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iBakax3 rated it
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
February 3, 2017
Status: c127
Introduction: The story starts off very well about how a transmigrator in a supposed evil Lich body trying his best to avoid the evil quest line because of rationale and logical thinking - You will incur an entire squad of Paladin chasing you down. It is done very well, and includes references from several other medias such as Chinese wuxia dramas, and Japanese Manga.

Story: The story is really well thought. You can clearly see the amount of effort put into the world building, and the settings of every character. It... more>> clearly describes how the MC tries to progress to his goal, while keeping repercussions and several others factors in mind. You won't really see the MC suddenly losing track of his original goal and start going into filler chapters. Each chapter is done with a clear motive.

Characters: Beifong, 10/10. The side characters are written very well and are not left out as your usual 1-dimensional NPCs. They all play a role and leave a lasting memory.

Pacing: Done pretty well. The length of each battle are kept within reasonable length. You can imagine the battle clearly.

Addiction: Yeah well I pretty much refresh this page like once every few minute to check for update. <<less
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iBakax3 rated it
Apocalypse Summoner
February 3, 2017
Status: c27
Honestly speaking, the premise was quite good. Nothing really beats a apocalypse setting with a hard core difficulty instead of easily breezing through.
Especially when the MC isn't really a combat type, but relies on external factor such as summoning, knowledge and etc.

However, the author REPEATS the same point again over again for several chapter. Oh, these insects are really very dangerous, they can instantly kill you and etc. Several chapters later, the same sh*t still get repeated. I get it, they are dangerous as hell, so stop repeating the... more>> same thing over several chapter and move the story along would you.

Finally, the MC decides to just force a woman into his arms and put her in awkward situation just because he loved her, but couldn't be with her in the future. Like seriously, that's not love. That is some form of psychopathy. The MC really rubs off me as the chapter progress and the same repeating points doesn't make it any better. <<less
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