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itsmerese rated it
Feng Yu Jiu Tian
September 11, 2017
Status: v16c1 part1
So, for the most part, I will be giving this series a 3.5/5 or 4 if we round it off. Why not 5? Yeah. Why not. To be honest, I found myself lurking the borders of this novel due to boredom and I still waiting for more updates to pile up in LMW, FOD, True Star, quickly wear the face of the devil, and many more. I find myself here because, hey! The comment section said it was great! Why not try it right?


I did not regret it, but... more>> I really am not that ecstatic in finding this one, unlike when I discovered Face of the Devil. Plot wise, it was good. You get to know more a lot about how people and the society work in an ancient China civilization. The political aspects was really nice and I get to learn about awesome qoutes and sayings from famous people.

Downside, the MC IS A PIECE OF CRAP. He is too naive, like seriously? You get kidnapped a lot of times and still thinks that the world is black and white? I feel sorry for Rong Tian (the ML) for becoming a babysitter to such a troublesome person. I mean, yeah, he might look cute when he act childish or something, but man, it's a real, nasty situation you got there and you still see the good side of the people WHO BY THE WAY have betrayed you for like countless of times. (I'm not saying I'm against optimistic people, but there is a limit between optimism and stupidity). There were a lot of times I just want to get inside the novel and slap him for his stupidity and naivety (although this could be attributed to I reading a lot of novels with really cool and mature MC's and getting used to it. This has somehow influenced my opinion regarding the MC, but still, he is a piece of work and although he is smart AND beautiful, this does not excuse him for being so childish ALL THE TIME)

Bright side: The Romance and the Political aspects. Yeah. You got it right. As much as I hate the MC's constant naivety and childish attitudes, I get to say thumbs up for his dedication and loyalty towards his lover. Same goes for the ML.

seeing how the MC get kidnapped like a bazillion times, you can't help but admire this guy who'll risk everything just to save his lover. Definitely husband material


Aside from that, being a connoisseur of politics, I really fell in love with how politics was played in this era. I get to enjoy the look of surprise and ecstasy to these ancient people upon only hearing solutions that are considered now as a simple commodity but were highly prized back then. The thing though that I'm most confused is, how can the MC not introduce the idea of indoor plumbing or plumbing im general, to these people? Doing your business in a chamber pot is not comfortable if I'm mistaken, so how can he neglect this idea? I'm seriously offended with this one. HAHAHA

Anyway, in total, it was a good read seeing that I'm on volume 16 already proves that it somehow caught my interest. So, if you wanted to have a good read and has the capability to not mind annoying and childish main characters, then you are very welcome to read this. <<less
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itsmerese rated it
True Star
August 1, 2017
Status: v2c11
It's one of the best BL books I have read so far and I have read a LOT. Character development is perfect, you really can see the development of all the important characters in the story. It's like seeing a person grow from this to the other, worthy of being praised off. The plot also is very well written. I never expected that I'll get addicted to a story that is in the slow burn spectrum. Being the impatient person that I am, I thought I'll be like "nah" by... more>> the chapter 50 and there's still no love from the MC to the his future partner, but heck! It's like seeing for the first time how unimportant it is for the MC to have a love interest when the most important thing is that the MC is an independent man that DOES NOT NEED ANY MAN TO SURVIVE.

Aside from that, I want to give kudos to the flawless main character. If you are familiar with the Captive Prince series by C. S. Pacat, you'll see how almost similar the Laurent is to Tang in terms of character - both cool, intelligent, charming, independent, and level headed but at the same time they are both weak on things that matter like Love (lol). Feng is like the modern version of Laurent so it got me so hooked.

Another, a page turner. I could count in only one hand the number of BL books that made me binge read it in just one night. And majority of it were western novels. This is the only book aside from Chai Jidan's Advance Bravely, Counterattack, and Addicted novels that made me lost sleep just because I cannot stop myself from wanting to read the next page. Every chapter is filled with interesting content and there might be cliffhangers but it is something that instead of making you angry because of the sudden cut, it'll make you anticipate what will happen next.

Lastlty, it's just good like really good. It's one of those books that mistakes are rarely seen. There might be some holes here and there but the beauty of the story makes up for everything. You would feel emotions that you thought you'll never feel before so you need to thank the author for one heck of a roller coaster ride this book will give you.

KUDOS!!! <<less
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