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gilbert777 rated it
Unlimited Anime Works
July 15, 2017
Status: v10c800
For me this novel deserves 5 star rating.

It 's like Infinity series where MC gets stronger every time after battle royale in Anime world and just like Shoujou Grand Summoning, our MC brings back heroines from their anime world to the real world. Some readers complain that MC trigger love flags with multiple heroines everywhere, but in the end only bring 1 heroine to the real world due to the system limitation. And here I'm telling you that starting from the 6th world, the limitation has been relieved and our... more>> MC also revisits each world to bring those 'forgottten' heroines back to real world (although not everyone accepts it).

There is only 1 anime world for each volume and although I only know Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online and Naruto (current world 10th volume) plot story, I still enjoy other anime world plot since this novel skips the anime world building and certain plots quite a lot. Afterall the focus on this novel is how our MC competes with other 99 players finishing the main plot quest with different settings sometimes.


In Naruto world our MC status is adopted son of Hyuga clan which is an orphan who has both Sharingan and Byakugan bloodline which is called White Sharingan which doesn't exist in the real story

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