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iPhoenix rated it
City of Sin
April 25, 2018
Status: Completed
Hey all together! This is my first review of a novel although I've been reading these kinds of novels for 5 years already. The reason I've decided to make a review, because I've just finished reading the raws and rate it as one of the best novels which have been read by me!

I won't spoiler any content cause you have to experience yourself!

Yes it is kinda slow progressing story, but in my eyes it never got borring. The worldbuilding, and the "out of the box thinking" of the author with... more>> his characterdeveloping is reeeeaally refreshening!

Yes the end gets a bit sci-fi and I'm really not a fan of sci-fi crossover stuff. And before I got to the point in the story I read a review here, which mentioned sci-fi at the end of the story. This made me sceptical if the story would get destroyed.

My conclusion, for not being a sci-fi fan it's a very good ending, and doesn't destroy anything and it's fitting well with the story progress I think. So guys don't get scared of it and read it all to the end! ;) Best regards,

Phoenix <<less
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