It's a long road trip, but it has beautiful scenery.
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Ok, I've only read chapter 1, as that's all that's translated when writing this, but it's already sold me on this story.

The story basically boils down to this. MC sees someone using Heal when he's a kid and decides that he wants to be a Healer. So he starts self training until he's 16 and decides to move out and make a living for himself. Having never seen anyone else use Heal since that time as a kid, he thinks he's actually not that good at it. All this while... more>> he's training his skills be cutting off his limbs all day long and regrowing them in seconds. Needless to say, when he demonstrates this when trying to secure a job, he horrifies/shocks the guild master, before he runs off thinking he failed.

Seeing how this series is top ranked on the Japanese WN site it's hosted at, I'm greatly anticipating the crazy situations he'll get himself into. <<less
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