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iamthecoffee rated it
Paradise of Demonic Gods
March 24, 2018
Status: c573
If you're looking for a story where the only romance is between a man and his sword... wait... something doesn't sound quite right with that statement... ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

Xingjian has given up all of his “good” emotions for revenge, which makes it sound like he will be very 1 dimensional, but he is definitely more complex than that. It has plenty of well written and translated fight scenes, courtroom dramas and delicious sounding food. I think that the cultivation system is much easier to understand then some other stories and... more>> the plots that he is encountering when he is powering up are interesting and lots of fun.

Anyway, this is one of my favourite translations due to the quality of the translation and the story in general 😄 it is one of the few that I have to get my fix of everyday! <<less
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iamthecoffee rated it
Return of the Swallow
February 24, 2018
Status: c10
Return of the Swallow is full or descriptive language and it really brings the story to life, it is already full of schemes in the Prime Ministers house hold (reminds me of when I was still living with my sisters XD... ok, they are not that bad... my sisters that is), so I am looking forward to reading when it branches out into the rest of the city/empire/world.

I feel it is extremely well written and translated. I know that I have only read 10 chapters... but I know what a... more>> like... plus that is all that has been released so far! XD

So, I will admit that there is a fair bit of crying in the first few chapters... I felt like I was going to drown at one stage... <<less
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iamthecoffee rated it
Supernatural Girlfriend
March 28, 2018
Status: c123
Lin Yixin, affectionately known as Goldfish, can see ghosts, and has spiralled down into a world where she has more interactions with ghosts than normal people. That is until a near death experience which sets her on the path to becoming a kick-butt, crime fighting, mystery solving supernatural girl... with a hot sidekick! There is action, there is romance, there is mystery! Add to that great writing and an even better translation and a plot where it is hard to predict the twists and turns! What more could you want?... more>> ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! XD

Before I started reading Supernatural Girlfriend, I had been warned that it started of slow. I honestly found it hard to put it down because I enjoyed the story so much! Which was a bit of a problem, seeming as I started reading it rather late at night and had to work the next day... but that's why coffee was invented, right? XD

To summarise, read the story because it is awesome!!! <<less
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