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forgotusername rated it
Spirit Realm
November 7, 2016
Status: c151
I enjoyed the story, I don't know what's there to not enjoy.

Heroine so far is likable, has depth compared to other series. Does not look like a harem, a massive plus on my side, I mean if I want harem XianXia, they're everywhere.... The awkward minor romance at the start due to the massively inexperience MC is cute. Interaction with other female characters that appear in the story is okay, at least it's not like Emperor Domination (I don't hate it) or ATG (once again no hate) where every... more>> time a girl is deemed beautiful, it is already set in stone to be a harem member. So far girls have a favorable impression on MC, none of them randomly falls in love with MC to make harem. *cough jp novel cough*

MC has secret on his body that gives him an advantage over others, not to mention his overbearing cultivation method.

For those with issue about MC acting a fool:

To the MC, ling family is just a business partner, they provide him food and shelter while he cultivates. Interactions with the ling family is unneeded and uncalled for. He is going to the village when he can cultivate without the herb mountain help. By proving yourself to not be an idiot might also invite unnecessary problems.

He's already gathering hate from the engagement (the 2 Du kids), if those 2 Du kids know that he is not a fool, they might try to eliminate the MC at an earlier date to prevent Ling Yushi from loving the MC more.... He was left alone cause he is "an idiot" and Ling Yushi would probably not fall in love with an idiot, hence left alone.



If I'm sent to a place I MIGHT die, but my team leader told me " Hey no worries, we have 2 secret weapon here, they can help us"

If one of those 2 secret fail to work when I'm going to die, if I don't hate it, I don't know what to do? I mean that 1 spot could've been place with a guy that can help with the barrier and protection/attack, but instead what we have instead is a baggage that is said to be helpful... Really I don't what to feel other than disdain. I would probably think that the said baggage just bragged about how he can do stuff, but probably not do it when the time comes, I'm sure feeling disdain for him is fair.


Especially in this case, everyone has high hope for the MC to call down a thunder (Which is unfair for MC, seeing how he can't call it down whenever he wants yet), but he has failed to call down the thunder which causes disdain and disappointment to others. Without expectation, there would not be disappointment.

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forgotusername rated it
World of Cultivation
November 23, 2016
Status: c436
I got baited by the awesome description, where sword cultivators are trying to stop him from being the best farmer haha.

At first the world building confuses me, river and whatnot. It makes more sense and easier to imagine once you get further down the story. Love the main character, he's a very realistic guy, everything is about jingshi (can be Meng hao's shi di). Love how his actions are misunderstood by others, can give you a good laugh time to time.

This is a great novel if you want a good... more>> laugh, pretty good world building, great fighting scene and tactics. Side characters try their best to not be 1 Dimensional (Except this one insect dude). Apparently the MC is not OP in the novel (According to other characters), but I do find him plenty OP haha. It has a slow romance but it's great, cause it's an awkward love :) *Feet fetish LOL*

Well, in conclusion, it's a great read 10/5. Hope there will be a day where he smash people to death by jingshi itself.. <<less
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forgotusername rated it
Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang
November 26, 2016
Status: bonus story 3
I don't know what abomination I have just read, like just wow. There is 15 chapters in the main story, making up 3 arc. Every arc would try to make you shed tear at least once. This thing has made me cry once in my lecture and the other time on the bus (once in first 2 arc), it's pretty embarrassing.... I mean I didn't cry for quite a long time already... even better this comes with nose block :) That aside, it flows nicely, I am unsure of others,... more>> but I felt very touch for what the girl did for the guy. There are also moment that you think it's sweet, depressing & sad and happy. It gives reader quite a larger spectrum of emotion.

The side story are great, I am grateful to have those. At the end of the day, this is a very good manga, but since I have read about something disturbing at side story 3, I won't give it a full score and instead a 9 out of 5.

A must read for female protag D:

PS: Arc 3 made me cry twice :) be careful where you read this and have some tissue prepared. o/ <<less
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