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frenzy85 rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
November 11, 2016
Status: c168
I wrote long rants for reviews twice in a row already, so I'll keep this somewhat summarized. (It turned out quite long. I really tried to make it short. I still had about a dozen paragraphs in me... oh well...)

tl;dr MC is better off as a block of wood. Everything else is pretty good. However, adjustments are made to the story seemingly to accommodate MC's incompetence, making the story worse off imo. And the large focus on MC means you only get to see what I consider the interesting... more>> parts every once in a while... most of it, which is from MC's perspective, is quite dull.

MC is incompetent and an idiot aside from his huge amount of mana. No kidding; I feel the story would be better overall if he was exchanged with a block of wood that has a lot of mana. Note that it's not that he has the personality of a block of wood, it's that a block of wood would be a better character than him. The more I read, the dumber he seems... by around chapter 120, I realized I dislike him more than the Bug Goddess (a super annoying character from the start of the story). At least she's relevant to the story despite being annoying...

A lot of the side characters are quite interesting, and the world-building is also ok (flawed, but acceptable, especially considering this is a WN). As I said, it'd probably be better if MC was just a block of wood and the story just focused on everyone else...

The other two heroes' character growth seems to be headed in the typical bad direction in order to glorify the MC despite the potential for them to have a proper good narrative... Shame...

For those who read the story a bit, Asora is already probably bigger than the 4 big powers of the hyumans combined by now. Although they don't have the necessary manpower to utilize everything, it's an issue that will solve itself over time... In fact, it's actually not an issue at all! Their issue is that they are "too rich". They have too much land and it's too fertile. It's also too well-protected since its in another dimension; they don't even need the hyumans to pay for them to build a wall!

What does he choose do for the first 100+ chapters? Be a merchant and part of the merchant guild. He doesn't use any of the infrastructure set up in hyuman society since all raw materials, manpower, and logistics are solved by Asora... He's actually just taking resources from Asora and spreading them to hyumans... for no real reason; to the point where he allows himself to get threatened by them to do it. The part where the merchant guild threatened him just killed my brain cells. He doesn't even have a use for hyuman money...

As a point of comparison, Mushoku Tensei is 259 chapters in its entirety.
In 259 chapters, we see the journey of a tr*sh NEET, who couldn't even be bothered to attend his parents' funeral, to a husband and father who is opposing a nigh-omniscient god-like existence to protect his family.
In 168 chapters of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, we see the journey of a boy with basically no personality to... nothing. I have a feeling that at the end of his Moon-led journey, Makoto will evolve into an Invisible Dragon. <<less
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Realism aside, this is annoyingly childish...

It's fine early on when the events were all fairly light-hearted, but the childish nature of the story persists through more serious portions of the story.

... more>>

If you're considering reading this, perhaps the biggest consideration is whether you can accept MCs that show too much mercy as a plot device. MC is very passive, to the point where it endangers his allies. He himself is OP, so the author uses his weaker allies being in danger to cause tension... but this is only made possible through MC's unreasonable inaction. There's also an annoying amount of characters who repeatedly threaten the MC and his party, and the MC ignoring them. While one may attribute this to MC's ability to judge that they're just saying it as a front and have no ill will; it's quite unreasonable to completely take it at face value literally every single time... and this actually becomes a problem at some points where his party almost dies.


Personally, I find using such things as a device to move the plot to be quite annoying... but I'm also aware that there are many who can simply gloss over this.

Aside from this, though, it's all right; which is why I gave it 3/5 instead of a 1/5.

As a comparison to Death March, which is the most recommended title (the thing above Latest Release) :

MCs are both OP, but Satou is more so; but it doesn't really matter since both are barely threatened by anything. The main threats are towards their surroundings.

In the case of Satou, he creates a persona as a scapegoat for when he does OP things. Sirius just wings it and it results in his identity getting revealed a few times.

Satou, aware that his party isn't as OP as him, prepares many things for emergencies. Sirius... nothing...

The first time Sirius's party almost died was when Gremory brought in some murderers into the school they were at. He was already aware of Gremory's character, and he was also aware the Gremory isn't above using his students, as he saw during the duel thing. So when his two disciples were challenged by students from Gremory's class, what would one expect him to do? Well, whatever you expected, he actually does nothing. Later on, it's even revealed that he saw that the aforementioned students had some suspicious people in their party, but he just ignored it.

While the author tries to develop Sirius as a decisive character; he forces Sirius to inaction in order to move the plot. I actually had some expectations when Sirius said that Lior was indecisive but turns out author made MC even less decisive than Lior.

In the case of Satou, although he shows a very pacifist attitude sometimes, but it's not excessive and iirc never to the point where it endangers his party. In the most recent chapters as of the writing of this review, he killed a Demon Lord who he identified to be a reincarnated person. He also frequently acts as an advance scout as Nanashi before he goes around touring. In emergencies, we've seen his main priority is to bring the fight away from his party (as with vs. Dog-headed Demon Lord). When faced against potential enemies, he has shown some initiative in tracking them down instead of playing it passive (as with the various terrorist organisations).

Sure Death March has its flaws, but those are for a review of Death March. The points I brought up are things Death March did right, but was ignored by World Teacher.

They both are strong and ultimately never fail to protect their party, but there's a clear difference in how the authors choose to move the plot. In this regard, I prefer Death March as it sticks to its premise. Although you can argue that Death March's premise has Satou being too OP, I'm the kind of guy who can more easily accept stuff as long as its established in the premise of a story. If I'm unable to accept it, I'm able to drop it early and develop no bad feelings towards it.


As a comparison to Oukokukaizouki (2nd most recommended). uhh... well... I don't think they're all that similar, so I'm not sure why it's on the 2nd spot... So not much to say. Oukokukaizouki is a good story, though, so I'd recommend it in general. <<less
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frenzy85 rated it
Lv1 Skeleton
December 26, 2017
Status: c68
Starts off with an interesting premise, but drops off very quickly.

Characters don't feel real, and act seemingly at random.

Power balance is inconsistent and also very messy.

Pacing is non-existent. Stuff happens without build-up, and jumps all over the place.
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frenzy85 rated it
Welcome to the Man-Eating Dungeon
June 13, 2017
Status: c44
Ero novel with poorly written characters and plot. Not even comparing it to LNs, much less regular novels... Even in comparison to other ero novels, it's pretty shallow.

s*x scenes aren't particularly good, either. Not very descriptive and all that. Particularly, the mind break portions, which is supposed to be a core part of MC's ability, is very shallow.

The circumstances surrounding the girls are all over the place; poorly written with very bad immersion factor. Imagine if Bishoujo Nikubenki (another ero novel) happened over the course of 1 hour... That's what... more>> I mean by shallowness.

The methods in which mind break happens are also kinda dumb on top of being shallow, imo. First girl he corrupts is ok. Nothing special, but a fairly good opening act and set-up, imo. But 2nd and 3rd completely breaks immersion with how it was done. And it's bad right from the characters' backgrounds, to how they were introduced, to how their circumstances were built up, and the resolution to them becoming MC's s*aves. Every single part made me go "that was dumb...".

The set-up has MC being fairly weak, so there's an element of fighting through adversity and growth, but that part is also poorly written. MC could just have an OP charm cheat and it wouldn't make much of a difference. Actually, if he did have a charm cheat, it would probably feel less s*upid. <<less
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frenzy85 rated it
Everyone is Young Except for Me
January 12, 2020
Status: --
As with most VRMMO stories, it starts with MC receiving absurd luck and insane beginner stats... and he gets perma exp boost because he's old and the game gives elderly preferential treatment.

Basically, not much unique so far, but if you like LMS/OG and want more, this will probably scratch that itch.

Based on prologue, MC is a one-man army archetype.
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frenzy85 rated it
Taming Master
March 18, 2017
Status: --
The world is even more unrealistic as pretty much every other KN I've read with a game system. Every other KN I've read has systems that are unbalanced one way or another; but this one takes the cake. It'll break your immersion like nothing you've ever read before. It makes xianxia seem like a genre revolving around logic.

A good story can still come out from unrealistic worlds... but I found the writing to be pretty average in every other respect, too, unlike in LMS where things get really s*upid sometimes,... more>> but I still found it fun to read. It might also be because of the difference in my age when I read the two, but eh... who knows?

"First most (as far as I know its ALL) MMO would not let you just change job I mean I've played a few MMO and i've been using priest class never had I chance that I could just suddenly change class without creating new char or rebirth.. So if there's a new job obviously you need to create a new char.. "

**"Once you created a character, through iris recognition, the game was set up so that the same person could not make another character."
This is the issue. Having to delete your maxed out character to create a new one... Having to grind multiple characters is not.

"And speaking of min/max.. All I can say is your a sadist? the MC took about 4 months (i think) to raise his char to lvl 93 and its not even max level and the reincarnation item is even 5.2mil."

**Once upon a time, MapleStory took more than a year to powerlevel to max. Take note, 'powerlevel', not regular levelling... The number of players that hit 200 was probably in the top 0.1% or maybe even less. Most people quit way before that. Yet still, people had multiple characters.

An actual good example of people doing rebirths on a game that takes significant time and cost to 'rebirth' characters is Nodiatis; and many people play multiple characters, too! I didn't use this as my primary example as it's a pretty niche title - not too famous. Look it up if you're interested. The feature I'm referring to is called 'pilgrimage'.

Min/maxing is something people do... Not many people do it to an extreme degree, but you'd be surprised. People even do it for non-competitive single-player offline games.

I won't get too much into the various aspects of it, but I believe it's pretty evident that Korean novels that feature gaming or game-like systems typically have their games be quite unrealistic... Why would a company disallow multiple characters? Why would they lock their top-level content behind an amount of grinding that even many gaming addicts cannot reasonably achieve? MMOs are in its current form (mostly reducing grinding character levels and skills; but making top-level content be locked behind gear and technical skill) to its current stage for a reason... unless the author provides a good reason why their fictional game is so successful despite being so different from what we see in reality, I think its a reasonable criticism to say its unrealistic. For people who are very familiar with MMOs, it can break immersion.

They can still make it a good story, sure, but you can't deny the lack of realism...

As for whether the author pulled off a good story... well, to each his own, I guess. <<less
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frenzy85 rated it
The Dungeon Seeker
June 17, 2017
Status: v2
Poor world-building. Poor characterization. Not very interesting overall plot.

First and foremost, there's a lack of comedic undertone from the beginning. While not a bad thing, this does make everything much more serious. With everything being so serious, even slight things that seem illogical become things to retort to... and there's a lot of these throughout the story. This sense of incongruity plus the lack of comedic undertone makes people nitpicky. Sometimes they're wrong (for example, the dangers of incest can be taught by summoned people), but the fact that the... more>> story brings about this kind of feeling from people isn't a good thing.

One of the things that people seemingly like about this novel is the dark theme. But it's really very shallow, imo. Everything feels so fake.

Segments don't flow well from one to the other. Feels more like a mishmash of tropes and ideas than a story. There's a looming sense of something being wrong as I read through the story. It's not about major plotholes, and more a lot of many minor things that makes the world-building feel very flawed.

Despite the long-winded narrations, there's very little description of places, objects and people...

There's a big mystery that's part of the overarching plot; but the way it is presented doesn't instill a sense of intrigue. Same for a lot of the minor mysteries. Very simple, cliche, poorly executed and poorly presented.

Characters just do things. It doesn't feel like they have motivation or personalities driving their actions. Every now and then, author also forgets to take into account available information for each character is different. Character development are also very meh...

A very good example of how to fail in "show, don't tell" as well. Author never shows, and always tells; and sometimes the characters even seemingly contradict what the narrator says.

Lots of pseudo-philosophical talk and generally talking in the middle of battles. Lots of redundant or irrelevant parts, too. Most show only a trivial understanding of the subject, and some are also just factually wrong...

A lot of details on every floor, but it's pretty uninspired.

Author's style choice is also something I find very lacking. The way the story goes, a lot of common tropes that people find overused could've fit the story well, but it feels the author avoided them just to be different instead of taking into account appropriateness... which brings back the topic of it being a mishmash of ideas than a story.

For example:


With a crazy MC, a first-person perspective can allow MC to be an unreliable narrator to great effect. Instead, we get a 3rd person narrator but with MC interrupting very often with long-winded monologues.

With very skewed stats, this could've been justified much more with an automatic stat distribution system. As of v2, we've only seen two characters invest in stats from levelling. Both choose to invest in only one stat.

among other things

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