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Stop, Friendly Fire!
October 18, 2018
Status: c5
Sorry to be the guy that sh*ts on the new novel but, for these 25 chapters (each 'part' is as long as a normal chapter) I've felt like I was reading a videogame log.

To be more specific, a MMORPG log.

The MC transmigrates as a skeleton hero to purge the undead and so far he just kills monsters, gains skills and stats. The skill list gets longer until you're just bored to read everything once the status screen shows up.

Stats are also just numbers that mean very little to the story,... more>> serving only to compare the MC strength with that of the next monsters. There is no story so far and also no characters. His only interactions are with some other heroes in a chat ability he gets, but even that is quite mild. Just a bunch of random people talking in a chat about levels, quests and itens. The only difference with a common MMO chat is the lack of spammers selling and buying game currency.

The translation is great as most novels in wuxiaworld are, but unfortunately I can't recommend this, unless you enjoy reading about a skeleton mindless killing mindless monster mobs and getting their skills with endless repetition.

But hey, a lot of people love "Kumu Desu ga, Nani Ka" while I find it boring and repetitive, so maybe you'll like this too, which is, in my opinion, very similar. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai
June 24, 2018
Status: --
Why this is bad:

  • MC is beta JP male that gets beaten and bullied without even trying to run/hit the opponent back.
  • Long exposure/ramblings/useless info dump/internal dialogues that takes most of the written content. Plot is painfully slow because of it.
  • Several POV of characters that we don't care about slowing the plot even further. Btw everyone is stronger than the MC in every way, skill and self-worth wise.
  • There's no tactical thinking or smart MC as in some reviews. He's just some wimpy kid that figures some way to use things at hand that are perfect for the situation because 'plot'.
    • Spoiler

      putting poison mushroom he found a few chapters ago in food of bear monster is not award winning feat

  • For the most part you're cheering for the monsters because all characters are unlikeable.
  • Love interest is a big, fat and shy girl with a battle oriented vocation. Every interaction of the MC with women is the usual horny with anything cliche. There's even s*xual tension when he's looking at the panties of the fully dismenbered body of a classmate that's getting eaten by monsters. WTF.
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hawlol rated it
Trash of the Count’s Family
October 29, 2018
Status: c54
Got really disapointed with this novel and it really doesn't deserve the current 4+ stars. My one star is for balance.

To sum in a few words this novel has too much foreshadowing and too much tell but don't show.

MC knows what will happen and who the important characters are, so EVERYTIME he is going somewhere or doing something, you'll read about what a certain place is and how it's important to the PREVIOUS story, then when he meets any characters the same will happen, a long exposition about that characters... more>> part in the previous story.

This will leave very little room for any actual story where the current MC actually does something. The information about places and people also gets repeated every few chapters, which makes it even worse.

Added to SHORT CHAPTERS and several useless conversations (like the MC trading pleasantries with nobles one too many times, or talking rubish with his butlers or even having descriptions of one too many meals) this novel becomes quite annoying to anyone following it daily.

So, although I really liked it at first, after 54 chapters I realized this pattern and how the story doesn't flow and is always locked in this tell but don't show routine about the previous story instead of focusing on the current one.

In all these chapters we already met several characters and places (in the dozens really) but very little happens in these places and with these characters. So little that you could sum it up in a paragraph. The remaining written content are the examples that I gave above, talks about what that character or place meant to the previous story.

If you are bored I can advise you to read it, but for fcks sake, don't do it one chapter at a time like I did and be warned that it will be a slow burn kind of story.

If you have a lot of chapters you can at least speed though them while ignoring all the foreshadowing, but if you read one chapter a day, only a few lines of actual story will remain.

Reading this one chapter a day was a really disapointing experience for me so I wanted to share. <<less
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hawlol rated it
The Simple Job of Only Perishing to the Hero
August 21, 2018
Status: c40
Too many expositions, too little story.

Be prepared for several paragraphs of random explanations between a single line of dialogue and full chapters of explanations of random things that don't really add to the story.

The pace is weird, being really fast and choppy at some points like the initial development of the dark continent, and really slow in others where the MC takes several chapters walking down a street buying things or having a simple conversation that means little to the plot.

His powers aren't really explained. He's a SSS ranked and... more>> kick ass at magic, but can also create fully intelligent races in a few minutes like a god? It's kind of weird and we don't know what are the limits of his strength. So far there's also no challenge and he and his maids just kill everything because 'they're strong' and that's it.

The premise was nice, but the execution and writing was really poor. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Show Me the Money
August 10, 2018
Status: c52
This is a 3.5/5. I gave it a 5 since there are one too many trolls giving it a 1 or 2, which the novel doesn't deserve.

As far as chap 52 the novel is about a naughty Fatty that plays a VRMMO and solo boss monsters in interesting ways. Traps mostly, but interesting still.

The novel is not good in character development. Everyone is an asshole, the MC included, and specially the first female lead, Liu Lan: she's just a bully and unliakable bitch. Character interactions are just disputes for bosses... more>> between guilds or ways to level up and get loot.

Also there's a little to much grind and not enough story. Fatty is playing just for money, and so far there's just no reason / drama / suspense aside from whether he'll die and lose a level and the boss (that'll just respawn later).

Nevertheless it's still a good novel to waste time so far, not worth of the several poor ratings, specially in a website like NU with so many sh*tty copy&paste xianxias with high ratings.

Finally, good work by the translators with several releases and good translation. Chapters are not short and without too many useless expositions. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)
July 19, 2018
Status: c20
I really wanted to like this, but it's boring.

  • POVs are all over the place, going forward and back on the time line, making it confusing and unfocused.
  • MC has 40 year time skip from being a farmer to a 'drill sergeant' for an evil corporation in a few paragraphs.
  • Things that would be a nice plot twist are instead explained in a dumb POV internal monologue.
  • Several POVs of the same scene, including from side and unimportant characters.
  • For more than 20 chapters he's training a new class and nothing really happens.
So much wrong... more>> in so few chapters. Could be forgiven if the story was nice, but it's not. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Hyaku Ma No Aruji
October 1, 2018
Status: c46
Having read some nice reviews I decided to take a shot at this novel. Unfortunately I cannot recommend it.

The pacing is too slow, and a interesting premise is thrown out of the window devolving the story into a boring and tiresome cliche isekai.

Every single action is stretched down with a lot of meaningless exposition and useless chatter during improper times. Too many characters and plots are thrown at us too many times, without any of them going forward.

... more>>

In all these chapters, the MC gets reborn, trained by more than 90 spirits, they pass on, he met another 21 demon lords, goes down the mountain while escaping an army, runs towards a city with these demon lords, then towards another country. That's all that happens in 40+ chapters

We also get some POVs about a prince trying to coup his father/king and some Povs about the villain Sirius that's chasing them. Also a POV of 3 kings that had nothing to do with the story so far.


There were 90+ spirits but we barely learned about 5 of them. The rest are just extras. Same for the 21 demon lords. 7-8 are characters and the rest are extras.


I though it would be a story about the MC solving the regrets of the heroic spirits, but the deux ex machina was too stronk and they all solved their regrets just by raising the MC and passing their techniques because 'reasons'. (But if any person climbed the mountains they would be killed instead of gaining their techniques?)

In the end of the first arc he gets a free pass like any common isekai to live freely like he wants with all these amazing superpowers.


I mean, the premise built on the whole first arc is thrown away, and then the story just drags on too much and you get irritated by it.

Nothing important happens for several chapters and we're just reading about the same characters arguing about mundane things among themselves, even right in the middle of a battle.

Or the same things about how demon lords are persecuted being repeated for the 100th time.

In the end the "trained by 99 heroic spirits" is just an excuse for the MC to have any 'deux ex machina power' he'll need for any situation. And the "save the demon lords" trope is just an excuse for a bunch of people to travel together and interact. And most of these people are cute girls as in any japanese novel.

Also the MC is a vegetarian beta male that doesn't kill even in war scenarios. He is overpowered and naive, even after being reincanated, lived for more than 15 years and taught by so many betrayed heroes.

Overall, didn't have fun reading this. Didn't like the MC or the characters that just pop out of nowhere all at the same time and glued to the MC for no reason and spend most of the written content arguing about silly things. <<less
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hawlol rated it
The Defeated Dragon
September 19, 2018
Status: c58
A kingdom building story that became dull quite fast with a boring MC that is like a robot in auto preservation mode.

MC transmigrated as a baron and, despised by his father, was given a sh*tty run down place to govern. It's middle ages with magic but we seldom see any magical things and everything is pretty mundane.

MC is coward and just wants to enjoy the life of an aristocrat. Those are his only reasons to develop his territory.

He doesn't give a sh*t about anyone but himself and can't even love... more>> the dog he's raising from a puppy, saying that it can die at any moment and he'll just eat it.

Author also nitpicks too much with small unimportant details like 2-3 chapters of new servants selection that will never be used again in the story. The story is slow paced because of these kind of things.

Read only if you're bored and have already read Release that Witch. <<less
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hawlol rated it
To Be a Power in the Shadows!
June 16, 2018
Status: c86
Supreme Chuunibyou should be the name of this novel. Overpowered but boring MC that keeps doing things just because he thinks it's cool like a kid.
He dreams to be some kind of ruler in the darkness but does everything in a flashy hero-like way delivering cliche punch lines.

He's obtuse and dumb but does everything right by accident (throwing knife at map and discovering kidnappers hideout, always doing something random that saves the day), except when he's fighting, because then he is god incarnated and no one can hold a... more>> candle to him with no explanation but 'because he's strong'.

Was a little funny at first time but got boring quick. Really overrated series. <<less
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Argh... I guess I'm too progressive for this novel.

The MC is a female transmigrator in a medieval europe settings. You think she would be against arranged marriages, or use her knowledge to be independent, take over the Fief or even find her own path.

Not this MC, she immediately accepts her role as an unimportant woman in a medieval society that is a tool for the family and must get thinner to find a husband and therefore be 'successful' in life.

She has no problem with her cousin taking over the earldom... more>> that belonged to her father and threatens to send her away unless she finds a fiance by 15. Meaning, GTFO or be my political tool. The MC: Okay, I'll marry any person that wants fatty me!

He also uses her 'inventions' to make a profit and she asks for nothing in return. Being fat also equals to being human scum in this novel. Because she's fat she's entitled to nothing and unless women are pretty they are useless and will be shunned by all.

The only value discussed for female characters is if they're pretty or not. Frankly, this is a disturbing view from the author and I couldn't get past it, even if the story is lighthearted. Would expect this from Harems but not from Shoujo novels.

That being said, the pacing is slow. Chap 50 she's 14 and the story from the game hasn't even started. Translation is also slow. Can't recommend this.

Edit: Someone picked this up and translations became quite faster. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
July 20, 2018
Status: c150
Started well, became boring and stale at later chapters.

It seems like the author is milking the plot as much as he can with fillers. He set up all these nice scenarios about politics, wars and intrigue, but doesn't seem inclined to follow through with any.

Prepare yourself for dozens of chapters with lots of talks about how the character is feeling, inner monologues or random POVs that adds nothing to the plot.

About Translators: AsianHobbyist divided each chapter into 3 parts and had slow releases. Djurasico made a lot of releases but... more>> it's bad MTL. Meaning, both are far from good and make things worse for a novel that was already going sour with its plot.

Tried to give this a second chance, got even more frustrated.

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hawlol rated it
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
August 3, 2018
Status: c100
It's very hard to keep your interest in this novel. Mainly because how it's structured. Kinda like this:

    • 60% internal monologues from the characters in the scene
    • 30% meaningless exposition
    • 10% story
The pacing is too damn slow, the scenes get cut all the time with the random content, chapters are really short. Fillers and more fillers for word count purposes.

A simple meeting in the begining took about 11 chapters, for example.

In comparison, things that would be interesting, like the stealing, are done in one paragraph with just a quote "The little thief went into house X, and stole things Y, Z, W." and that's it.

But if the little annoying cousin got angry and jealous for the thousandth time, we'll read it in a rant of 3 or more paragraphs in between a dialog... yet again.

MC did something amazing? Why don't we spend 3 chapters with only the internal thoughs of side characters calling her an idiot and being in awe of the situation? (this actually happened)

I like the MC, though. She's not keen on killing everyone and she's smart to bid her time and lay low. That's why I lasted for so long, but damn, it's so hard to keep reading. I caught myself just skipping several paragraphs all the time and finishing a chapter in less than a few minutes, but then I missed some important info amidst all the garbage, got lost and had to go back.

I cannot understand these high ratings at all. Be warned.
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hawlol rated it
Advent of the Archmage
June 27, 2018
Status: c210
This is like finding the perfect girl then discovering "her" to be a man.

First arc is amazing. MC uses magic in intelligent way. Techniques matter more than power levels. Story is fast paced, action is well done, plot is nice and there's little info dump even though it's the first chapters. I really got excited thinking to have found a gem amidst all the garbage in qdian but everything falls apart after.

The start of east academy arc is still good (mercenaries small arc), but later the MC stops using the... more>> game system, becomes a magician shut-in and the plot starts to drag becoming slow-paced.

There's no more intelligent spellcasting and everything boils down to spell levels vs character level. "No spells under lvl 5 will work on the demon because he's lvl 5" etc. Mana doesn't matter anymore as he always have enough (with rare exceptions because plot) and the micromanagement of casting time becomes ridiculous like other reviewers have said.

Because the MC is so freaking amazing like the author reminds us every chapter, he makes his own magic which usually is one lvl stronger than regular magic, defeating stronger beings with said magic while everyone is in awe of his amazing power (everyone else is just incompetent and adds little to the plot). In summary. It becomes regular xianxia trash in a new skin. Fortunately there are no noisy young masters, but everything else is similar including the writing with long exposure/infodump paragraphs that adds volume but nothing else to the story.

It's very sad. If the author kept the story going in the first arc's direction this would be an excellent novel but it just became common rubble. 3 starts only because of the first arc, otherwise it's just a one. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife
September 25, 2018
Status: c100
To sumarize this novel in one word: Cliche.

If you have read any of this kind of female cultivator novels you already saw every single plot that happens in this story. I'll sumarize them until were I read.

... more>>

Transmigrator into trash body who is not really trash but a genius that can cultivate after surpassing a minor hurdle.

Evil family member plotted to take everything from the MC, including her fiance who is the crown prince. The new body owner will repay the former grievances.

A mighty but cute beast is contracted to the MC for free.

A really strong Male lead that could trample everyone in the kingdom but is hiding in plain sight, falls in love at first sight and tends to pamper and protect the MC from the shadows.

The MC starts to make pills and go up in her cultivation really fast, doing in months what people take dozens of years.

During all this steps there is constant fights with her previous repugnant family and she is faceslapping them again and again while everyone who called her trash is now second guessing their opinions.

Eventually she gets revenge against the family, while the previous fiance who cancelled the engagement tries to get her back, only to be humiliated too.

After getting revenge against, she discovers that she is actually a missing child and her actual family is super strong and far away.

Running down the street? A super important child is about to be run over by a carriage from snob people so that she save her like a hero and start problems with a new family in a new city.


Anyways, you have probably seen them all by now.

Like most people said as well, she's hated by random people without good reason which makes most conflicts kind of dumb. There isn't really a main plot either. It's just these small and petty grievances and unfufilling face slapping of people that keep popping up and hating the MC for no reason.

She also hides her strengths and backers without any reason. She says that her ability to rejuvenate herbs could bring her harm if people knew about it, only to show it in front of crowd a few chapters later for a meaningless alchemy competition that would bring her no benefit.

The cliche plots that look like a macro for this kind of novel, added to the blandness of characters, conflict and lack of a main plot makes this novel unworthy of your time. Unless you never read one of this kind. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
September 3, 2018
Status: c272
Edit: Misty Cloud Translations is dead. Webnovel took this over and the speed is now quite better, so everything bellow doesn't apply to the new translators. Story is still 'meh', but at least now you have a chance to finish it.

Don't be stupid like me. I've read 3 novels from this translators before realizing something crucial.

4814 chapters (ongoing) and one chapter per 2-3 days (lets round it for 2) equals 9084 days until it catches up or 24, 88 years. Even if they decide to release 1 per day, it's... more>> 12, 44 years we're talking about.

Keep in mind that this novel is being translated since 04/2017 and has less than 280 chapters released at 09/2018, more than 500 days have gone by.

They ask for about 18 bucks for extra releases, so don't wait for something like 2k sponsored chapters because it would cost 36k usd in donations.

This means that we'll never finish these stories, so think about that before you start reading.

To make things worse, each chapter is always really small. The guy must be charging a dolar for each line translated. All novels I've read from them follow the same procedure.

Also, instead of focusing on one novel, they keep adding new novels to their site and keep the release pace so they can hook more fools that didn't like the previous novels, while milking the current ones.

As for the story of this one, it's nothing special, not good and not too bad. There are several plot holes, childish romance and simplistic battles. The MC is some peerless and agile killer when facing enemies but clumsy kid when close to the ML for sake of constantly tripping and having excuses to have physical contact with him. Her medical abilities makes no sense and came from nowhere. There are also abundant cliches that you have seen so many times in other novels.

The story is just meh, but at least this opened my eyes to the scam-like atitude of this translators. My advice is to keep away from anything released from Misty Cloud Translations. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao
July 22, 2018
Status: c84
Listen... it's funny... but only if you can shut your brain off.

The premise makes no sense, her powers make no sense, the MC is dumb as a door and if you consider the character's actions, the male lead is a bastard manipulator usurping her little by little and the MC is the most broke, powerless and stupid emperor, ever. Which has no work btw. She just fools arounds all day.

So, as long as you don't take the story seriously, there'll be some laughs. That being said, it does wears off... more>> after some dozen chapters. There's no character progression and the plot is stupid, just like the novel overall.

Recomendation: Read until you get tired of it, while shutting you brain off, for some gags. <<less
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Reviewers about this novel: Hey, let's go to a party. You'll have to be beaten up and raped first then watch 666 hours of Justin Bieber videos. But after that, the party will be super fun, okay?!

Slow paced really short chapters, dumb punching bag MC, too many repeated and long descriptions, unlikable characters, dumb inconsistent boring plot that just revolves around everyone pissing at the MC. This is just pure trash.
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Good start but falls apart very fast. MC uses blacksmithing at first but stops a few chapters in. His land was doomed to fail but quickly became sucessfull. After that there's no plot. Former game events don't matter and now the world revolves around him.

MC is described to be strong in martial arts and magic at first but he get his ass kicked every single time by random noble kids without putting up a fight. All chapters about him learning stuff are just wasted because he never uses. The novel... more>> is at end just about relationships (love interest /friendship) between the characters.

Some characters are likeable but that's it. The main heroine of the game however is really unlikeable. She changes love interest as if chaging clothes, flirting with the MC at one moment and falling in love with random character when right besides the MC. It's ridiculous. She's also bland and adds very little to the story.

While I dislike OP MCs, a wimpy one that is stupid and gets his ass beated by any random characters is just as bad. Romance is also bland, nothing else going for it. Don't waste your time with this one. <<less
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Overrated series. First chapter is nice with the ruthless poisoning but everything else is boring. Nothing happens and the MC gets nothing done. A lot of content about nobles and politics but once again the MC just goes with the flow and quotes those themes as if you are reading a history book. There is no territory management by her and everything is done by her guardian. She's still 6 years old by chap31 without any accomplishments whatsoever.

While the premise is the reliving of an otome game, the MC doesn't... more>> know anything about the world or the future events of the game aside from her family being executed in the end. Being a reincarnator also has no effect on the story at all except for not acting her age. There is no magic until now and everyone trains sword/spear including the MC, but so far there's no action at all for any character. No war, action, romance, drama, adventure, nor territory management, not even food porn.

Maybe it'll get better in later chapters but I'll never know. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Supernatural Monetary System
January 7, 2019
Status: c36
It's really hard to describe how bad this is.

The translation is terrible, the fast paced plot is full of holes and random things, nothing makes sense. The system is an asshole, the MC is flat and without a proper personality.

I just couldn't find something good about this novel to put here.

Either a bot or a 12 year old wrote this. Read it at your own peril.
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