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gottafly rated it
The Book Eating Magician
July 1, 2017
Status: c5
With a grimoire having vast knowledge.... there are endless possibilities. It's pretty pathetic for MC to worried about graduating. Granted the author may had made him with a weakened personality or whatever but due to that the story became very dull. (Oh I want to be strong cause ppl looked down on me so I will try hard to graduate. Even though I have this greedy eating grimoire that can change it all, I still want to graduate. Really?)

Why not ask about other magic? Immortality? Time magic? Different dimension/world?... more>> etc.....

MC not worried about getting caught with books disappearing in the library?

Why not look for awesome magic books?

I think the story would've been better if the author didn't made the story like a knock-off product of other novels like game system prompts. This is a very cliche story of unoriginal ideas. (I know there are at least 2 stories out there about grimoires and a bunch about MC eating/absorbing to power up ie*RE:Monsters) <<less
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gottafly rated it
City of Sin
January 10, 2018
Status: Completed
Regretfully, this would've been a good novel to read. It started out with a fantasy theme then later added with sci-fi then rubbish. The ending was very disappointing. The writer started pretty good where it looks like real literature compared to other chinese novels of trash this trash that and being bully. Efforts were put in where you can feel the morality of the MC fighting in his mind.

Of course the only good point here is that there are no GRANDPA's in this story. THANK GOODNESS!!! Another thing, the... more>> title is like so irrelevant.

This novel have too many flaws, discrepancy, inconsistency, and disappointments. Even a kindergartner can do better math than the writer.

The writer introduces various plots, conspiracies, and such but never follow through. This can be like a mini version of Games of Thrones. Some content came from mmorpg such as WOW, Diablo, and others. Even greek mythology was pulled into this story. Interesting enough, even Star Trek: The Next Generation was included (Assimilate!). Ah.... it was a good idea at first but the writer still failed by reverting to the 17k. com theme of gibberish. I cannot believe a chapter can get so many paragraphs of the same thing in various modifications (such as **** 3 years***** or 3 years ****** or ******* 3 yrs etc...). That was like after the 1st 1/2 of the story. The writer wasted so many chapters on gibberish whereas it could've been used to expanding out contents of the story to make it more attractive.

Lastly (almost but have to be so), the writer cheated very so often just by pointing out something but not even giving any good explanation or detail. Everything were so vague to the point of foggy and blurring your imaginations. Good thing this only ended up about a 1000+ chapters, if not I would've ended it 1/2 about the 500 or so mark.

Only 2 stars worth. 1 for not being so totally knock-off product with a bit of creativity. The other for being to pull me to finish the novel. Although it was a bit disappointing from the 1/2 way point to the end and especially the end. The end was like a rush to finish but not so rough.

One last final thought-the writer is a pure pervert. No romance one bit and plenty of rape and molesting. So lock your doors and keep your daughters away. Maybe son too cause there were some gray areas as well. <<less
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gottafly rated it
That Person. Later on…
July 13, 2017
Status: c3
Sadly this one was written poorly compared to the revision of the actual book and manga. Only read a few chapters and couldn't continue on. Is like reading a rough draft or brainstorm of a writer. Things were missing all over. It's like writing a fight scene that starts and end abruptly without progression. Who was involved? What was involved? Where was it? What weapons were used? What skills? That was just an example on how half-ass it was written.

I recommend reading the manga instead. Ironically, it was has more... more>> detailed words which shouldn't be for a manga than the novel itself.

I suggest the translator drop this version and translate the official one. It doesn't do the story justice but then I haven't seen the official book either so I can't confirm it. However, the author stated that the manga is depicted from the revision of the WN into the official book. So there should be some hopes.... <<less
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gottafly rated it
Tales of Demons and Gods
January 21, 2019
Status: --
Actually the story isn't so bad and a bit intriguing. It's way better than the other wuxia novels.

The only downfall to this is the author. After getting enough popularity, he become an a-hole and update this once a month. Before I believe it was longer for a chapter update.

This novel started since 2015. It's not long as the other outrageous chinese novels where people over extend to thousands of chapters on repetitive stuff. This novel actually has good contents. Granted that it is short and all, it's been years and... more>> the story hasn't progress much towards the end of the story.

So I would advise not reading this as it will only leave you with a cliff hanger till the day you die not knowing when it would finish.

On another note, the manhua is just as half-ass as the author. Crude drawings and story just goes thru a skip n hop like hopscotch game. I really can't tell the the gender of the characters in the manhua as they're all looking alike.

Some ppl said that it was great and all. I guess if they like stick drawing figures then its all good for them then. <<less
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gottafly rated it
God of Money
April 19, 2019
Status: c203
Its not a bad story to start out with. Just that there are tons of inconsistencies in the story. Not sure why most stories on this site ends up with people wanting to write a story where their math are worst than kindergardeners.

There are lots n I mean lots of 'convenient' situation to help the MC with just some made up stuff.

I initially thought the idea of what the ending would be but it was truly disappointing at the end.

It was like 'WHAT?!?!? That was it? Was that even an... more>> ending?'

If anything, it was more like let the readers imagine on their own about it. <<less
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gottafly rated it
Legend of Fu Yao
January 20, 2019
Status: c65
hmm.... what can I say as I've tried to read as much as I can endure till chapter 65?

It's an ok story. If anything, it's more of a chic-flick story than anything.

There are many skipped/confusing parts that were either unexplained, skipped, ignored, and/or forgotten.

... more>> The author tends to over-reiterate/over-describe things. Ok we get it-she was pretty-that was a nice scenery--no need to beat a dead horse over it again and again.

I can understand romance stories and the such but some stuff in here are like a bit forced. I guess its typical chinese sexual assault/molestation of virgin writers or something of the sort.

Besides some of the negative stuff-there plenty of twists-plots-conspiracy that was quite intriguing. Though it did get ruin when cultivation crap just got thrown in to make things overpowering and too convenient. The start of the story was the most confusing of all as things were just switching all over the place. It was like poor execution of staging the story into sequence. The translation is also like a C in spelling/grammar.

There are also many force jokes to make it comical. I wouldn't recommend letting your kids under 16 read this. So many vulgar/cussing and sexual (*assault*) takes place in here. Is like a teaching your kids into bad society to become a rapist or bully. <<less
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gottafly rated it
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
January 13, 2019
Status: --
Actually this is like a template cultivation/drama/sexual predator of chinese novel. Many may know or not know but there are quite a few stories very similar to this one. It's like let me copy the general idea and modify it to make it my story. That's how these writers are nowadays. (ex: The Soldier King, Beautiful CEO Bodyguard, etc...)

Then, of course, you have the usual rinse-repeat of stuff. He goes back and forth from places to places to solve problems.

I believe if they just focus on one plot, and... more>> make an enrichment of 'literature' writing then this would've been a good story to read. Some stuff needs to cut out. I mean molesting women and they fall in love after being molested, is like molestation is the norm in china or something. Who would let their kids read such stuff?

Out of 100 chinese stories you find here on NovelUpdate, probably 2-3 are less than 500 chapters, at best.

The rests are like ridiculously long repetitive crapload of shietz. I just saw one that was like over 5k+ chapters and still ongoing. I think it was some story about female soldier going back in time or something like that.

I'm still amazed and appalled at how readers are into such stuff. Although I love to read but there has to be some cutoff point somewhere to draw the line. I mean-like can you really eat pasta everyday for 100 yrs of yur life without eating anything but pasta? <<less
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Another generic game novel. Author is one perverted writer where the **** was used in writing instead of the brain.

The complexity of the game system cheat mechanics are similar to some other novel and games. The MC got a cheat like game system interface to gain advantages over other ppl who can't get otherwise. However, the writer made the MC into a whimpy character thus making the story less intricate.

Not sure if the writer has some loose marbles or just lacks common sense or never played games before but it's... more>> what made the cheat game system inefficient. If anyone ever played Pokemon and know of the cheat codes to use the X multiplier for experience cheats... they would know what I'm talking about. Google is always anybody best friend if they don't know. Thus my point is: if you can use a x64 experience cheat, why is the MC and his harem so underrated in levels. I can understand the point of the writer wanting to make the story longer by experimenting but it's needless to say it backfired with such cheats.

If you're not at least level 50 in a day with such cheats... obviously there's something wrong in the intelligence sector. <<less
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gottafly rated it
Dimensional Sovereign
February 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Actually, this is not a bad read. It's not a stellar book nor is it one of those Chinese ones where things get repetitive.

There are quite a bit of bad and harsh reviews but no one considered that it was a short book of 179 chapters. A good short read to fill in the time of boredom.

I prefer the old traditional book of the 'standard' chapters and creative writing. If you like lonnggggg reading-go for non-creative writing of Chinese novels. I'm not saying that they're that bad but 9.5/10 of... more>> them are mostly fitting the criteria. With a 'few' exceptions.

This story actually got a plot, some conspiracy, a bit of short romance, and that's it. Not bad-not great but enough to get a worthwhile look into.

Some folks giving bad reviews did not considered the standards of publishing in Korea. US is diffferent, China is different, Korea is different, and Japan is definitely different as well. Did I emphasized enough 'different'?

US usually are less than 100 chapters per book. China is like if it's not over 2000 chapters then you're scamming the readers. I'm not saying that quantity is the objective here but it's an example of the trend and culture of every country will not fit to everyone tastes.

I can only say that the author stick to the theme of the title and finish it as it was planned. That's good enough to get 4 stars. <<less
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Artifact Planting Space
January 16, 2019
Status: --
I agree with the other 2 before me. Translator is like MLT.

The thought of the idea of the novel to start was intriguing but that was basically it. Nothing else can improve the story any better. Everything else is pretty much done by others already and this just stems off from it in a similar sense.

Not sure how these people came out writing stuff like this without some critical thinking. Some common sense would work but it seems it was extinct from their DNA.
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gottafly rated it
The Lame Daoist Priest
December 12, 2017
Status: --
This started out interesting. Yet, got lame like any chinese novels. Not being prejudice or racist but it's just so typical. Modern day MC story line plot ended up with the same lame cultivation crap. When it popped out storage rings, that was like the signal to dump this into the trash bin. Then come mysterious sect. Blah blah blah. I don't understand how u would shot yurself in the foot? Writing was supposed to be about imagination and creativity. Now, the trend is mostly plagiarism of the same concept... more>> and ideas. So unmotivated.

Does real life really depicts of bullying like the novels? It's like 10 novels would have 11 novels talking about bullying. NO, the math is not wrong. That 1 extra novel is a knock-off novel of another novel that just got published and not finished yet. That is how the industry in the so called literature world of China works. People would publish a knock-off of another so fast in a blink of an eye.

I mean-if the MC of this novel just went on his way to experiment and learn things on his own to be powerful even without the guidance of his so-called dead master, then this would be hit. He would work hard to fight ghosts and zombies. He would be well known for his creativity and hard work. Ahhhh... alas it wasn't so. So lame.

The writing is so poor. The MC/writer would criticize Jiannin for his funk style of wearing clothes and talks as such. Then in return, the MC talks in vulgar language and cusses. Do you know what Hypocrite mean? If not, look it up. A novel is literature. Literature, is it about vulgar language and cussing? Ever thought about one day your kids reading this sort of stuff and be cussing non-stop?

Just FYI-this was good and interesting up to about chapter 50, I think. Then it started to derailed and got weird and lame. <<less
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gottafly rated it
Cultivation Chat Group
May 15, 2019
Status: --
This would've been 5-star actually. If anything it would be the first and only Chinese novel that I gave such high ratings.

Reason being are that the author put forth quite a bit of effort into it. Many interesting things keep coming out making you addicted and cannot not stop. There are comedies and a bit of romance that isn't light or too hardcore which made it very pleasant to read as I'm not into romance stories.

Though the main plot came a bit after 2k chapters, it was good. Now readers... more>> can start to imagine, guess, and expect many things that might happen later.

Only downside is that after 500 chapters or so, you can tell that the writer is getting lazy. You can see that the focus was lost and no concentration whatsoever. Alot of reiteration keeps popping up. Many unwanted fillers came wantonly without being welcome one bit. Side characters are put on the bench unlike from the earlier stages of the story (the trend of Chinese writers usually exaggerate quite a bit when introducing a side or support character and later were put on the shelf to collect dust and resulting in losing value to zero like penny stocks).


I was like expecting to see the little girl got cure and turn into a hot chic and fight over the others since she doesn't want to lose her only Papa Song (LOL). Or that one demon disciple later turn into or evolve into a mutated phoenix. They only get some airtime of a sentence or 2 every 500 chapters or so. I was also hoping that the little monk with hemorrhoids and the 2 little girls would come back and bring more menace to Papa Song but unfortunately I think they've been axed and no longer getting airtime (so sad-i think it would hilarious for them to bring salvation towards the red demon sword).

The writer later went from a novel template to My Superstar template where he abuses the use of "commenting/opinionated sentences" to the extreme.


As for the novel reviews on the technical side: character personality building was great. You can see and imagine the characters as how they are just by reading. There are many plots but the main one will take a while to take shape. I'm caught up to the raws of 2600+ chapters. I highly doubt that the writer would want to stop milking from so many fat cows in China. The writer has enter the LAZY mode of the infamous writer of Demons and Gods novel who would writer a chapter every month while putting in alot of effort into the crappy manga and anime.

Currently this novel is @2 chapters/day for now. We might be able to see it finish by end of 2020 (fingers crossed). Don't even expect the MTL (google translate) translation to be finish by 2030. <<less
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Carefree Path of Dreams
May 15, 2019
Status: --
This is like a stitched-up story of various parts of other stories. Stories like the three kingdoms, journey to the west, etc.

The MC is like a hypocrite of re****edness where the wannabe knock off writer probably has the same personality. ALOT and probably nothing less than TONSSSS of convenient stuff came out to resolve any problems for the MC.

Story start out like any plagiarized ideas where the MC is poor, an orphan, fiance cancel marriage, and a loser on the viewpoints of others (Chinese Aristocrats).

The MC is just a poor... more>> farmer boy who has no idea what cultivation is but somehow and somewhere he turned into an encyclopedia with knowledge that he has all the answers in the world. That was just the start. Later the writer would randomly throw things expecting readers to know and understand. It's like in a middle of a fight, then somehow it turn into something like wth-did you just got PMS? How do you change the topic or scene so fast. Basically, the writer threw a screwball to the audience and screwed them in the a-hole.

Talking about changing things, yes, that was another good point that the wannabe writer excels at. He change scenes faster than you jug down a bottle of beer. He's also good at muttering gibberish crap just to fill up the quota for chapters.

In all honesty, I still haven't figure the plot or purpose of the novel. If anything, it probably ends up like any Chinese fanatics who are into cultivation. Pretty much like other Chinese cultivation novels, it will probably end up like multiple universe, gods, etc.

Bad enough the writing sucks, the translation only make you more confused than ever. <<less
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gottafly rated it
Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage
February 5, 2019
Status: --
I started reading this prob a year ago....i think.

It's interesting at first but the time to get the story to developed or translated... is beyond the human lifespan.

The author and translator will most likely make some crappy-rush ending. If not, the story will never finish at the rate its written and translating. Translating is going snail pace while writer is going at turtle speed.

I believed I dropped this at about 100ish chapters or earlier. Only wrote this review caused I saw the updates again and wrote this review to let... more>> ppl know that it will most likely not worth going into this story. <<less
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gottafly rated it
Douluo Dalu
January 24, 2019
Status: --
I have to say this is one is an original writing considering it's a chinese novel. Well-my review is a bit late since it was written in 2008. I've read this ages ago and never bother to be a humanitarian to give the reviews it needed.

Nowadays everything is a cliche or knock-off of someone else ideas. So try this. Don't think it's cliche or so cause it wasn't written yesterday.

Story got a good plot with a good background story supporting it. Don't bother watching the anime as it will ruin... more>> everything that the novel portrays the story in its intricacy. The anime focuses too much on superficial things like graphics and stuff. It leaves you with no imagination of what the story itself is supposed to be like it should.

Character build up-check. Romance - check.

Plot-check. Adventure-check.

Making friends and not forgetting or leaving them behind -check.


No vulgar or molestation -check. Don't read if you expecting such perverted things or something like 'trash' this-'waste' that and so on.

My example to bring a contrast of the novel to the anime would be like:

my idea from the novel - MC comes from villages in the boonies. Basically a bumpkin with shabby clothes.

anime - everyone dress up neat in fancy clothes-there are no distinction of any sort from the novel. No one looks ugly or below the standards in the anime. Supposedly the novel depicts cities where numerous ppl walks around. Anime-just the characters needed for the scene will be in the scene.

Another note: anime lacks/skipped alot of information needed.

ps on FYI: anime video is about 12-15 minutes at best--which includes intro-ending credits. So you're left with about 10 min. Of content. <<less
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