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hayazi96 rated it
I Chose to Fake My Death
July 21, 2017
Status: --
Prologue. Part 1

Trap wanted to be a girl.

Prologue part 2

... more>> Girl ask Trap if they want to be a girl, makes them their ideal.

Chapter 1

MC "Dad, I became a girl"

Dad "..."

MC *does... And says things that seem... like both innocent,

unintentional innuendos


seemingly s*xual acts


"Daddys hand... So comfortable"

Chapter 2

Wanted to play on the pc...

Drops pc on herself...

Hospital time

Chapter 3

Was gonna play with herself. Stops. Says that ".. only 'that person'" may "play" with her.

LOL Gameplay Simulation.

Chapter 4.

Not translated yet.

Now, for the parents not caring, I'm gonna assume that the body wasn't the only BS magic the supernatural girl used. It's likely she changed more than just the MC, It may even have been spread to all records of MC in the 'set' world, basically implying that the male MC never existed, but the girl, MC, does now. An the world may seem to have had her from the start.

Anyway, that's my review.

Oh, the rank would have been lower, but for some reason, I find the MC with such a low EQ Cute due to the image. So, if the character didn't have a severe lack of EQ... and cute appearance... AT THE SAME TIME. it would have been a 1-2 star... preferences people. Preferences. <<less
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Hollywood Secret Garden
March 27, 2018
Status: --
Basically. My preferences are.

Gender bender.


Modern day.

Plagiarism in a reincarnated setting.


Funny, yet seemingly unfair treatment of (GB) Male->Female MC.


not so much as of now, but Yuri.

What does this have?

All of it.

The emotional havoc that [No Updates] causes.
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hayazi96 rated it
Reborn as My Love Rival’s Wife
August 28, 2017
Status: --
I had a lot to say, but most of the reviews above or below have basically said it all.

Gender Bender; A genre in which most people avoid for reasons not interoperable to me.

Comedy; dimwit MC does funny stuff now that he's a rich guys wife. Husband and Wife just so happen to be in a fake marriage, that is clearly gonna become real. But with a dimwit who can't understand how truly womanly "she" is as an adorable girl, with what I can only find... child-like innocence, who still fantasized... more>> herself as a "oppa" (it's fkn slang of some sort). A workaholic who is bad with both understanding feelings and expressing them, to the point he barely knows he has them in a sense. AKA COMEDY GOLD. <<less
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Spelling errors are here and there but minor issues. The issue I'm having is the lack of updates from... the author I assume?

Anyway... relaxing pacing, lighthearted and fairly sweet, (minus the GB+Rebirth) its more or less realistic with slightly more focus on the livelihood of the character rather than her job, as the job is in its own way just... there.

The acting is Not expanded upon as it's "a means to an end" in Nana-chan's pov, its also barely a talking point for her "friends" (For the small amount... more>> she has, *sigh*), but that is likely due to the seemingly 'realistic' pace setting... which I actually enjoy as its quite... melow? Relaxing yet just fast enough to keep you entertained. I know "realistic pace setting" doesn't tell you much about what I mean, but it's the only way I could explain or get my views accross about the pacing.

As we have so little chapters in stock, we know next to nothing about nana-chan but tearfully wish for faster updates so we can!!! Her cuteness is extremely subtle and it's been a LONG 5 YEARS since I found something that has made me as interested purely in the characters development. This applies to much to many things.

Like playing a game and learning it has more than a thousand True endings, but all you wish for is not the ending compilation video, but the walkthrough to all routes instead.

Last but not least... that burn of a Qidian reference. Though "a mortals journey to immortality" had them As well, I was genuinely surprised it was in this. Fight the tyranny of the pol- CHINESE STRANGLEHOLD AND MONOPOLY OF CHINESE NOVEL/S TRANSLATIONS!!! <<less
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hayazi96 rated it
Virtual World: The Legendary Thief
August 19, 2017
Status: --
4.5 stars if I could, but 5 stars is to much, so 4 will have to do.

I will put it simply.

This series is better than the other series by the same author but, for some ungodly reason it is not as popular and there are less translators willing to pick it up full time, preferring to drop it... I wish Shiroyuki would just forget about the other story their translating by this stories author and translate this one.

Also, the VR to some... may seem simpler than other series, but that's... more>> probably because most of those other bloody series are Reincarnation series, this is just a Lucky MC type story.

The one thing though... I wish the MC would...


just give up on monogamy TT^TT and just go the harem route... f***, he's a millionaire and he just casually gave a few mill to each girl in his group like it was nothing, and doesn't even try to get some pu**y! This little b**** MC. but, other than that, he's actually a great MC if it weren't for his monogamy Standards... oh, and Virgin Girl Lover Boy should have been his in In-Game name at least once in his life... it has a double meaning... Anyway, GIVE IT UP MC, EVEN IN 2007 MOST GIRLS HAVE HAD s*x AT LEAST ONCE!!!

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A Messed-Up Wuxia World
August 28, 2017
Status: c10
I don't have enough material for a thorough review, however... chapters 1-10 give me a good taste.

The story has a likeness, similar to that of History's Number 1 Founder. The differences, are quite far from it though, as this story contains HN1F's humour and combines it with 2 other plot types.

The two plot types are the average rebirth stories, but in another body style, rather than growing up. The first is the gaining power from nowhere plot, while combing it with the second type of plotline "Histories Strongest Senior Brother"

For... more>> those of you who don't understand anything I said, I recommend reading... for the sake of understanding this story's plot...

1: "battle against the heavens"

2: "History's Strongest Senior Brother"

3: "History's Number 1 Founder"

4: Any underdog wikis rebirth story. <<less
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