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hawlol rated it
Stop, Friendly Fire!
October 18, 2018
Status: c5
Sorry to be the guy that shits on the new novel but, for these 25 chapters (each 'part' is as long as a normal chapter) I've felt like I was reading a videogame log.

To be more specific, a MMORPG log.

The MC transmigrates as a skeleton hero to purge the undead and so far he just kills monsters, gains skills and stats. The skill list gets longer until you're just bored to read everything once the status screen shows up.

Stats are also just numbers that mean very little to the story,... more>> serving only to compare the MC strength with that of the next monsters. There is no story so far and also no characters. His only interactions are with some other heroes in a chat ability he gets, but even that is quite mild. Just a bunch of random people talking in a chat about levels, quests and itens. The only difference with a common MMO chat is the lack of spammers selling and buying game currency.

The translation is great as most novels in wuxiaworld are, but unfortunately I can't recommend this, unless you enjoy reading about a skeleton mindless killing mindless monster mobs and getting their skills with endless repetition.

But hey, a lot of people love "Kumu Desu ga, Nani Ka" while I find it boring and repetitive, so maybe you'll like this too, which is, in my opinion, very similar. <<less
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hawlol rated it
To Be a Power in the Shadows!
June 16, 2018
Status: c86
Supreme Chuunibyou should be the name of this novel. Overpowered but boring MC that keeps doing things just because he thinks it's cool like a kid.
He dreams to be some kind of ruler in the darkness but does everything in a flashy hero-like way delivering cliche punch lines.

He's obtuse and dumb but does everything right by accident (throwing knife at map and discovering kidnappers hideout, always doing something random that saves the day), except when he's fighting, because then he is god incarnated and no one can hold a... more>> candle to him with no explanation but 'because he's strong'.

Was a little funny at first time but got boring quick. Really overrated series.

Edit: I just wanted to add that my biggest problem with this novel is the fact that midst everything I've said above, there is a serious plot. If this was a pure slapstick comedy it would be fine, but the fact that the author joined the absurd with a serious plot (expecting us to care about it) broke everything apart. <<less
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10 chapters in and I already wanna punch the author. This is just another plotless isekai where an OP MC collects girls.

First, his spaceship is a never seen before cheat that allows him to be unrivaled. The MC is a master gamer in piloting it inside a Game and FPS which automaticaly converts in being a good shot and pilot in 'real' life... Guess all COD players are John Wick now.

He comes into the first trade center, pretty girl receives him, randomly walking in street, pretty girl stops him to... more>> talk, walks a little more, pretty girl being attacked by hooligans.... that's a lot of random girls appearing from nowhere in little time.

Add that to a lot of talks about food, nothing meaningful happening, slow pacing, a low sense of morality by the author and that's the novel.

The worldbuilding is also faulty, borderline dumb: There's an universal virtual coin, even among intergalatic empires who are at war. Who controls and enforces the value of the money? Scans go through spaceships showing every single piece of cargo the ship has. An intergalactic Adventurers/Mercenary Guild. A Feudal Society in space. Urgh... Basically every single fantasy Isekai cliche setting, but in space.

I don't like reviewing novels with so little chapters but what I read was enough in this case. The final drop was the MC taking a scared, grieving and homeless girl into the ship and having s*x with her in the first night while the girl literally said 'I'll take care of your nightly needs so you don't throw me away.' She was also almost gang raped at the same day, so let that sink in. <<less
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hawlol rated it
The Simple Job of Only Perishing to the Hero
August 21, 2018
Status: c40
Too many expositions, too little story.

Be prepared for several paragraphs of random explanations between a single line of dialogue and full chapters of explanations of random things that don't really add to the story.

The pace is weird, being really fast and choppy at some points like the initial development of the dark continent, and really slow in others where the MC takes several chapters walking down a street buying things or having a simple conversation that means little to the plot.

His powers aren't really explained. He's a SSS ranked and... more>> kick ass at magic, but can also create fully intelligent races in a few minutes like a god? It's kind of weird and we don't know what are the limits of his strength. So far there's also no challenge and he and his maids just kill everything because 'they're strong' and that's it.

The premise was nice, but the execution and writing was really poor. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai
June 24, 2018
Status: --
Why this is bad:

  • MC is beta JP male that gets beaten and bullied without even trying to run/hit the opponent back.
  • Long exposure/ramblings/useless info dump/internal dialogues that takes most of the written content. Plot is painfully slow because of it.
  • Several POV of characters that we don't care about slowing the plot even further. Btw everyone is stronger than the MC in every way, skill and self-worth wise.
  • There's no tactical thinking or smart MC as in some reviews. He's just some wimpy kid that figures some way to use things at hand that are perfect for the situation because 'plot'.
    • Spoiler

      putting poison mushroom he found a few chapters ago in food of bear monster is not award winning feat

  • For the most part you're cheering for the monsters because all characters are unlikeable.
  • Love interest is a big, fat and shy girl with a battle oriented vocation. Every interaction of the MC with women is the usual horny with anything cliche. There's even sexual tension when he's looking at the panties of the fully dismenbered body of a classmate that's getting eaten by monsters. WTF.
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hawlol rated it
Transmigration with QQ Farm
January 2, 2019
Status: c16 part1
The story is not that bad but there are too many red flags to keep following this.

Edit: They started releasing one chapter per day, so point 1 doesn't matter anymore. Yay!
First: Chapter lenght and release date. Chapters are short but are divided in parts, making them really really short. If it was divided only for the extra ads to help the translator website it would be fine, I have no problem clicking a little links to help them host their site, but it's actually released at 1 part per 2 days. You'll read 1/3 or 1/2 of a chapter every odd day. That's bad.

Second: Pacing. In these short 16 chaps nothing much happens. Apparently there are cultivation, magical beasts and fantasy in the world, but so far the story... more>> is about her feeding the family of five with things from the farm cheat. There are hints about her family being fallen from grace but most of it was going into the mountain to harvest herbs.

Third: Bad Cheat Development. The QQ farm was supposed to be the hook of the novel but it boringly easy to do anything with it. She can harvest 3 times a day, the farming/harvesting is automatic, animals grow in one day. The progression is ridiculously easy: Every extra thing she adds to the farm gains her 1 or more levels and more fields. She can capture hostile animals automaticaly without even fighting or subduing them. And the shop gives her anything she wants without any hassle.

Overall, this doesn't seem like a novel you should follow daily but maybe read in one sitting if it ever finishes. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Worlds’ Apocalypse Online
September 29, 2019
Status: c150
One of those standard xuanhuans poorly disguised as something else, in this case as Sci-fi, and full of plot/worldbuilding holes because of it.

The premise is overly convoluted, bear with me: MC is from a tech world with Mechas and interstelar spaceships. There was a VR game that took ppl to a cultivation world being invaded by demons, but it's not a game but another reality. After the cultivation world is destroyed it was the MC world's turn. Still following? It's not over yet. Anyways, ppl in the Mecha world logged... more>> into the cultivation world with a system to help in the battle agaisnt demons. In the end they lost, but the MC got back in time with a War God System which is basically a cheat, because... bah, who knows.... 'god did it', probably. For some reason, only he can access the 'game' right now even though it wasn't 'launched' and go to and from these two realities every day.

So, Cultivator vs Mechas vs Demons while the time traveler MC pings between realities every few days. Ok, a little too much at the beginning but sounds cool. There's also Professionalist (another word for cultivators) in the Mecha world, but let's ignore that for now.

Eventually you'll see technology sucks and Mechas are being destroyed by a bow and arrow or a bone spear, all because 'cultivation energy'. Guns don't exist and don't work just because, missiles also don't exist even when intergalatic travel already does and in summary, the author doesn't know sh*t about modern warfare or technology, nor he developed his own fantasy version properly.

I was raging when a few chapter after a Mecha, with the greatest technology available, a more than 1 ton hunk of hardened steel, was cleaved in half by a bone spear, but the MC get's a thin golden armor that takes several hits of demons without breaking. Why? Because 'cultivation energy'. Nitpicking or bad worldbuilding, I'll let you decide. But know that the author doesn't bother to create a special alloy or element that would explain why thick plates of steel are tofu and the thin golden armor is virtually indestructible. He just says 'because cultivators'.

In the end, it's all about the MC in the cultivator world eating pills, killing stuff and leveling up. Kill a monster and gain xp/soul points, get that super cool manual to be strong, go to sect competitions, sword enlighment (even though there's a system) etc. Then he comes to his reality with all his cool powers and slap faces, save people and collect beauties. Yes, there are plenty of cocky young masters showing hate for no reason only to be bit*h slapped and come back with family reinforcements.

As for the Professionalists in the Mecha world, they are more powerful than Mechas and aircrafts as well, why? Not explained either, except that they are 'noob cultivators' that don't understand 'energy' and while some ppl are born with it, most aren't.

This doesn't deserve the current high ratings at all. I'd give this a 3 instead of 1 otherwise, since even though is generic with awful worldbuilding and power systems, the pacing is good and there's always something happening at all times. The Author manages to create good tension and characters but usually blows it up with the plot/worldbuilding holes.

I liked most of the female character so far as well, except for the first Su something that is bland, but insteresting female characters in these kind of novels was a good surprise, even though they all love the MC for plot reasons.

Anyways, I wrote this for those who, like me, got into this novel thinking it would be an original idea. It's not. This is generic cultivation overpowering technology and demons. The cultivators powers are vast and reality bending, to the point that it becomes anything the author wants at that particular time. There is no proper 'power system' even though cultivation power is used to solve most problems, which broke the novel apart for me. That and the usual young masters, harem, plot armor cliches, of course.

Let me just add that the reason I mention Mechas so much is because the Author spent the first dozen chapters foreshadowing it: The MC was a god level engineer that would revolutionze the current tech of the world, going to a Mecha related school, working at a Mecha factory, etc. He even built a super Mecha for love interest #1 and gained infinite money because of it. Then suddenly the Author must've thought "I can't write about Mechas... f*ck it, they all tr*sh now. Any move with 'energy' can blow them up!" and it became all about cultivation. There was too much preparation for suddenly not mentioning them at all. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)
July 19, 2018
Status: c20
I really wanted to like this, but it's boring.

  • POVs are all over the place, going forward and back on the time line, making it confusing and unfocused.
  • MC has 40 year time skip from being a farmer to a 'drill sergeant' for an evil corporation in a few paragraphs.
  • Things that would be a nice plot twist are instead explained in a dumb POV internal monologue.
  • Several POVs of the same scene, including from side and unimportant characters.
  • For more than 20 chapters he's training a new class and nothing really happens.
So much wrong... more>> in so few chapters. Could be forgiven if the story was nice, but it's not. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Master of Untold Daos
August 14, 2019
Status: c33
Too random and fast paced. The Author doesn't know if this is a comedy/parody or a standard action xuanhuan.

A guy transmigrates into a cultivation novel as a mob and it's trying to become the MC's master to protect his own ass. The beginning was funny and I loved it. He mocks the cliches while taking advantage of them to remove his death flags.

It would be an amazing novel it kept following this formula. A dumb but funny comedy about xuanhuan. Yet, the real MC suddenly turns into a General/God of... more>> War and kills a hundred thousand soldiers in a war. He's in the sect, suddenly assassins, suddenly again he has 30 thousands troops and boom, large scale war. It's a serious and gory war that doesn't has a drop of comedy and I got myself thinking I was reading another novel entirely. Then he comes back to the sect and there's a skit with a classical competition where there's a little comedy, but then, suddenly, AGAIN, beasts starts attacking the sect from nowhere and a serious saga where he pretends to be a transformed crow starts.

It's absolutely random, with no hook between these plot points, and this was only until chapter 25, so you can imagine how fast paced it is. Every power he has seems a little too convenient and smells like plot armor. He found a power to fake being a transformed beast right before this random attack began where he needed such a power to stop the attack and infiltrate the beasts. All attackers are exactly 1 level bellow or at his level of cultivation, etc. Okay for comedy, not okay for a serious plot. Wrap all this up with a System that gives him all the powers and missions he has, but nothing is said or explained of why this System exists in the first place, and now you know what this novel is all about.

If this was a pure comedy, it would be good. If it was a serious action novel without the absurdity and plot holes the comedy part brings, it might also have been good. But mixing both made things bad. It feels like eating ice cream with ketchup, or something like that.

Maybe if the comedy aspect was lighter and brought less absurdity, this could also be better, similar to Library of Heaven's Path. There's comedy there but it not to the point of absurdity or slapstick comedy.

Here the first disciple has a 'Falling from Cliffs' skill and the MC lets her fall from a cliff because characters always level up after falling from cliffs. That's funny in a dumb way, but if there's a serious plot where she uses the powers from falling from 100 cliffs in a dramatic and gory way, it becomes s*upid, not in a funny way. <<less
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hawlol rated it
NPC Town-building Game
December 16, 2019
Status: c13
NEET shamming, the novel.

As usual I see a bunch of five star reviews, get into the novel thinking it's great only to come out of it a few chapters later thinking what were these ppl smoking. Let's sumarize it.

MC who was defeated at life after not finding a job for years, became a NEET and suffers from it. He got a 'game' that lets him act as a god to a fantasy world and help the survival of runaways, while using the lessons from that to... improve himself? Don't know... more>> if he needed self improvement or just help in the first place, but I think that's what the author was going for.

This is more drama than fantasy, so anyone expecting a large scale world building novel with wars and such, be warned, it's about the MC overcoming the 'utter shame' of being a NEET while connecting with the villagers. I got Hallmark christmas specials vibes from this.

Anyways, his effect as god is limited to one message per day and or miracles performed by a faith points he gets from villagers. And while the premise sounded fun, the execution was lacking. First, he got too into the 'game' too fast, going as far as selling all his belonguings at day 2 because the 'game' has a pay to win feature while not even being sure the ppl inside the game were real. And second, his realization that he's human tr*sh and must and wants to change came as soon as chapter 5-7 where nothing meaningful had happened yet with the villagers. It's like meeting a stranger at the street and overcoming all your previous 25+ years beliefs/doubts/insecurities after just seeing said person.

And this was the main problem of the novel. Not focusing on fantasy was fine, drama is okay too, but being overdramatic and unrealistic about it was bad, specially when the MC's backstory told us he was defeated by not finding jobs for years of looking, and not just going into the basement to watch anime and jerk off all day.

There's a whole gamma of angles to deal with his 'recovery', but the author chose to act like it's all his fault and he should only WANT to change to be able to do so. Wanna find a job? Just go outside!It's not like companies want 3-6 years experience for entrance level jobs. Wanna find a girlfriend? Just ask a girl to go out with you! Ugly people don't exist! It's that kind of bullsh*t advice we would expect from a boomer in a first world country about jobs, or a professional model giving advice about dating.

So, if you you think you'll like a melodramatic story about a 'recovering' NEET while being patronized that all you have to do to change is to try, and only married workers deserve respect in society, this is for you. The fantasy part is just the vehicle for his 'evolution' into a 'model' citizen. (And his family doesn't even need money.)

That's what I got from this novel about halfway of the released chapters. Make sure to read a review with a higher chapter count to see if his 'recovery' ends and it gets better, but a drama talking specifically about NEETs in such a dumb way doesn't get the same pass as isekais just glossing around the subject and making a little fun of it. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Show Me the Money
August 10, 2018
Status: c52
This is a 3.5/5. I gave it a 5 since there are one too many trolls giving it a 1 or 2, which the novel doesn't deserve.

As far as chap 52 the novel is about a naughty Fatty that plays a VRMMO and solo boss monsters in interesting ways. Traps mostly, but interesting still.

The novel is not good in character development. Everyone is an a**hole, the MC included, and specially the first female lead, Liu Lan: she's just a bully and unliakable b*tch. Character interactions are just disputes for bosses... more>> between guilds or ways to level up and get loot.

Also there's a little to much grind and not enough story. Fatty is playing just for money, and so far there's just no reason / drama / suspense aside from whether he'll die and lose a level and the boss (that'll just respawn later).

Nevertheless it's still a good novel to waste time so far, not worth of the several poor ratings, specially in a website like NU with so many shitty copy&paste xianxias with high ratings.

Finally, good work by the translators with several releases and good translation. Chapters are not short and without too many useless expositions. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
July 20, 2018
Status: c150
Started well, became boring and stale at later chapters.

It seems like the author is milking the plot as much as he can with fillers. He set up all these nice scenarios about politics, wars and intrigue, but doesn't seem inclined to follow through with any.

Prepare yourself for dozens of chapters with lots of talks about how the character is feeling, inner monologues or random POVs that adds nothing to the plot.

About Translators: AsianHobbyist divided each chapter into 3 parts and had slow releases. Djurasico made a lot of releases but... more>> it's bad MTL. Meaning, both are far from good and make things worse for a novel that was already going sour with its plot.

Tried to give this a second chance, got even more frustrated.

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hawlol rated it
Return of the Female Knight
August 18, 2019
Status: c80
The Ultra Amazing Super Knight that almost downed an entire kingdom goes back in time to act like a common and gulible noble lady.

The romance is terrible, since she wants to marry for interest and the ML had a childhood crush the MC never realized. Their interactions are not interesting and the ML's personality is the most cliche of all.

The MC has little agency considering she wanted to change the future, and she never acts like the badass warrior we keep being told she was. The excessive mercy is also... more>> something we wouldn't find in a veteran warrior, specially when said mercy caused the death of their entire family.

Overall this novel fails in the two things it promised: A Badass MC and a good Romance. <<less
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August 3, 2019
Status: c38
When you read about a transmigration into a mob character, you'd expect a subversion of the original theme and/or story. A clash with the original MC and all. There's none here.

It's just a replacement of the original MC with the new transmigrator MC. The s*upid harem plot devices being mocked a few paragraphs before still happens to the new MC right after being mentioned: Girls coming to live with him for little to no reason, accidents where he fondles a girl's ass and boobs, several beautiful women gravitating around him... more>> by 'chance', excessive convenience and coincidence with every encounter he has, etc.

This is a typical japanese Harem with flat characters, unreasonable cliche plot devices and a dense MC with no agency that it's always at the right place at the right time. It's not a satire where a mob characters sees and/or subverts the absurdity of a harem plot devices.

I don't like this typical Japanese Harem Formula at all, but a lot of people do, and it's ultimately a problem of the 'transmigration into mob character' that can give a wrong expectation, hence why I chose not to rank it.

Edit: I lasted until chapter 40 before completely dropping, hoping the novel would get better or that the action/fantasy parts began. Well, they didn't.

There was 1 action scene at the start and everything else was the MC meeting and having slice of life moments with all kinds of women, where all the cliches I've said above kept happening.

I'd just add 'entering the bathroom to catch one of the women undressed' to the list, since it happened 2 times already. No plot whatsoever in 40 chapters except (.) (.) plot <<less
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hawlol rated it
Mechanical God Emperor
December 26, 2018
Status: c87
This is not a mecha novel. This is a Warlock of the Magus World Clone.

MC transmigrate with a free super AI that can construct battle robots like skynet.

The firsts dozen chapters are really fast paced, and it's about the MC using his cheat, building robots and conquering land. The battles are lackluster and too one sided. Soon he's already a landlord capable of facing entire countries.

Eventually he goes into a school to become a Warlock, and most of the written content becomes him talking about spells and cultivation and dealing... more>> with stronger warlocks, etc. The WMW clone part.

Nevertheless, when it's battle time, his robots will still show up to kill everything making all things related to Warlocks kind of meaningless and a waste of time until the point where I was reading. He doesn't use mechas btw, the robots are automated and work in swarm tactics. By chap 80 he already had something close to 500k robots which is just absurd.

MC is a psycopath, killing all and any without remorse for the simplest insult or challenge to his authority, except if it's a pretty girl, then even if she tried and almost killed him, she'll get a pass to join his harem. By torture or threat of death, of course. It's a f*ck or die kind of thing, which is, you know... rape.

This is a terrible novel in all regards, wether it's the MC's disgusting behaviour, or the lack of consistency in it's theme. I suggest you don't waste your time with this as there's no redeeming quality whatsoever. <<less
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hawlol rated it
The Overlord of Blood and Iron
March 27, 2020
Status: c50
In one word: Cringy.

Premise: Random earthlings are selected to develop lands in another world. They battle against each other to conquer more land and become Grand Sovereigns. MC lost but had a 'go back to past' card and used it. Now we watch his do-over. Except I lied, the story is actually about how amazing and cool the MC is, everything else is background noise.

The author is constantly stroking the MC's ego, telling us he's a perfect hero, but his actions are of a power hungry egomaniac and a hypocrite... more>> who uses forces to subdue ppl under his rule but cries fault when the same is done unto him. It's impossible to have any empathy towards this edgy and tyrant Gary Stu.

The 'NPC's lick the ground that the MC steps on. Any simple line or action that deserved no praise gets instead glorified as if he was slaying a dragon. It's cheesy, annoying and cringy. If the MC was so great why did he have to come back to the past in the first place? He should've won without cheats!

The writing is made to be like his every action is a poetic and heroic tale. I was embarrased for the Author while reading it, who is also xenophobic as hell. "Korea great, other countries bad, their citizens s*upid. China and Japan? The worst!"

This has all the signs of an amateur power trip fan-fiction where the MC is how the Author sees himself, and as I said, both come out as unlikeable and cringy. My advice is against reading. <<less
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Argh... I guess I'm too progressive for this novel.

The MC is a female transmigrator in a medieval europe settings. You think she would be against arranged marriages, or use her knowledge to be independent, take over the Fief or even find her own path.

Not this MC, she immediately accepts her role as an unimportant woman in a medieval society that is a tool for the family and must get thinner to find a husband and therefore be 'successful' in life.

She has no problem with her cousin taking over the earldom... more>> that belonged to her father and threatens to send her away unless she finds a fiance by 15. Meaning, GTFO or be my political tool. The MC: Okay, I'll marry any person that wants fatty me!

He also uses her 'inventions' to make a profit and she asks for nothing in return. Being fat also equals to being human scum in this novel. Because she's fat she's entitled to nothing and unless women are pretty they are useless and will be shunned by all.

The only value discussed for female characters is if they're pretty or not. Frankly, this is a disturbing view from the author and I couldn't get past it, even if the story is lighthearted. Would expect this from Harems but not from Shoujo novels.

That being said, the pacing is slow. Chap 50 she's 14 and the story from the game hasn't even started. Translation is also slow. Can't recommend this.

Edit: Someone picked this up and translations became quite faster. <<less
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hawlol rated it
The Defeated Dragon
September 19, 2018
Status: c58
A kingdom building story that became dull quite fast with a boring MC that is like a robot in auto preservation mode.

MC transmigrated as a baron and, despised by his father, was given a shitty run down place to govern. It's middle ages with magic but we seldom see any magical things and everything is pretty mundane.

MC is coward and just wants to enjoy the life of an aristocrat. Those are his only reasons to develop his territory.

He doesn't give a sh*t about anyone but himself and can't even love... more>> the dog he's raising from a puppy, saying that it can die at any moment and he'll just eat it.

Author also nitpicks too much with small unimportant details like 2-3 chapters of new servants selection that will never be used again in the story. The story is slow paced because of these kind of things.

Read only if you're bored and have already read Release that Witch.

Edit: Just want to add something now that it's been translated again: The problem is not a weak MC but overly mundane and uninteresting plots like: "Today MC's knight will hunt a bird. The next day the MC will host a servant selection, then they''ll chop trees to open a road."

And I'll reiterate, it's not that this is worthless and you shouldn't read it, it's more like 'Go in with low expectations and you might like it more', especially if you came here from far better novels like Release the Witch. And if you like Kingdom Building novels, you know they are rare, so this would be okay if there's nothing else. <<less
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While the premise is interesting, the execution is a complete 'tell, don't show'.

The chapters are long and each part is even bigger than an usual chapter size. Cool, right? Except nothing happens...

16 chapters in (which are more like 40 regular chapters) and everything I've read were mostly internal ramblings of the MC and his training/discovery of powers. NOTHING interesting happens... And I don't mean in the action/superhero genre, I mean in ANY genre. No drama, comedy, romance, suspense, not even mundane activities of a slice of life.

This 'story' is about... more>> the MC learning and training his superpowers, then FL learning and training her superpowers, then another female character learning and training her superpowers. All in a boring internal monologue manner where the MC tells and hyphothesizes about things, instead of showing or developing more powers with the story.


Nothing Happens! So far the MC decided to quit his job and build a secret organization. He found the FL and then gave her powers. Female lead bought a building with a bar as a front and then they recruited another young girl as their first member... That's it: everything else are powers discussion/training, even though he doesn't use them for anything important, aside from peeking at girls in the shower.


How the hell does this have so many 5 stars reviews?

Anyways, at least the translation is very well done, so kudos for the translator. Sorry that I rly disliked the novel. <<less
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Like reading a manga... without any pictures.

Chapters are short, descriptions are minimal to non existant. There is pratically no worldbuilding. Battles are lackluster and done in one or two sentences, and most of the written content are meaningless generic dialogues between the characters.

Aside from the dialogue almost everything else is 'tell but don't show'.

This feels void, empty and lackluster. A summary of an idea that could be good if developed properly, but useless as it is right now.
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