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itikky rated it
Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days
February 25, 2018
Status: --
Hm...I wonder what will become of our Fishy?! Cute story so far with a cold/mean (but doting) ML and a cute, furry body for Fishy! Lol the whole "tearing down the rival company's status while hamster" is a bit interesting (and distracts from the cute!), but hopefully it won't make the story too fluff-less!
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itikky rated it
The Earth is Online
April 22, 2018
Status: c44
Highly recommend. Even for non-fans of BL (it's hardly a normal BL, it's more like "ADVENTURE/MYSTERY -maybe MC is gay-" sort of thing). The plot is amazingly planned-out, and the MC is better than you could ever hope for in this world full of twisted puzzle games!

I'm useless at puzzles and get lost a lot in the complicated games, but I like how calm the MC is within reason! As in not being unnaturally cool... he is anxious with us! He is calculating and clever but also compassionate, and he... more>> is quite modest despite being able to outsmart and physically beat many other players. In no way is he OP from the very start, though. His controlled persona 90% is quite admirable, but it's hilarious whenever he does get frustrated at his little notebook and the useless NPCs and items.

[tiny SPOILER]

Now that we're getting more interactions btwn ML and MC, the BL is starting to show!! lmao ML seems a bit OP, but their minds are a great match for each other. (The little "wife-husband" notes at the end of the chapters are hilarious and cute and somewhat make up for the lack of any BL for like 40 chapters.) <<less
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itikky rated it
Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds
March 10, 2018
Status: c17
Slow romance, but it's a wholesome slice of life with a bit of mystery for the backgrounds of the townspeople! Refreshing that the MC isn't a pretty-boy! Although, he is still delicate...
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itikky rated it
Picked up a Strange Knight
February 21, 2018
Status: --
Dear ars, thanks for the warning, otherwise the 0 to 100 would have been shocking! Lol it's so cute and fluffy, but you're right that Ilias has. No. Chill. XDDD MC is so relatable and cute in his own way too!
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itikky rated it
Screen Partner
July 11, 2018
Status: c24
Has it's share of good smut (not complaining), but also a solid story that is realistic and ridiculous! Both ML and MC are equally oblivious to the gay between them. I was happily surprised to find that the ML wasn't the typical self-important seme and is actually quite self-delusional and easily convinced, making for some hilarious narration and scenes!
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itikky rated it
Spirit Hotel
November 10, 2017
Status: c32
:/ sry for not giving this a perfect score... but this is one of the few novels I read myself! So kudos to SH for actually interesting me! Lol the story is pretty ridiculous, but it gave me a good several laughs as I read. The only problems I have with it are the sometimes weird/unclear language and the overly cunning MC! Now, it may just be my inexperience in novel-planet, but often the long, clunky sentences left me in the dust whenever the MC had a "brilliant plan" or... more>> was trying to explain something in general. I guess I just like simple, English-like sentences, but SH wouldn't give that to me sometimes? Otherwise, I suppose the convoluted-ness of this story is part of the humor, like a ridiculous soap-opera, and it does that well. <<less
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