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ipapotihus rated it
108 Maidens of Destiny
May 5, 2017
Status: c64
Take Sekirei, mix it with a Chinese novel.

You got 108 maidens of destiny.

Its a good light novel. No face, no revenge, for now its a trip to get stronger to survive. Coming accross various other Sekirei. For now the MC got only 2 contracted sekirei, but I'm pretty sure he will get 2 new pretty soon.

... more>> Oh, its also lightly erot*c and you got a lot of young girl blushing.

Edit: at ch249: the translation suck a lot. There is so many name for the same thing, it's a real headache. By example, You can have three names for a character being used in the same paragraph and each of those are pretty much the same has other characters name. Add name for special attack, items, realm, country. God it's horrible. Except for that, I still enjoy the story! It's nowhere near perfect, but I'm having fun reading and can wait for the next chapter. <<less
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ipapotihus rated it
Hidden Assassin
May 4, 2018
Status: c62
An hidden gem. Go grab it before it goes away.

This is a harem done right, this is reincarnation done right, this is character development done right, this is pacing done right.

Hours, days or month can go by between chapters.

... more>> The only flaw is see there, his the openess of the MC. He is strong. I don't think anyone can threaten him directly. At least if I take the low-key into account. Still, People around him are not stupid and he can completely hide is openess.

Now, stop reading review and go read this. <<less
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ipapotihus rated it
My Nightclub Landlady
July 16, 2018
Status: c61
A lot like strongest abandoned son.

Except this guy don't kill for no reason. He is not a virgin also and while most girl fall for him, it's still not a harem.

Easy to read, took me couple of hours to go through the 61 chapters.

It's not a masterpiece, but it's good enough.

Lot of action, lot of face (Chinese novel, what did you expect), OP MC, but within range for now. If you forget he can see and identify a sniper bullet coming a him.
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ipapotihus rated it
Martial Arts Master
October 29, 2017
Status: c127
No idea why the romance genre is locked. The story is 45% martial art, 45% romance and 10% bro.

Its quite good. Would give a 4.5 if possible, because I get confuse in combat as they are way to much explained. Being not a native english speaker reading a fan translation of a chinese novel must not help.

No r*pe, no dark story, no crystory. No blood revenge, no unwanted violence, no bullying. This author his at peace with himself and doesn't bring his rage into this work. No social unjustice.

Its really... more>> a good read. The protagonist growth and become stronger, while pursuying his girlfriend. I get the same feeling, when im reading this, as the one I get for Pet King. If you want blood, violence and gore.... go to Against the god or I got a mansion in an apocalypse world. <<less
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ipapotihus rated it
The Lord’s Empire
August 13, 2018
Status: c343
High paced short chapter novel.

Way better than I think it would be.

Their is a lot of romanche / harem potentiel member, but for now the MC got other thing to do then take woman. In fact reading other reviews, I was waiting for way more action on that side. I see it eventually coming, but not in the short time.

... more>> Action packed, good strategy. No irrational killing.

Also, nothing got forgetting, something that happen 100 chapter early will have and effect later.

The only down side of the novel for me is the length of the chapter. It cut on possible character development. Instead they always straight to the point. <<less
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Slave harem minus the s*x scene. Short chapter. No great plot, just a job change specialist who is collecting slave and clearing lab. More of a slice of life, nearly no cliffhanger or build up.
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ipapotihus rated it
Joy of Life
February 8, 2018
Status: c100
half-way to the translated chapter and wow. The story go as a slow pace, and not.... Various time skip. No normal clicher. At least not that feel like one to me.

I'm happy to have found it. Now I'm gonna read it to the end!
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ipapotihus rated it
White-Robed Chief
December 12, 2018
Status: c250
Not good in english, so please bear with me.

First, The harem seeking tag, is kind of wrong. In the first 50 chapter it is kind of is mindset, but it get thrown away and he never really act on it.

... more>>

In the last 100 chapter that I read, there was no mention of his first crush.


He does get a lot of woman attention, but it's more a Loyal to love interest than a harem.


Currently in the story, something big happen and he had to break the relationship with Xiao Qi.


Their is character dev and the flow is good. Don't expect a lot of action, combat usally don't take more than half a chapter, except for some specific one.

The MC is OP, but not invincible.

I give it 4/5 simply, because the story is a little slow pace from time to time and there is some flaw here and there and I can't give 4.5. I still do really enjoy the story, and I will be sad when I will be up to date and got to find another novel to read.

If you are here because you're out of novel, give it a try, it's good.

Ho! No recuring pattern of arrogant young master. At least not as much as the typical chinese novel. There is still some killing, but way less than the normal chinese novel. The MC may kill someone once in 20 chapter. (If he kill 100 person in a chapter I still count it a once in 20 chapter, since it's happen in only one chapter) <<less
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ipapotihus rated it
Marquis of Grand Xia
November 7, 2017
Status: c30
As good as The silly alchemist. Not the same type of funny though. This character is far from being slow.

The story got a good pace. Their seem to be character development and a couple possible romance. The woman get a positive view of him and he his not dense, but all the relationship here not there yet.

I would love a higher pace of chapter, my only regret is to have picked up this novel while only 30 chapter are translated. I don't wanna wait :' (

Edit: The translator picked up... more>> the pace. Its really great!! Thanks a lot! :D

The comedy got tune down after a while, but the story is still really interresting. Not only you should give this a try, you should found and send me a link of a version of machine translated raw! So I can read them all. <<less
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ipapotihus rated it
Long Live Summons!
June 8, 2019
Status: c716
Not English. Still, awesome read. I came for the MC and the jokes, I stayed for the plots, which it's mostly fine and I enjoy the harem and their relationship.

Unlike most harem novel, this one scores. It take some times, but I would like to lives it's life.

The harem his big and it's true that when they are together they can blend together. Néanmoins, an arc is normally, the hero, one girl and one task. Often their is more than one girl, but most of the time it focus on... more>> one.

They move has his harem from time to time and when it happens, the girls will fight as one group.

If you stay long enough, you will find the s*x scene and once it's start, it's stay. Don't want to spoil so I won't say more I will the s*x scene.

Been reading it for years and now that someone else as pick it up, Im restarting my read. <<less
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ipapotihus rated it
Girl, I’ll Teach You Cultivation
April 19, 2018
Status: c30
Interesting, but... The main character piss me off. He is really op, each encounter end with him leaving and the other party regretting to not have trust him out of nowhere.

The setting is cool, but the MC is really generic. Maybe even snobber than normal.

Even with the type of MC I don't like, the story yet is not that bad and so, I give it the passing note of 3 star.

I will probably drop it soon, if the MC don't correct is behavior. I know it won't happen.
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ipapotihus rated it
Appraiser’s Job
December 7, 2017
Status: c30
Not that good. No thrill, no challenge, no character development.

A slice of life with a really high pace.
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Black Iron’s Glory
September 27, 2019
Status: c313
Excellent. Was not expecting anything. Come out great.

It's really neat reality though. Sh*t hit the fan all along and life suck. It's the die hard of the novel. While all the other film heroes are perfect, he is not, he is an average someone that turn out great.
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ipapotihus rated it
Top Management
October 30, 2017
Status: c83
Really good.

The MC his a little dense. Just a little, just enough to be cute.

My only complain his that their not enough chapter out already and the chapter are short. Beyond that, it's a story with a good feel and the different character are believable.

If like me, you are waiting for you regular chapter to be out, take the time to read this. If you like the genre, you won't be disapointed.
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