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herolaubet rated it
April 28, 2017
Status: c154
The series starts off great. You get the feeling of a underpowered MC getting stronger due to the effects of being the MC. This is something I haven't seen in other novels. The fact that he is a MC and is stronger because of it is not something that is reflected in increased luck (OH LOOK! A legendary item! What lucky guy I am....), but instead is something that the system itself presents to the MC, meaning that him being a protagonist is actually a Skill. To me, this makes... more>> everything add up together a bit more.

The main problem I have with this novel is how every single side character that is not an antagonist, is basically the MC's bootlicker. They are so unnatural in their praising and admiration that it makes me cringe every time I read one of those "Shutra is amazing" lines. And believe me, it happens A LOT. It's almost unbelievable the amount of bootlicking the author puts in.

Because everything just becomes a geometrical progression in power for the MC, while gathering God-like relics and collecting stupíd bootlicking side characters allies who are basically living gear for the MC, the novel starts to become uninteresting, even though the central plot is somewhat interesting (even if a bit cliche). Whenever something pops up, if its a relic, you know the MC is gonna get it. If its a potential ally, you know he is gonna have his way with them. This is a common problem in these novels, but it's specially pronounced here.

TL, DR: An okay novel to spend some time if you like LitRPG. Don't expect too much tho. <<less
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herolaubet rated it
March 29, 2017
Status: c67
First of all, this series has been dropped. We don't know when we might get another translator so that sucks.

Now for the series itself. Let's break it down:

Plot - The Plot is very interesting. It's your typical wake up in a strange room and have to complete missions in order to get rewards and level up, very Gantz/TI like. It has decent flow in combat and the missions are not dragged out at all, which I enjoy, but some people may be off put by some things which may be... more>> "unrealistic" (although using this term in a LN is weird to me), meaning some explanations given are hard to swallow if you are a nitpicker.

Another thing about the plot is that the actual missions are only half of it. The author puts a big emphasis on the MC's life outside of the mission world, even putting in some light romance (maybe calling it a romance is stretching it). Expect at least half of the chapters to be about his interactions with family and other characters outside of missions. I don't usually enjoy these "slice of life" parts on other novels, but on this one its surprisingly entertaining. I can't really put my finger on why but it flows really smoothly, making me want to read more.

Another important topic is that although the MC shows immense potential, at the latest translated chapter he is far from being OP. Survival is a constant concern, never seeming like he will just breeze through the missions without effort.

Characters - The characters aside from the MC are all shallow with little to no introduction of background. Most are pretty generic and only serve the purpose of the plot. That being said, the lack of character depth doesn't really interfere too much with the flow of the story, because the setting is very interesting and sort of makes up for that flaw.

Setting - This is probably the series strongest point. The setting created, although not that original, is very interesting and shows great potential. The only problem I have with it at the moment is the lack of creativity shown in the Skills. Not giving any spoilers, but that is a specially important part of the setting for this novel and I don't really think that the author has the right brain juice to put out interesting enough skills. So far they have been mostly bland generic RPG skills. That is the biggest point of concerning for me, going forward with this novel.

Overall - A nice, fun read. Recommended for anyone who likes Terror Infinity, Gantz and the like. <<less
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