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Edited (4/25/18) to reflect current state. I'm Flowingcloud, the main translator of the series. I thought I should leave some thoughts on the novel here. While Killing Slime for 300 Years, I Became The Max Level Unknowingly (aka Max Level Witch) is a novel that is full of slice of life, but has a decent plot. The story is full of fuwa fuwa (cuteness), so give it a try if you have time. The main character, Azusa, is not your stereotypical passive or reserved MC, but someone who actually has... more>> a brain, and puts her priorities first. So if you're done with the reincarnated female MC otome game plot, this is something certainly refreshing for you. Currently, the story is very slice-of-life, so it's good for a casual and binge read.

There are other characters that join over time: slime spirits, dragon, elf and demon. They greatly contribute to the story's cuteness, so please read!

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flowingcloud rated it
Reincarnated as My Little Sister
October 2, 2018
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Translator here to give a (sort of biased) review.

It's a slice of life story and there's NO INCEST, so I'm sorry if you were hoping for incest and I hope readers who rate 1 star without reading won't do such a thing. It's purely a family comedy and although there seem to be like romantic hints, you're probably just imagining things.

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Hey @Kanna here, it's the translator and screw you too.

Other than that, I should probably make a review and f*** all you flamers who are talking sh*t when all you're doing is spreading negativity.

The novel is slightly different from the manga, but overall it's the same plot. The main character Yuuri is just on her OP journey and it's basically slice of life with ... more>>

the cat that appears really quickly.


Don't expect a real plot or any super action, just overpowered loli little girl (who used to be an adult) having fun in a game world. <<less
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