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hotcakeyu rated it
Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex
June 13, 2017
Status: c1412
First of all.... If u haven't reach ch.50 please dont review.. Read it before u review, This is a pretty twisted and good story at the same time, while the method MC 'save' the girls is a bit *ahem* odd... This is a good novel.

... more>>

I love how Yukino turns from "I hate you" to "I love you baka!" haha


I hate how the people review it after they read like.... Idk below 20 chapters. I call that judge the books content based on it's cover...


Megu go from being the good girl to a whiny b*tch then back to a good girl


The character development is awesome, Every girl hav development, the time flow is slow so you don't realise it and that is the way for author to say take tour time reading, pay attention to everything, every conversation have a deep meaning... Well... except the moaning part...

The title is Pure Love x Rape Complex... Well.. Think about what that means... Of course there is rape...

At the moment for the translation, the story haven't reach the good part yet, and if you are wondering why the dialogue are repetitive, Basically u read about 200 chapters but the time have o ly passed for like 1 week, of course the dialogue are repetitve, but don't be annoyed with that, the dialogue is repetitive to show us the reader when our MC personality starts to change. <<less
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hotcakeyu rated it
Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia
June 18, 2017
Status: --
I love this one. The writing style in raw is good too. It gets better after u reach volume 5.

MC is not dense either and there are tons of R-18 scene but no s*x at the moment, there are some part that is "indirect" s*x...


Like using the heart hybrid armor core, and the shape of the core turned into dildo sharing the sense of our MC penis, and inserting the dildo shaped core (Weird writing this one) into the females body through their vagina.

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hotcakeyu rated it
Atelier Tanaka
October 28, 2017
Status: --
When Reading this novel... please be aware that the MC have a strange fetish:3

Pay attention to MC's action and what he said instead of reading his monologue.

This novel is not to be taken seriously xD.

I was laughing so hard at how absurd is the situation. It was a roller coaster until the end of the story but it will make u go mad in the middle. There are netori and accidental NTR (as in because of accident, MC got NTRed, but in the end, she came back to his side)... more>>


and she didn't had s*x with the guys that stole her as she had a amnesia and she came back to him when she got bacl her memories and loved him even more.


but yea in the end, it was an absurd novel

For example, in a chapter u will see this person acting like a saint, but in the next arc, u see her acting like a bitch, The girl where u have the bitchy 1st impression will be so lovely in the end.

And MC is a pervert in the mind but his action is like a gentlemen, and Misunderstanding is so huge in this xD.

I repeat, pay attention to his actions and what he said instead of what he think about the girls xD


First of all... all girl is perverted in this novel at the beginning which caused MC to have a bad 1st impression of them., and MC yearn for a virgin girl because of this and not a slut, and he likes to be reverse raped, Which is a strange fetish, he yearn for a virgin girl but wants to be rape xD.

Next, this is a Femdom, he got raped by sluts, and he was having a complex about that, maybe because he wants a virgin to be his first... thats a harem, the MC is a herbivores but the Girls are good. His mind is hating it but his body is liking it, When reading this novel... pay attention to his actions and words instead of his monologue, he is a good guy in his body language, but a complete sh*t in his monologue xD, I enjoyed the Contrast.

At first the girl was a slut, but after they fell in love with Tanaka, they changed, and personally I like the fact that they remained loyal to him after they changed.

Those who said that the MC got NTRed are probably those who didnt finish the novel and dropped halfway.

Overall, I give 5 star because of the character development.

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hotcakeyu rated it
Combatants Will Be Dispatched
November 7, 2018
Status: v2c2
It's so hilarious, basically if you like KonoSuba comedy style, you will like this since Author is the one who write KonoSuba and this Novel.

You will see KonoSuba Reference here and there and it's absolutely hilarious.

This novel is not meant to take it seriously and MC is a scum (yes, like Kazuma)

We have bunch of loveable dorky characters, everytime they appear it is absolutely hilarious.

The MC is not Herbivores.
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