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I really like the premise of the story.

However, the translations are a little frustrating... It feels to me like the translator might not be entirely fluent in English- phrases are worded weirdly and incoherently.

For example in the chapter I am reading currently, chapter 12:

... more>> "Everyone had a pile of materials by their hands, by their materials were usually two adornments of outer space cups.

Even if some people left, it would be hard to defeat using a pile of review materials to occupy the seat by force, as to prevent being driven away in the middle of the library room."

With a bit of inference I can make out roughly what the translator is trying to illustrate, but it really takes out the enjoyment of reading the story...

To the translator: I really appreciate the effort taken for you to translate novels, especially with a language that you aren't familiar with. But I truly had a hard time trying to understand your translations, perhaps an editor might help?? <<less
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I Seem Unsuited for Dating
April 21, 2017
Status: c31
My prev review was written in April 2017 when I'd only read chapter 5. Now Jan 2019, after 1.5 years, I finally picked up this series again after accumulating the chapters.

I usually don't read much rom-com, I favour heavier/ darker story plots. But at times, I wanna take a break and just relax with some light hearted read!

I've liked this story the moment I'd read the synopsis. It's the classic enemies turned lovers trope but it's done well and v enjoyable to read! Bonus- No annoying side characters!... more>>

The dialogues are sooo witty and relatable, I find myself laughing at times. Also, the description of food had me salivating and made me hungry.

-Translations are great and concise. I'm praying for fixed schedule releases. But at this rate.... the story might take another 1.5 years to complete or worst still, left incomplete. Please continue translating this story! I will wait patiently! Thanks! 🙏 <<less
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Story 1/5, TL 4/5

I gave it a chance as I wanted to know the reason behind ML's incomprehensible decision to imprison FL but 1/3 into the story nothing has been properly explained for, yet I already feel like vomiting blood at the drama.

ML is a yandere and a bloody annoying one too. I truly think ML is the worst kind of 'lover' ever- utterly selfish and self entitled. I question his IQ too for his methods are appallingly dumb.

He may inwardly 'care' for FL but outwardly he is always... more>> dishonest. Never clearing things up with FL, leaving her in the dark and sending her on a rollercoaster ride of hurt and betrayal. Always wants to validate his love by forcing himself on her physically... uh wtf? So much wrong in this story.

Being with this ML, FL never feels understood, love or assurance. I want FL to pack up her bags and leave this possessive jerk behind.

If you love to torture yourself then maybe this story is for you but it's 拜拜, adios for me.

This translator on Webnovel did a great job w the translations but I wish you would choose a better project next time. <<less
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Poison Genius Consort
March 29, 2017
Status: c700
MC is a smart protagonist. MC isn't entirely formidable, she has her flaws and weakness but she overcomes them with her knowledge (poison, medicine) from her post transmigrate self. I really like her character development, its realistic. I've read other similar stories but most MCs are either too powerful or too revengeful, which makes the story arc too predictable and boring. Don't expect a lot of romance as of ch102, the romance is slow building as its a long novel and theres 1000+ chapters left. Male lead is likeable in... more>> my books, he is the tsundere type– slow and indirect show of affections. Not complaining yet from the lack of romance as storyline is interesting thus far. I've been thoroughly enjoying MC's antics and adventures.

Translations are done really well. (No matter how good the original story is, I will drop it if the eng trans are horrible). Conversation/dialogues are very witty. 5x chapters per week, a fairly good schedule. Chapters are long and adequate in quenching my thirst for more. I hope to see till the end of the entire novel! <<less
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Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu
April 14, 2019
Status: c299
Probably the most slice of life story I've ever read- story follows the MC from the time she's 6 to teenage years.

Many hilarious and heart warming moments. There are also certain parts where it's too slow for me and I ended up skimming through them.

For the first 299 chapters, romance is practically non existent and yet the plot kept me invested.

Unfortunately just when the romance is finally picking up (I think), the author went on a hiatus... thus an angonising wait ensues... at this point, I'm not positive... more>> that this story will be completed. <<less
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The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage
January 23, 2019
Status: c179.2
Translation: 3.7/5, Story: 5/5

The translation isn't the most refined. I almost abandoned it halfway, so glad I came back to it.

The story is super solid. Love love love the antihero MCs!!

The back story of both FL and ML are extremely complicated but it's woven into the plot seamlessly and revealed gradually. Story is very engaging and addresses profound themes. Author is masterful at portraying human self preserving nature as various characters' and especially the MC's motives and agendas runs deep. All characters big or small are multifaceted, their actions are... more>> accounted for and written in a very believable way! Not once did I feel that they have deviated from their personality. Some arcs can be rather draggy and initially the author has a habit of repeating stuff excessively (I suspect to lengthen and hit word count on qudian) but just skim through those and it gets better and better as you read on! I promise! Slow burn romance, but so so good! The chemistry between the FL and ML is palpable!! I'm rooting so hard for them! <<less
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Murder the Dream Guy
January 23, 2019
Status: c84
Story 4.5/5, TL 4.5/5

It's been some time since I've read a cnovel of this genre with good translations! I wish there were more crime/mystery novels translated! In the story, crime solving takes front center seat and is the main catalyst that spurs the MCs interactions/relationship. Plot is pretty thrilling and suspenseful with many twists and turns.

Similar to Ding Mo's 'When he comes, close your eyes, ' the series of criminal activities are not standalone cases but seems to be intrinsically interlinked with the MC.

I like the odd pair-up of an... more>> over imaginative, budding e-Novelist (FL) and the perceptive Detective (ML). This unusual combo made solving crimes take on a unique angle with slightly unorthodox means. No annoying side characters too. Which is a major plus. I hope I didn't jinx this. The ML makes me swoon, he is definitely the tsundere type, which is right up my alley. I have a feeling the romance will be a slow burn.

I hope as the story progress, it will gradually take on a darker tone and amp up on the mystery and thrill! <<less
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Princess Medical Doctor
April 11, 2019
Status: c137
Story 3/5, TL 3.5/5

This story is rather bland.. my ratings of 3/5 is quite generous.

The story is loaded with the usual plot armours like reincarnation, medical system, 'capable' FL, Tsundere ML and palace politics. Basically it has all the tropes that I love YET the story still falls flat.

... more>> I feel frustrated reading. I conclude that the author simply isn't clever enough and it is reflected by her insipid characters and simplistic story plot.

The political schemes and ploys are lame/ Low level... None of the characters, even the MCs strike me as particularly smart. I keep waiting for some suspense and mystery to egg me on to read, however even after 137 chapters I don't feel invested in the story at all.

Romance wise- it's super meh. The ML isn't entirely unlikeable but neither is he particularly charming....

I usually love Tsundere MLs and have no problem with slow-burn romance. I get that ML has to keep his guard up against FL and this is a typical hate-turns-love trope but he simply has too Low EQ. ML often regrets his actions but even behind the scenes he does nothing much to redeem himself because he is utterly clueless on how to handle FL.


FL saves ML from being poisoned by sacrificing herself. ML doubted her intentions and imprisoned her. Even after knowing that she was injured badly, he refused to part with his pride and withheld treatment. I simply don't understand his train of thoughts. FL almost died, but luckily she has her medical system which saved her life.

If ML is wise, he would have secretly sent the doctor to treat FL in the prison first without letting anyone know. Afterwhich he can continue to investigate the incident and determine if FL is truly guilty as charged.

FL (and I) definitely lost trust in ML for abandoning her when she needed help most.


I might continue reading this to fill up the void that Poison Genius Consort has left behind. I truly hope the story takes a turn for the better.

Please read Poison Genius Consort as it excels x100 in everything that this story hasn't deliver— truly intriguing plot, medical system, witty characters with depth, Tsundere ML, OP couple, hate-turns-love romance. <<less
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The Beautiful Time With You
February 27, 2019
Status: c204
Story 4/5

Did YFY really penned this story?? I find it hard to believe. Lol. I didn't think that she is capable of writing something that doesn't torture us readers. This story has some of the most passionate fans around on Webnovel. I wouldn't have read this if it wasn't so highly recommended.

This story is no doubt very cute. Reminds me of A Slight Smile is very Charming w the gaming elements and campus romance. A must read if you enjoy pure fluff!

I am halfway into the story at 349 and... more>> it's becoming toooo draggy. Too many meaningless plot filters! The repetitive text messages, and predictable seemingly endless banter between ML and his older Sister or roommates that can span several chapters has became stale. It was funny the first few times but not when the same formula is recycled throughout the story countless times. I will enjoy this story much more if it was more concised. I highly recommend 'You're beautiful when you smile', a story about e-sports and romance between professional gamers! <<less
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C1- C400: 4/5. Starting was pretty good and fresh!

C400- C800: 3/5. From here onwards the story went downhill. A lot of filter chapters that were pretty boring and lame. I resorted to skipping the work/family drama and only read chapters that focus on FL, ML and the twins interactions.

Typical orphan girl with CEO cum showbiz melodrama. Don't think too deeply and just read for entertainment.

Youyou, FL's Son is such an unrealistic cheat character being a certified Mensa genius at age 6, heading a large corporation. I simply adore him. He... more>> is the main reason I'm reading this story. Of all the little buns I've ever came across in various stories, Youyou is one of my favourite together w his older twin bro. His intelligence and situational awareness caused him to act mature beyond his age. He is burdened by the need to protect his Mother from harms way (incl his own father) as he recognises that his Mother is rather stupid and defenceless. His interaction/antics w other ppl other than his Mother is shocking and at times beyond hilarious, esp w his subordinate (love this character too) ! I really feel so much for this multilayered character! Honestly this shy, black bellied, precocious cutie bun will evoke your maternal instincts haha. I esp enjoyed the first face to face meeting he has w his Father, the ML at the hospital, so heartwarming! Youyou denied his older twin bro's affections initially too. But he soon succumbed after realising that his bro cares for him deeply! ML and FL romance progression is pretty smooth sailing as of c800. Their interactions w the twin buns are pretty adorable too. The slice of life family moments are the best parts of this book.

The reason I gave a rather Low score is because I felt that the story has potential and could be written better with more depth. <<less
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Transmigration: Of Mysteries and Songs
January 23, 2019
Status: c99
I usually check out all Volare's works as they usually take on good stories and their translations are top notch. This story unfortunately, lacks depth and isn't very well thought out.

The reason I continued reading is because it is a transmigration story sans the typical revenge/scheming plot and the annoying cannon fodders. I also came to like FL's group of friends. You can enjoy it if you don't take it too seriously. Just follow the FL as she navigates her new life, makes friends and tries to complete her 'Mission'... more>> in order to go back to the 21st century.

The romance isn't well fleshed out and the chemistry between the leads is quite lukewarm. I find it funny that the author takes time to set up various romantic scenes only to time-skip and leave readers hanging. Why?? I'm so puzzled by the author's writings. Very little elaborations and details are given, we are left to imagine and fill in the blanks ourselves. Lol. It's like baking a cake but not being able to eat it. So frustrating. So if you're looking to read passionate/ fluffy interactions, you will be disappointed like me. <<less
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If the Deep Sea Forgets You
January 23, 2019
Status: c158
Story: 3.5/5, TL: 4/5

Started off well but ended poorly.

The plot set up isn't realistic as the MCs' sibling relationship happened abruptly and forced initially. I keep waiting for their romance to take off but they barely communicate their feelings/problems which caused a host of lame ass misunderstandings. At times I feel the story borderlines onto slice-of-life as there are many redundant moments about them eating, sleeping and watching tv. I would much rather the author focus on the actual plot than include all these excessive fillers. Further into the story,... more>> I actually have many criticisms. I feel that dialogues are lacking and the writing style is report-like. I often feel disengaged when reading as the events are written in a touch and go manner with little elaborations.

As the story progresses, the MCs behaved increasingly out of character. The plot veered off tangent and I thoroughly lost interest. ML is supposedly a capable barrister but I did not see an ounce of intelligence from him. Ending seemed forced and the whole mystery surrounding the FL wasn't fleshed out well. A pity, as I like this premise and it has potential to be A LOT better.

I highly recommend 'Memory Lost' if you're looking for a better amnesia/mystery romance story. <<less
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Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow
May 9, 2019
Status: c16
I'm such a mega fan of PGC. It's one of those books that made me want to brush up on my subpar Chinese to binge read the raws.

I'm beyond excited that the prequel is being translated!! I have so many questions, like how is our FL related to the MCs of PGC (mother of Gu Beiyue?) as it's not explicitly revealed yet but I guess I will find out when I read on.

PGC is set post war between the West Qin and East Qin dynasty. And now we get to... more>> see what happened exactly that led to this war! I have faith that it's gonna be one hell of a crazy awesome and romantic journey.

So far our FL's personality is v feisty and she is

a reincarnated? Soul, this needs more clarification. Atm I'm pretty shocked as I didn't expect the prequel to also have a reincarnated FL like in PGC.


I see that the story is still ongoing at 1k chaps now, praying hard that this project will be completed till the end! Huge thanks to wordexcept!! <<less
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April 11, 2019
Status: c102
Story 5/5, TL 5/5

Such a beautiful and intense story... Even though there's some slower paced, slice-of-life element in the story, there's never a dull moment!

Not gonna lie, I initially came for the smut but, the story is A LOT more than just super good smut.

... more>> World building is excellent and one of a kind– fantasy medieval setting.

FL is a very composed and intelligent woman! I like how she remains true to her original intentions and was never strayed by power or riches.

The ML is a truly interesting character! Some ppl might be here for the yandere male lead tag, and you will not be disappointed!

ML's devotion did not came out of the blue. A tortured and lonely individual, he is a character that tugged at my heartstrings. I'm not sure if this story would conclude happily but I dearly hope so!

Besides the two MCs, there's also a bunch of charming characters in the story! I especially like the Butler, Mad dog and Katherine!

TL is doing a fantastic job w the translations! 🙏🏻 <<less
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Refusing to Serve Me? Then Off With Your Head!
March 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Story 5/5, TL 5/5

I see that many reviewers main critique of this story is it’s non-linear timeline. I wanna chip in and say that the unchronological retelling of past events is what made the story more compelling for me. I did not find it confusing at all.

Initially I couldn’t stand the FL for being seemingly clueless and stubbornly obtuse. However I soon changed my opinion of her. She truly suffered greatly and the past had left a lasting impact on her. Though it isn’t explicitly stated in the story about... more>> her condition, it is inferred that she has depression and PTSD from the symptoms. My heart pains for her.

Some might feel that ML is kinda manipulative, but I truly think that he is farsighted and smart. He is also the only one who sincerely cares for FL, besides her Father and Uncle. FL had no one to count on for support esp after her Father died and thus suppressed her upset and hides behind an indifferent mask. I teared when ML told her to cry for him implying that FL can trust and lean on him. <<less
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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
March 6, 2019
Status: c50 part1
Story: 5/5, Trans 5/5

We're only a quarter into the story but I am enjoying it immensely! DHH is doing a fantastic job (albeit, rather slowly) with the TL. I recommend reading their other projects too! The cast of characters features a group of passionate young adults striving to make it in the world of professional E-sports. There's a focus on team spirit, fair play and self improvement. Overall there's a great mix of E-sports and romance! The pro-gaming aspect is written very well and I can tell the author did... more>> extensive research!

Personally I do not play League of Legends but being a 21st century internet savy young adult, I can follow the rules of the game well enough to understand their matches.

I am also a sucker for Tsundere MLs and our ML here is a high quality, pure breed Tsundere! <<less
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Can I Not Marry
March 6, 2019
Status: c44
Story: 4/5

The premise isn't anything new but the stand out thing about this story is the dry humour. This story doesn't take itself seriously so you shouldn't too!

This brand of humour may not be for everyone, but I love it. I feel that the author and I can get along well if we know each other irl hah. To get the premise out of the way, gullible naive FL was tricked by ML and wedded to him in lightning speed fashion within the first few chapters.

Now on to the fun... more>> part, with her name being Du Lei Si (Durex), it's obvious the FL is about as classy as her name is. Whereas the ML being the more 'outstanding' species of the two always gets the upper hand. The nature of their relationship is akin to a lamb being served up to the wolf. The story is largely presented through the eyes of the FL as she hilariously tries to adapt to high society and her marriage life, frequently seeking advice from Baidu (China's Google).

Some might feel that the couple's relationship went from 0 to 100 abruptly. That may be so for a marriage of convenience like theirs, however do bear in mind we are reading from FL's POV and she is pretty ditzy and very slow to pick up on ML's infatuation for her. The last 1/3 of the story is exceptionally sweet! The ML dotes on the FL a lot!

Trans: 3/5

Quite a number of Chinese idoms and phrases were translated in a very literal manner without explanations. I'm Chinese so I am able to understand them. However non-mandarin speaking friends may be slightly confused, though it won't affect the overall comprehension of the story.


一肚子气 was tl as 'belly of gas' (c30)

haha, it actually indicates anger. Unfortunately the original trans were taken down by the translator. I read the story hosted on another site. <<less
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Hello, Mr. Major General
January 25, 2019
Status: c555
Story: 5/5, translation: 4/5

I am surprised to find that the plot is fast paced and action packed right off the bat. Veteran readers of e-novels will know that many qidian authors love to drag out key story arcs excessively with mindless dialogue-padded scenes to increase their word count, such isn't the case for this story. The writing is super solid and the plot pacing is very good too! Please read this addictive story!

I'll try my hand at summarising the premise and keep it spoiler free:

ML is a high... more>> rank military man, he holds the position of General Major of the Empire's 6th division. 6 years ago, he was assigned to young, orphaned and amnesiac FL, and had taken on the role of her legal Guardian before she comes of age. FL's past and family background is a mystery that the government wants to unravel.

I highly recommend this story for ppl who likes their romance sweet and steamy 🙃with a huge dash of blockbuster style action and political intrigue. Forget about low level face-smacking w a bunch of sheltered white lotuses, I'm talking about civil unrest, compromised state cybersecurity, cross border missions, lawsuits, etc. Core characters are all high society, influential elites and professionals with brains and/or money.

It's a very complex and well written plot. Every arc is new and refreshing, it will leave you on the edge to find out what happens next.

The story concluded after 2263 chapters, it's pretty much a given that their romance is a slow burn. But I promise when the time comes... you'll explode.

The older, taciturn and self proclaimed war-machine ML insists the naive but intelligent FL address him as Uncle. Outwardly, he treats her as a mission he has to fulfil and keeps a distance from her, employing his trusted men to safeguard/ care for her while monitoring closely from afar. Lonely FL is dependent on ML for emotional/familia support but doesn't realise her romantic notion for him right away as she is young and inexperienced in matters of love.

WARNING: There's a controversial and medically questionable scene at the very beginning, where FL was poisoned with a lethal drug that had aphrodisiac side effects and the only relieve was to have s*xual intercourse. The ML being the best and safest option did the indecent deed unwillingly whilst the FL is unconscious. I can see why many is turned off by this. Personally, I feel that the scene did contribute greatly and set the tone for the overarching story. For us readers, It revealed a layer of the disciplined and inexpressive ML that would have otherwise been left hidden and untouched forever. Perhaps that unpleasant incident was the catalyst/ turning point for the ML.

If you're ok with the above, IMO try and read till the FL's USA internship arc to decide if you like it or not, as things are a lot more exciting from that point on. From chapter 186 onwards, is where the main MCs' romance picks up and it's also the start of one of my fav arc. Yay

Edit: In the end, I directly downloaded the Qidian app. I'm listening to the book with the preset audio function. Its my first audio book (听书) experience and its so relaxing.

The author is v witty and has a way with words, her eloquent descriptions are so emotive!

Honestly the large amount of chapters are a little daunting but I must say, I'm really amazed by the author... she updates twice daily for 3 years. How is she able to concoct such a complicated and well thought out plot that is equally entertaining? She is an idea bank and writing machine. As I'm only 20% into the story I just hope it doesn't get too draggy and messy further along. <<less
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As of C154 I will give story a 5/5 and TL a 4/5.

I've been rather let down by a number of lackluster historical cnovels recently but I've been thoroughly revived by this story!

It fits the bill of what I want to read in a story– character development, believable romance and an interesting succinct plot.

This is FL's third reincarnation and thus she had learnt from past experiences what she ought to do to ensure a better life. However with this cheat, she is still met with all kinds of tribulations as... more>> she is unable to forgo kinship/ friendship, has a strong sense of justice and is warmhearted by nature.

I like that I was able to see the character development from when they were young'uns to established individuals. <<less
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fltstrt rated it
The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tongue
May 7, 2019
Status: c82 part2
Story 5/5, TL 4.5/5

Oh man this story really evoked the feels... you can enjoy it on a superficial level as the author wrote it in a very unassuming lighthearted way but when you introspect and peel the layers of the characters that's when you realise that their love is actually v bittersweet and hard to come by.

As readers, you can definitely sympathise w our three main characters. They all deserve to love and be loved. But fate can be a cruel thing and love can only blossom when everything aligns... more>> to your favour.

As a self proclaim foodie and Chef hobbyist, I love the dramatised cooking aspect of the book very much.

Overall the author did a great job. ML is a tricky character to write but she successfully made him an eccentric, genius, one-of-a-kind yet very human and lovable guy w flaws.

ML and 2nd ML are both v memorable characters and their way of loving FL left a deep impression on me.

MC is admirable too for she has a positive can-do attitude despite her poor family background. She is likeable and relatable.

When I was reading this story I was constantly reminded of Ding Mo's stories. The biggest common theme of these stories is that ML and FL have a shared passion, they have chemistry and works well together. I love reading this sort of dream team rapport– couple dynamic.

I hope more translators pick up works (both MG and danmei) by this author! She always has v unique premises. <<less
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