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If you're looking for a BL novel that has a unique premise with a twist, good plot development, great humor and mutually exclusive loving couple... look no further. This is definitely a must read for all BL lovers out there. It has been so long since I ended a novel with a satisfied heart. It's amazingly good for a novel that only has 95 chapters! Best of all, it doesn't have pointless misunderstanding and dramas! There's too many moments that I love and nothing can justify the scene with... more>> my meager words... Go ahead and take the journey yourself to experience all these amazing feelings. You're gonna regret if you pass this gem up! <<less
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foxymirage rated it
Laws of the Other World
September 9, 2018
Status: Completed
OMG, this is finally translated, now everyone will know how great and freaking epic this piece is!

Seriously one of the best Danmei novel I've read (and I've read a lot!). The story is very well thought with mindbending new world, vivid imagery of a fantastical places, heart stopping actions and very dynamic characters. Absolutely no one is one dimensional (even the side characters), every one of them are very much alive. This story makes you pause and think about the consequences of your actions and teaches you not to judge... more>> a book by its cover.

Absolutely adore that MC and ML didn't have a love at first sight like most novels out there. Their relationship build on trust, companionship and then a deep understanding of each other. The most satisfying thing is that both MC and ML are equals. They're both smart and strong (the MC was so Badass I thought HE would be the seme lol) but they are never OP. That's was I like the most about this, how realistic it can be (they lose some, they win some).

Definitely worth a read, I guaranteed you that! 5+++ stars from me. <<less
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