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izznis rated it
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
October 9, 2016
Status: c227
This has become one of my favourite chinese light novel so far.

The plots are are very interesting. The character has been OP in terms of medical abilities since the very beginning. HOWEVER, she did not show off her skills nor does she tries to cure every diseases in the world that she come across without any compensation.

So this story has a realistic view that we all can understand unlike some novel where the character kills and save people to the point we don't if they're bad or good but nice... more>> to the point we roll our eyes out.

I also loves the relationship between people. To me, JWX is a 'kuudere' - those who don't know what that means can google it.
So she is cold and very calculative. But once she establish one as a family and those who are loyal, she will never turn her back on them and whatever her grandpa says she follows.

My most fav. Is her relationship with JWY who she saved and very enigmatic. He remind me of Sebastian from Black Butler. The way they interact never made you roll your eyes due to JWX personality and JWY is soo sly! They will make you go kyaa! And your heart goes kyuuunn~~ and sometimes shot you right on the kokoro馃槏馃槏

Thanks to Misty Cloud translations, this novel is VERY REGULARLY updated. If there are queues, within one day, there can be +5 updates and sometimes up to 10. So once the queues are finished, there are at least once a day or once a weekend updates.

There are many more reasons but you can find out yourself once you read this ;)
So I very much recommends people to read this novel because it is epic!!馃檶馃檶 <<less
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izznis rated it
Chu Wang Fei
August 17, 2016
Status: c75 part1
This novel is one of the rare novels that actually depicted a life of a fiercely intelligent woman from the future (one who actually think before they act and know the consequences) and reincarnated into the past as a first daughter of a noble but with a tainted name.

Every description of the feelings, environments and plots are on point and not overly exaggerate like certain novels. Although it is in a historical setting, this novel is realistic and every of its character has a role to play including the villains.

The... more>> main character, Yun Qian Meng, is a favourite character of mine. She is not perfect but she is intelligent and knows when to hide her strengths and weaknesses and when to use them. She is like an intelligent war general who knew whom she should trust and whom she shouldn't, what to do during emergencies and very calculative. However, instead of facing a place full of brave warriors, enemies and weapons, her battlefield is a place full of conceited women, calculative concubines, vile family members and backstabbers. She had to face false accusations and frauds while at the same time maintaining her elegant reputation as a first xiaojie of a noble family.

And what I love the most about her is that she is not overly OP. So far, she doesn't have any special powers - only some simple self-defense movements she got from her past life. She is also never arrogant and faced her opponents sensibly.

The author also had made good settings of the Chu Wang Fei by making different plot every time. As the story goes on, the plot and characters level up steadily at a decent pace. New characters appear but no old characters are pushed aside abruptly. The author also knows how to play with the readers feelings and keep us intrigued. To the point, this novel is making me wanting to learn Chinese in order to read Chu Wang Fei in its pure form.

Be warn though, since the genre is historical and time setting is on ancient china, the language and its culture may give some people a headache while reading. <<less
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izznis rated it
Joy of Life
November 28, 2017
Status: c116
Well... lets just say that this isn't your average reincarnated ML type of novel.. if you're just looking for a light read, then this isn't te right novel for you.

In this novel, EVERY chapter is important.. the MC grows along with the time. There are some time skips, but so far only during his childhood. He's not overly OP - sure he got one of the most powerful cultivation manuals but he still needs to do helluva hard work to reach his goals. So, yes his growth is slow but... more>> steady. But he got some powerful people behind him and his luck is high, hence he'll survive -, -

I love his character too. Not the type to irrationally kill everyone and destroys everything. Calm, looks gentle and wicked aka. Black-bellied. Knows how to act depends on situation. An actual smart thinker. Plus with a bit of cheekiness and understandable greed.

Plots are quite complicated... but none are left behind. The mysteries intensifies as the chapters grew. Skip one chapter and you'll be lost.

So.. yeah. Definitely not for light reading. But I recommend this for those who are tired of typical xianxia novels with overly OP MLs and their similarly stereotypical harems. <<less
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izznis rated it
Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi
July 31, 2017
Status: side story 3
Light-hearted. Very easy to read.

Nice to read during winter with a warm soup or autumn underneath a shade.. At least that's the atmosphere I got when I read this. It's impossible for me as someone from a tropical country馃槯.

There's barely any drama but with a slice of life. Suitable for people that wants to take a break from all the drama irl and the crazy adventures in the virtual. Makes one wants to live like this in the future馃槍

A warning though, be sure to have some snack ready when you... more>> read this. It will make you hungry, that's a guarantee!馃槈 <<less
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izznis rated it
World of Cultivation
May 29, 2017
Status: c624
I'm just going to make this simple.

This is one of my most favorite xianxia novels. To me, it is one of the novels that has close-to-perfect settings which is quite rare in the xianxia world.

The plots are at leisure pace.

... more>> Arcs starts and ends properly.

Detailed on the important parts. - Doesn't drag.

No characters are forgotten. Almost all have proper end or intro. - Which is to me, one of the important parts.

The MC character is unique. He is the opposite of typical heroes but loyal. Unpredictable yet predictable. One that I can actually relate and doesn't unnecessarily goes off to killing spree.

Settings and plots are great. Although there are some predictable patterns of a typical xianxia novel, they are mostly fun and have some connections to future plots. Also contain some mystery and hints that could make readers relate and speculate.. - E.g. On MC forgotten past, side characters' background and growth, etc..

MC is also not too OP. Although he does have some unique and powerful skills, he sometimes cannot utilise it to the fullest - which is understandable once you read on. But whatever his weaknesses are, his teammates would usually cover him up. - In fact, one of the side chara. Is actually more OP and closer to typical MC than he is. Plus, Lil' Luck seems to favor him A LOT.

Most importantly, it's not boring and makes you read the whole hundreds of chaps without skipping even one. (Trust me, cos I just did a marathon on this and tried but can't.. U'll see why -, -) <<less
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izznis rated it
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
December 22, 2017
Status: c480
The ML is a pure yandere.. He has some psychological issues due to his past.. Other than that, he's the typical ML from any other novels; tall, outstandingly rich and overly handsome.. Cold to others and very sweet to MC.. VERY possessive

I like the MC.. She's smart, kind and outspoken but not arrogant.. Due to her hate plus bad MSG by people surrounding her in previous life, she only saw ML as how a monster he is.. Which changes as the story goes on

As for the delinquent part.. That's how... more>> MC is before her rebirth due to certain reasons..

The story is nice.. It started when MC is in final year of high school and from the looks of it, this novel is gonna continue to college and work life

And you have to understand that this is more than 400+ chapters and seeing it's sister novel, it most likely will go for more than 1000+ chaps..


so in the few earliest chapters (100+ or so) when they are still wary of each other, things won't look that good.. But it'll get better

If you want to learn the gist of their developments.. There's an active spoiler thread that provides the summary of each chapters and up to the current ones..


To sum it up.. This novel kinda reminds me of one of those vampires and werewolves novels with possessive MLs in western novels.. But that change in the later chapters, when FL and ML relationship develops further, it turns the novel to be sweet as candy and fluffy as white tiger's fur.. It doesn't really show in the earliest chapters but later on, the sweet love gradually gets to 100% <<less
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izznis rated it
Eight Treasures Trousseau
December 14, 2016
Status: c11
If you love To Be A Virtuous Wife, then you would love this.

The atmosphere is quite similar.. Like you'll notice some similarities of the plot especially the reincarnation part. Some of the MCs personalities are also familiar but the starting plot and the settings are different. I don't dislike it though. Cos I love TBVW so I'm sure I'll fall for this too.

Basically, it's clich茅 but the good kind.. And the similarities, you can't blame the author, he/she made both of the books after all and they are well received... more>> :)

You'll know when you read this. I very much recommend it. <<less
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izznis rated it
To Be A Virtuous Wife
August 23, 2016
Status: c123
I came here in the first place because of Chu Wang Fei. This story is somehow similar to the other but it's not the same. Somehow like seeing twins, at first you will think that they are identical but after a while, you'll realize the big difference in them.

But there is this wish though for them to have colab and somehow meet each other > (I know that will only remain as lamentable dream tho -, -)

The story is beautiful as the genre said there are slices of... more>> life plus hints of reality of what it's like to be living as a woman in the Ancient China.

It's also very satisfying to read for those who are looking for something light and at the same time not so sweet to point made you shudder. No OP character, no boring villains and of course, very supportive of women's power but not to point of feminism.

The ending, though. hmm, let's just say 'right in the kokoro T^T'... for those who are worried of tragic endings, don't worry :)

To Be A Virtuous Wife is light, emotional and a beautiful way to describe journey of a loved wife to the end. <<less
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I don't get it why the rating is low here.. Is it because of Webnovel itself that people are giving this novel such low rating?

I'm saying this because I usually read novels 4.0 ratings and up.. So in my dictionary lower than 3.9 is considered low and not really worth reading. So for this amazing novel being only 3.5 so far.. I really don't get it. I got to know this novel from other sites. The ratings are quite high unlike here on NU.

This novel is amazing.

The plot are well... more>> thought out. I love our power couple. I love how they interact and although they are very mature (considering their age.. So of course), they still have some fluffiness.

I like how their love for each other is gradual. It all starts from a mutual attraction and each own interests but then as they got to know each other, affections and love gradually creep in. If I were to compare with something.. Usually romance novels are like cotton candy and vanilla ice cream but this one is like dark chocolate with sweet wine.. Very adult like but can also be sweet.

What I can tell you is that.. This novel is very Josei-like. Thus, not for those who are looking for a fast-paced romance with fluffiness on every chapter.

It is mature but not in the sense that its full of NSFW scenes.. In fact it's very subtle and the author doesn't seem to like diving deep into it, just enough to show that they did it and for the humor of it. So by mature I mean in terms of the plot and their interactions are very adult-like. Both ML and FL have their own deep dark secrets and as they got to know each other both are their giving strengths and supports. So it's not just a one-sided support with only FL cooking problems and ML do the clean-ups. Hence, they understand each other and knows each other's limits. They are like old married couples which I'm guessing is what the author is going for even though their marriage so far has not even reach their 1st Anniversary mark yet.

Moving on to character growth. I like how every characters has their own purposes and background especially the antagonists/villains. They actually have depths and not just there for the sake of giving the MCs targets for face-slapping. Hates and Loves are also shown in many different forms. You can actually sympathise with some of the characters and their issues. In terms of ML and FL, I like how they both have growth and changes as the chapters increase. They learn from each other. Guide and support one another. Face their problems together.

IMO, the romance here is not slow at all, just not fast and direct. In most romance novels, "love" starts when they actually declare 'Ah.. I love him' and starts dating/coupling when both declare their love vocally. Meanwhile in this novel, "Love" so far is not declared openly nor directly. But from the moment they met the spark is there. Affections and care shown through their actions and teasings. As for love, it's there alright. Both MCs know it, others around them know it and readers who undertand know it too. It's just hard for them to say out loud or directly acknowledge it due to certain fears and circumstances. But you can see from their loyalty and trusts to the point no third wheel can wheel in between them (Thus, no love triangle). So the romance isn't slow at all. In fact, you can even interpret it as love at first sight.

An example I can remember is from one of the latest chapters.. They were lying down, having pillow talk.. The FL suddenly asked "Mu Yuchen, I want to date you and never break up. Are you in this with me?". The ML smiled joyously but didn't answer directly. He instead teased her because it sounded like a proposal and hinting it should comes from him instead of her (Which I find interesting because they are already married by law and is about to have a wedding in a few months.. Plus the 8-letter words are still haven't been said from both sides -, -). So you need to read between the lines too people!

Hence, if you're tired of overly clich茅 novels with repetitive plots, then this novel is for you. A very Josei and Slice of Life type that swoons you right into a different part of the romance world.

Btw, currently, the translated chapters already reached more than 340 chapters.. Not sure why on NU, it updates only upto 50. <<less
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izznis rated it
One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones
July 29, 2017
Status: Completed
This one of my top favorites novel I've read. As expected of MBFB. I also read her other novels and believe me, they will not disappoint.

This may be a turn off to some of you extreme feminists out there cause the FL isn't the type to choose her independence over love.

In this case, she is so head over heels that she kept the love for her 2 lifetimes. She is the type that is willing to sacrifice everything for her man so that he is happy and be hers. She... more>> will chase, pull and never push. Fortunately, the ML reciprocates.

She is the living model of modern virtuous wife. Although she is not the type to fight head on with her fists and wit, she has her own way. Quiet and gentle yet cuts through the heart like an arrow.

The ML is also not a typical ML. You have to read to understand. He is very hard to describe without spoiling. Let's just say that he is like an igloo; cold on the outside, and only warm to the people who got inside.

The plots are nice. I very much like the poems and literacy values that are endowed within this novel. May be due to the fact that the writer is a professional screenwriter. Although quite short, they aren't rushed. Not too detailed either. The ending is also very... humane.

Credits to the translators for being able to bring out some of the novel's beauty into English. Thank you for your hard work! <<less
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This is nice. And it's refreshing in a way that this takes place in the modern time.

The cliche part is REBORN! and accidentally found a small world that only she can excess plus the coincidentally-come-across-some-ancient-knowledge-and-now-it-became-the-main-source-of-income part. And she gets to payback with interest by settling them with fists no matter how.

Since I can't read Chinese, I can only depend on the translation. So, for me, whether this novel is amazing or not, it's still to early to decide.

But so far so good, ignoring the clich茅 parts and her being overly... more>> confident than normal. She's also isn't too OP but she is a genius and a hard worker, so being OP isn't too far ahead (that made me annoyed for some reason - may be due to the fact that I'm also a student and definitely not a genius like her -.-). And I quite like the ML, even if he appeared late and for only about 2-3 chapters.

The plot has some degree of mysteriousness like her birth, the ML, that shop owner that seems to recognize something related to her birth, the ML... etc. So I rate this 4/5.

Edit: Ah, the story isn't as exaggerated as the summary though. The summary actually turn me off the first time. So the actual story has a nice flow to it, may seem a bit rushed, but it's a typical web novel. Meh, it's like you're reading wattpad novels.. you can't expect much literacy 炉_ (銉) _/炉 <<less
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