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hangry rated it
Undefeated God of War
December 27, 2016
Status: c333
Picked up this novel 5 days ago, I am currently on chapter 333 and I want more. If you like WoC, this is the next best and most similar novel that has plenty of translated chapters. This has become one of favorites. For the comments below complaining about the MC "picking up" a cheat item (more like he already had it for years, did you even read the novel before giving that 1 star), most MCs (even for anime and some western stories) are able to stand out due to... more>> extraordinary luck of some sort. It always comes down to having extraordinary background / birth or a lucky encounter. If this is your reason for bashing this novel then you should also be bashing MCs like Harry Potter, Spiderman, Naruto, Lelouch, Meng Hao, Linley, and Luffy. It's a action / martial artist novel, no luck or no special background = MC will not stand out or go above mediocre.

-group/army building, humor (to my liking), money making, etc like WoC
-a cultivation world where body/blood modification and mechanical engineering are important
-characters are not as one-dimensional like most xianxia / wuxia novels (a specialty of the author)
-Little to no romance like WoC (I saw a comment complaining about this but this is a huge positive for me because romance is just a waste of time in my opinion. According to a posted newspaper segment I read on wuxiaworld, romance is not very popular for its readers).

-Similar to WoC, the beginning is slow and focuses a lot on grinding for the MC. It took around 100 chapters for Zuo Mo to venture out on his awesome adventure while this novel takes slightly less chapters.
-translation is a bit rushed (obvious spelling errors and unsure if the author can't count or error in translation of numbers)
-Like other novels, there are skip-worthy chapters once in a while. For example, the chapters solely for power ups and long-fighting scenes. However, this happens less as this novel goes on. <<less
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hangry rated it
The Avalon of Five Elements
December 29, 2016
Status: c38
FREAKING AMAZING. IF World of Cultivation and A Will Eternal had a baby, then this would be the result. Humorous misunderstandings and money grubber MC = highly enjoyable read. This novel is insanely good, highly recommended. Unfortunately, this is a SIDE project of Alyschu and will only be updated when she has free time (which is a rare occurrence since she has ATG, Spirit Realm, and various other projects). This is BY FAR my favorite out of all of Alyschu's projects. I am trying really hard to not read the... more>> machine translation because it will be great injustice to this brilliant novel. <<less
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hangry rated it
World of Cultivation
December 28, 2016
Status: c471
If you drop this before the hundred something mark (when he is sent away from sect), then you won't see why so many readers treasure this novel. This is what light novels should be like. The first hundred chapters or so focuses mainly on the MC (slow pace), which was still quite enjoyable. However, the story becomes a different beast and is MUCH more exciting once the MC ventures out to start his own army/group. ISSTH was my favorite novel when I picked up WoC, but this novel has become... more>> my favorite because the story gets better and better (I still read ISSTH).

Also for those that can't get enough of WoC and are waiting for new translated chapters like me, I recommend reading undefeated god of war (the cheesy title stopped me from reading it for a long time). This is by the same author and has the same slow pace beginning of about a hundred chapters like WoC, but then gets into group building/money making just like WoC. It's slightly less enjoyable than WoC, but that means it is still very good (you just got to get past the slow beginning that this author seems to always create then the fun starts). As a bonus, there are blood modification and mechanic warfare =D. <<less
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hangry rated it
A World Worth Protecting
September 14, 2019
Status: c316
Don't know what the bad reviews are about. From the low ratings, I thought the novel was going to be bad even before I started reading. However, it didn't take long for me to be addicted. Er Gen's best novel yet in my opinion even though I loved ISSTH and AWE. Maybe the hate is from the fact that Qidian is doing the translating since they are an evil company that behaves exactly like the evildoers in chinese webnovels? Anyway, few authors have managed to draw me in but Er... more>> Gen is definitely on top of the list. <<less
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