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haruhi91 rated it
The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife
August 13, 2017
Status: c130
I am surprised how volarenovels picked up such a novel full of the usual hateful clichès. I like reading transmigrated novel, so, although the beginning is similar to many other novels, as long as the plot or the characters are interesting, I would enjoy it. The first chapters were not bad, up until the first meeting with the ML where I pretty much lose hope for expecting a not mediocre novel. Can you guess what will happen? A breathtakingly handsome man emitting a cold aurea, immensely strong at martial art,... more>> who has never laid his eyes upon any woman, as soon as he sees the MC, he is inexplicably attracted to her. He will sneak on her, trying to hug her and threatening her if she does not comply. I had the illusion the MC could put up a bit of resistance, after all, the novel's description describes her as "I am my own, no one can decide my future", but we are quickly condemned to assist to a loop of encounters where the ML appears, grabs, kisses her, she tries to "resist" a couple of seconds and then she can only think "ooh, he is beautiful, I am melting". I understand that this type of scenario can be hot for teenager girls but, really, I can't stand it. Apart from these hot moments, the plot does not offer much, the ML is too OP and the MC becomes very OP quickly. She is another earth-breaking beauty, with an unlimited internal space, she has spent years learning how to cook nutricious dishes and, of course, she is hated by anyone. I dropped around 130 chapters without remorse. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
January 11, 2019
Status: c224
It is a great novel and a worderful read. Ji Man should be the archetype for any modern transmigrated female character: she wants to go back to her world, she knows ancient life is strict and unfair with women so she acts accordingly, she doesn't fall in love as soon as she looks into the eyes of a beautiful face as the ML. It is not a romance novel, so if you are looking for declarations of eternal love or sweet, romantic moments, you should look into something else.

Ji Man... more>> believes that in order to go back, she has to fulfill the body owner's wish to make fall in love the ML but he is a man of his time: he is arrogant, has a harem of women who are mainly tools for him and mostly he keeps hidden his intention/thoughts so it is difficult to understand him. It is not an easy task, even more as Ji Man sways between being a simple observer of the usual harem fights and trying to win over the ML by acting as a kind, devoted wife.

The author is proficient in creating a complex and realistic relationship. On one side we have Ji Man who doesn't care for the ML for a long list of reasons: she knows he has a hidden agenda so, he doesn't really love any of his women, each of them avails to a different aim; she knows she can't trust him so she keeps herself guarded and acts or fakes in front of him. Though, the main reason she couldn't care less about him is because she considers herself as a simple bystander, she has her goal clear in mind and willpower to keep going.

On the other side, the ML is biased against Ji Man as the original body owner wasn't a saint, she crazily loved him and acted unruly against his other women out of jealousy but he despised her from the beginning as he married her just for her political connections. In time, the ML becomes more interested in Ji Man, but it is difficult to say, we see the story from Ji Man's point of view so we don't have access to his thoughts. One thing is clear, Ji Man is not the capable actress she believes she is, he knows she is acting so he is often annoyed with her.

I really wish that in the end Ji Main could return to the modern world, an impossible wish.

Other characters are flashed out and don't exist just to be cannon fodder.

Last but not least plus point for me, is the writing style: forget flowery sentence, endless descriptions of the MC or ML's beauty or over-the-top personality with side characters who hate Ji Main just because she exists. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
Mei Gongqing
August 16, 2017
Status: c138
This is a rebirth story where Chen Rong wakes up after her suicide and sets up to change her past for a chance happiness. Being born from a low-status family, everyone expects her to conform to the unspoken rules of that age: being grateful to become a concubine of some other low-status family. Except that her goal is quite different, being a concubine means constant bickering in the male harem, being looked down for her status. This time, she does not want to accept being only a concubine, she wants... more>> to become a respectable wife, living with dignity. Relying on her strong will, beliefs and knowledge of past key events, she fights against her family during a war time to realize her wish. It is not an easy journey, she is just a lone girl without power who tries to go against conventions and hyprocrisy, so it is enevitable when she cries at the injustice of life. In her past, she is brought to suicide because of the indifference of her husband, Ran Min, so, this time she tries to avoid him at any cost without success. Changing the present allows her to meet an handsome young man, Quilang, from a rich family, who is not as perfect as he appears to be. Who is the male lead The characters have defined, flawed personalities, moved by selfishness most of the times like Chen Rong. It would be much easier is she bent her head and accepted a shallow marriage, but why should she bend? She is a second change at life, it is right to fight for her happiness. As the story progresses and the male leads disappoint her time after time, I can't help thinking Chen Rong would be much happier if she could live alone without the support of any feeble men. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
Jun Jiuling
August 10, 2017
Status: c91
I have a soft spot for transmigration novels of women who go back in time or change body in order to get revenge. This novel quickly caught my attention with its strong, calm and quickly witted MC. It is not revealed at the beginning who she was in her last life, we are left guessing while she has a clear far away objective. Her family hates her because the original owner's personality was bad, but you can perceive how they will slowly change there attitude. It is not a plot... more>> full of actions, for the moment she is quietly trying to fit in the family while trying to gather money. My only complaint is that the plot often feels slow as it is full of heavy and over wordly dialogues. Sometimes you can skip an entire chapter and you will still be reading the dialogue started in the previous chapter but, it does not matter, as the characters have just kept repeating the same concept over and over again. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
Princess Medical Doctor
August 10, 2017
Status: c88 part2
Objectively, this is a guilty pleasure. It has the two main defects: the male lead and the female lead's cheat. The male is cold, beautiful without compare (of course), overbearing and is quite confused about the female lead.

One moment he is pleasantly surprised about how pleasantly "different" she is in comparison with other women, but the next moment he treats her badly. Why? Because he is unable to treat people in a decent way but at same time he expects her to feel grateful for the little attention he concedes... more>> her. I guess in future chapters he will redeem himself when he will madly fall in love with her, but, for now, he is unbearable. Then we have the very creative MC's cheat: a system which alerts her if there are sick people nearby and forces her to cure them otherwise the system will make her suffer or kill her eventually. It is clearly only a plot device to create "original" situations, and it annoys me how it stretches my sympathy for an author who goes miles away to elaborate a shred of plot.

Ignoring this two issues, I keep reading mainly because I like transmigrated story. At least, the female lead tries to keep her dignity refusing to bend to the difficult ML's personality and I hope she will not easily fall in love with him. It does not hurt that chapters are very short and the translation is not bad. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
September 6, 2017
Status: c200
I find it a quite mediocre novel. It started promising but soon went downhill. For me, the biggest problem is the female lead' s personality. She is too arrogant and conceited becoming OP too quickly thanks to her "magical" pills. The male lead does not have a shred of personality for the first 200 characters, later I don't know as I dropped the novel. He immediately becomes interested in the protagonist, sticks to her creepy appearing beside her, hugs her, sometimes killing people when he is in good mood. I... more>> think the author wanted him to be mysterious, but I perceive him as an insipid, thoughtless character. It is a constant for the novel not having characters with defined personalities, side characters are caricatures without brain, unable to scheme or think about decent plans. The only praise can go to the translator and his/her dedication in translating a novel so long. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
Legend of Fu Yao
September 5, 2017
Status: v1c39
This novel surprised me, I started it with low expectations, but I have to admit it is good and I keep waiting for new chapters. I really like the protagonist: she is strong, shameless and quite unlucky in a sense. She keeps encountering people that drags her unwillingly into a series of unfortunate and challenging situations. It is quite funny as she comes out with crazy ideas to escape difficult events, it almost seems as the more she tries to run away from danger, the more she becomes unavoidably entangled.

Altough... more>> we have the usual stereotypes of chinese novels such as jealous females, arrogant and cold warriors, aloof male lead and so on, they are well portrayed with interesting interactions with Meng Fuyao.

The main drawback that may keep away readers is probably the "everyone love me" syndrome as every beautiful guy falls easily for her, which I don't mind as long as it is funny.

The only detrimental point for me, is how often the writer enriches action scenes with pointless, over-wordly cheesy description. I took two examples from two random chapters:

The breath of the man behind her was warm and enthralling, as if it was a beautiful dream that would make one lose themselves; or as if a fresh breeze drifting from the state of Xuanyuan where the four seasons were like spring; or as if a pool of rippling fragrant jade water in Tai Yuan’s most beautiful lotus pond, soft, enchanting, ever-present.

Her eyes were clear like the moonlight above the Nine Heavens that had not yet been hidden by the fogged clouds; his eyes were deep like the vast rivers in between the eight wastelands, that tumbled and flowed without rest.

So, should you read it? I'd say yes, if you want a charismatic and amusing female lead dealing with adventures and politics in unexpected ways. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
Poison Genius Consort
August 16, 2017
Status: c300
The main positive side of this novel is its likeable characters. I really like Han Yunxi's personality: she is determined facing head on her hardships without being over confident. Her cheat, a system able to detect poison and produce antidotes, well fits and blands into the story. After waking up in the body of a stranger and being thrown into an unwanted marriage, she quickly adapts trying to live with the new family who despises her. Her initial wish is to live like a "leisurely cloud", in a peaceful and... more>> uneventful trying not to bother anyone. Of course, her wish is short-lived as she attracts misfortune.

The male lead has a plausible attitude: he is also forced into the marriage but instead of mistreating or bullying the female lead, he initially chooses to ignore her while later using her for her poison skills. He is cold and arrogant, so he will take a while to realize how Han Yunxi is more than a tool who will conquer a piece of his heart. The plot is well-paced with varying short arcs and many secondary characters who, more or less, have a proper personality. Finally, I want to praise the translator for her steady good work and the extra effort she puts in preparing nice and funny teasers for the next chapter. <<less
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This is my favourite revenge rebirth story. We have a very smart and determined female lead with the only goal to get revenge. As much as she was naive and foolish in the past, as mush as she now does not rush, but meticulously plans and exploits her past knowledge to create an intricate chess game to trap all her past enemies.

We have a likeable male lead with a consistent personality. He (thanks god) does not immediately fall in love with her. He notices her as a capable girl who... more>> ruthlessly deals with the ones who tries to harm her, becoming interested in following her future actions without trying too hard to interfere. Their interactions are realistic as two people who carefully act in front of the other because they don't trust each other.

Finally, we have a well structured plot, although there are standard events such as rape and forced marriage, the story's flow is smooth and does not become repetitive or trivial.'

One of the main points of the novel is Shen Miao's independence: she gets intangled in difficult situations but she manages with willpower and wit to handle them and win. She does not need the help of any man. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
Once Promised
September 5, 2017
Status: Completed
I read this novel after falling in love with its sequel "Lost you forever" hoping to fall in love again with the wonderful world-building and almost alive characters. It tells the love story between two people belonging to different tribes who suddenly are obliged to stand on opposite fields when their tribes declare war.
What I greatly admire of the Tong Hua, is her ability of playing with my feelings, with apparently simple words, she outlines scenes and characters making them alive. I'll give you an example from one of... more>> my favourite moment from chapter 5:


Ah Heng is grounded on Jade Mountain and she exchanges letters with Chi You. After 30 years without the possibility to leave the mountain, Ah Heng becomed depressed envying at the same time the freedom of Chi You, so she gradually stopped replying to his letters.

Chi You's letters kept coming, until one day, a letter grabbed her attention. One line appeared normal but pierced her eyes: "Passing the small hills, the peach blossom flowers ablaze, burning over both shores, a girl starching clothes by the river, I though of you again.."
The unintentional "again" caused Xi Leng to turn in her sleep for one whole night.

From the simple sentence "I though of you again", I can immediately feel how much Chi You loves her making also Ah Heng realize how often Chi You thinks about her, it's really beautifully written.


As the years pass by, Ah Heng grows from a naive girl to a strong-willed woman, being torn between her love and the loyalty to her mother and brothers and resentment towards that stubborn and cold father who is the main responsible for the outbreak of the war. Chi You is rebellious, passionate, always honest with his feelings, ready to sacrifice himself for his beliefs. Beside them, there is a group of very realistic and three-dimensional side characters, each has their personality, hopes and motivation. There are no evil enemies, just people with different objectives.
It's a pity the translation has been interrupted, I realize it is difficult to read it by MTL as I did, still, the novel is worth it. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
Song in the Peach Blossoms
February 3, 2019
Status: c20
I am really enjoying this novel. I was put off at first by the several bad ratings, but I am happy I started reading it at last. It is a nice slice of life novel with a bit of fun and mistery, without angst. The main character has a light hearted and hilarious personality that will make you smile a lot. She is living as a transmigrated soul waiting to go back to her world.

I'll write a longer review when there will be more chapters translated, in the meantime I... more>> just wanted to encourage other skeptical readers to give it a try! <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
Siege in Fog
April 3, 2018
Status: c21
I read it expecting a slow romance where the couple gradually warms to each other, instead there is there little love in this novel. The problem is, as usual, lack of dialogue between them. She is cold and indifferent (with good reasons as he forced her to marry) so he reciprocates being cold and acting as a playboy. In the meantime their relationship is futher tested as problems arise with the brothers fight for the inheritance. The book is mainly from Qin Sang's point of view, so we can relate... more>> to her being confined in a marriage she did not want, next to a man who humiliates by mistreating her and indulging in his mistress. It would be hard for anyone in real life to fall for someone like him. The first half of the novel feels like a slice-of-life with slow pace and detailed descriptions. In the second half, the conflict among brothers arises bringing misery and hardship.

In conclusion, I'd give a rating of 3, 5 not because the novel is bad in itself, but because I couldn't really enjoying, it was often frustrating: there was too much sadness and luck of trust in general among the leads and secondary leads

Note that novelupdates keeps track until chapter 14, but you can find the remaining chapters by google search. <<less
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It's kind like Twilight, for those who know it, or you hate it or you love it. I was interested at the start but soon all major flaws started appearing. An insufferable and overbearing male lead who can't take his hands off the female lead. Every person hates without a shread of reason the female lead from her family to strangers met a couple of times. No characters grow, it is difficult for a secondary character to realize his/her prejudice and change behaviour? I know, it's a rethorical question. I... more>> dropped it around 500 chapters, as, chapter after chapter I was bored by the lack of an interesting plot and tired of the endlessly author's reminder about the perfect beauty of the two characters. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
Lost You Forever
August 10, 2017
Status: c50
I stumbled for pure luck into this rare gem of heart-gripping romance novel. Since I discovered it, it has become my favourite romance novel, I re-read so many times that I wish I could rated 10 stars.

In a magical fantasy setting with gods and demons living for hundreds of years, the story revolves around our female lead, Xiao Yao, who just wants to lead an uneventful and boring life with some companions to her side. This simple dream is interrupted when she meets the three male leads, each of one... more>> sets in motion a series of events which will force her to change and pulls her back to her past.

It is amazing how Tong Hua managed to create such three male characters, each with his distinct personality which makes it hard to pick one to cheer on. Xiao Yao, loves in different ways all the male leads and she probably could spend her life with any of them. Don't think that this is a banal triangle or square love relationship, it is Xiao Yao's journey to find someone who can happily share her life with while clashing between dreams and reality. Xiao Yao is a strong heroine with a clear mind and a simple wish: she is scared of loneliness, so she wants a partner or friends who will keep her company forever. At the same time she is really realist and sometimes pessimistic, she doesn't expect anything so she will not be disappointed.
I could talk a lot about all the three male leads, but Xiang Liu soon enough stole my heart and remains the character who, although has the least screen time of the rest, really shines and remains unforgettable.

The author completely grasps the formula "show, don't tell". The most beautifully written moments are the scenes with Xiao Yao and Xiang Liu. Their time is always full of unspoken words, silences worth more than simple words.

Neither of them says aloud what they truly feel and think while the reader is left wondering if they know that they share the same kind of feelings, reading behind the lines not said. He is the one who knows her better and secretly gives her all she needs to become independent. I am quoting one of my favourite moments: Xiang Liu asks her: "Who do you want most to spend your entire life with?" Xiao Yao opened her mouth to answer but her expression showed her internal struggle as her mind refused to say what her heart felt.

It is painful to see how these two love each other but they are afraid to confess it because their relationship would be doomed. I would recommend this novel to all people looking for an unforgettable romance with relatable characters whose life become untangled creating such magical travel. <<less
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Rating 4.5

This is a light novel with a sweet and amusing story. Two fairies started brawling, finally ended up destroying several red threads ruining the future of lovers. Thus, they are condemned to reincarnate seven times, losing their memory and falling in love with each other in each life in order to repent to their faults. At least, this was the intention of the Emperor, but our female character has not the slightest intention of complying, so she manages to cheat retaining her memories with the goal of making the... more>> other party die in order to quickly go to the second reincarnation. But, despite her objective, she is not so heartless to kill him when she has the opportunity.

As they are bound to reincarnate again and again, every time with completely different backgrounds creating funny or bittersweet situations, they realize that, after all, the other party is not so bad. In each life, they grow a little, realizing their mistakes and prejudice, finally falling authentically in love.
My only complaint I wish it was longer. <<less
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