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"Alright, lets avoid any flags!"
Immediately falters in her will and goes to the same place as the other main characters. Proceeds to intentionally trail the rival character in order peek on main characters and get caught by another male lead (Hasumi) instead. And of course she immediately does something s*upid trying to hide themselves and ends up mounting this guy, like seriously? Can't you just normally push someone away out of sight???
The thoughts such as "The Hasumi cooperating measure is rejected!" or "I don't want to be involved... more>> with them" and "I'll just become air" just a few chapters ago flies out of the window as of course this other male lead immediately blackmails her into cooperation. Ah yes, the infamous black bellied friend of the prince who uses all kinds of measures that are literally considered as harassment to get the female lead to cooperate. And she just goes along with it, thinks that she should help him emotionally, gets heart throbs and falls in love with him but she keeps denying it. Like wth, not only did you just contradict yourself, but you are also dense and in denial. I really dislike these type of heroines. It's also ironic because she became the type of heroine she didn't want to become.
I would've rated it much higher if she was a bit more honest with herself. <<less
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Volume 1 was pretty good. However flaws in characters were already starting to show and volume 2 is just bad imo.

MC is an absolute whimp and tries to push his worldview of girls and other things onto other characters. His second (the human) mom is just a bad, a tsundere sadist. As of v2c17 I can't stand these two characters anymore and am dropping it. I really hope that it gets better in the future.
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fireutsie rated it
Youjo Senki
December 20, 2016
Status: v1c5
This novel is good, if you love strategy, warfare, magic and world-war 1/2 settings. Then this novel is absolutely something for you. As many other people pointed out, they didn't like the info dump as well as philosophy. But this is good in my opinion. I don't want a story where x and y do this, then they won with incredible odds and got tons of prestige from it. No, I want a detailed story where I can immerse myself in, knowing what different characters think and why they behave... more>> like that, as well as the necessary world-building. And even so, I think the info dump wasn't as bad as Mahouka where they literally went on for pages about how magic works.

All in all it's a good story, well written, and certainly enjoyable. If you like a version of this story without too much information dump, but still get the action scenes as well as story development, I would recommend reading the manga, which has superb art btw. And the anime which will be airing soon. <<less
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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage
August 3, 2017
Status: c74
First off, don't go into this novel thinking that you'll get a super serious and well thought out piece of masterwork. The novel is more on the comedic and rediculous side.

With that out of the way I will now describe the feel that I'm getting from this novel. And it really does feel like a darksouls crossover with a dating sim. Everytime the MC has to fight an enemy he's always lower levelled in crappy gear while going against superior boss level waves. He doesn't magically one hit ko them,... more>> rather, he has to suffer a lot to best them.

In this novel, the MC is and probably will always be overshadowed by his yandere gf's in terms of power. But that's what makes the story fun. It's about a person desperately trying to survive his harem of OP yandere gf's in rediculous circumstances with a plot that doesn't take itself too serious. Oh and it has got some ecchi in it. <<less
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Slow Prison Life
February 17, 2019
Status: c4
This is pretty good. Instead of the usual otome villainess cliche and tropes we have a psycho noble daughter who defies common sense and just does whatever she wants.
The humor is pretty funny too. I'm looking forward to more chapters
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fireutsie rated it
The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs
February 17, 2019
Status: v2c10
Would've been a 3.5/5 otherwise but this suffers heavily from the JP good two shoes MC who doesn't/can't kill the bad guys.
... more>>

Oh, you just declared war on my country, invaded, took my girl hostage, tried to kill my fellow classmates and fired cannons with the intention to kill at me?

Best I can do is to knock you out with rubber bullets and let you live! I can't kill anyone, this is the best I can do!

At some point he even outright says that he can't kill and wonders how long he can let the bad guys off lightly. All while subjugating pirates who steal and murder.

Then there is this hugely inconsistent plothole. Why is the head of the country the king when it's supposed to be a matriarchy? This literally doesn't make sense.

A ton of stereotyping about the women too makes it really weird. Why do I feel as if there is incel tier stereotyping towards women?
I could look past these two flaws but the first one really pisses me off.


What a waste of time <<less
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Tl:DR Read this if you want a light read about a 0 common sense, cute and OP MC that will brutally murder her foes for snacks or gifts as she tries to find out about her ancestry and where her "adoptive father" Z went.

Slightly longer version below:

... more>>

The closest thing I can relate this to is Rain, but with a female main character.

It has some strategy in it, but it doesn't have the world building nor the depth of a proper strategy novel like Tenkyou no Alderamin and Altina. While it has plenty of fighting scenes, it doesn't have the deep plot, developed characters, relationships and epic combat scenes as novels like Rain, 86, the faraway paladin or highschool battle novels like Mahouka.

I really wish that the novel had more depth to it and was more fleshed out. There are hints of world building and the overarching plot, she tries to find out her origins and here Z is, but those bits are really short and leave much to be desired. I keep bashing this point because I feel like this novel had so much more potential. Right now it is just ok, but it could have been a much better novel.

It's no masterpiece, but it does do its job well in telling a story that is attractive for a certain crowd.

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I had a hunch when I saw the cover of the novel and read that the hero only wanted to have an all female party. And at the end of volume 1 it turned out that I was right about it.

Major vol1 spoiler ... more>>

The hero is actually a woman.

But then what do they with this plot twist? Absolutely nothing. There is no explanation why he has to hide this secret. And there is no further development on this issue. And these kind of issues are what irk me the most about the novel. The characters are shallow, and no significant character development or world building takes place. The interactions between the hero and his companions too are kinda just shallow, generic and forced. The good thing is that the interactions between the priest and his superiors as well as subordinates are funny.

The setting is what sets this novel apart from a lot of the other fantasy-isekai novels, it offers something fresh after all those op edgy isekai s*ave harem novels. The novel is mainly focused on the Priest and the Hero and is mainly told from the Priest's POV but sometimes the hero also gets a part. The main character is the priest, not the kind of priest you usually find; he cusses, he drinks, he threatens, he scams, he bashes enemies in with a mace, comes up with the most extreme ideas and even curses his own god. He will do anything to accomplish his mission of guiding the hero, and he certainly doesn't hold back with retorting or cursing when things go wrong. It's what makes the novel great. But here is where it all stops being great.

The Hero is s*upid, he's does not make rational descisions, has a narrow-minded view about certain things, and has a strong belief in justice which backfires spectacularly. And it would've been fine if we found out why he turned out to be like this, but nope, after 3 volumes there are barely any snippets about his past in Japan. Why he doesn't like males either is not explained. He also doesn't really grow as a character, nor does his character get explored. So I'm kinda disappointed.

The side characters are also very flat. We get some snippets about their past but it took 3 volumes to have the mystery revealed why the mage can only use fire magic. And it was really only explained in like 1 sentence too.

No idea why the swordsman took up a different school or why she has 0 magic ability.

No idea what the aide of the priest is actually thinking and why she volunteered for the job. She hinted that she had met him before and seems to harbor some feelings of love towards the priest? But all of this doesn't really get touched upon since she refuses to speak about her past meeting with the priest because the priest forgot about it. And I really don't blame him since the dude has to deal daily with the most troublesome people and tasks that probably exists in his world.

As said in the beginning, my opinion is that the novel is kinda fresh and unique for its setting. The priest is a great and uncommon type of character. But the character development, interactions and worldbuilding are just really non-existent. Most (side) characters are flat and uninteresting. And I really wish that this part was done better. Because it would've been a solid novel otherwise.

I give it a 3/5

Edit: As of volume 4 not much has changed. I do have to say that it is still the priest and his subordinates that are making the story worth reading. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
March 2, 2018
Status: v2 prologue
This novel really did a good job on showcasing a variety of emotions; cruelty, hopelessness, despair, foolishness and optimism. It's a grim and dark novel, not grim and dark like those edgy novels, but one that paints those themes in a slightly more realistic manner. People die, sudden and without warning. No shitty monologues in the middle of battle, hours of chanting magic while the opponent does nothing, nobody shouting his skill while executing it. It feels like a real battle without all that bullshit.

The worldbuilding is decent as of... more>> volume one, but. The real thing is that these characters grow on you. And that makes reading this novel rather painful as you reach the end of volume 1. Character development was not that elaborated and a lot of the characters weren't even explored fully. But I guess that volume 1 was only a prologue to the real story. So it can't be helped.

Imo this novel as of volume 1 could stand alone as a oneshot. Because it's written that well. It's so good and I can't wait for the other volumes to be translated. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
I Favor the Villainess
February 19, 2019
Status: epilogue
To clarify on the other review, there is no NTR in this novel, NTR basically means cuckhold, usually related to sexual acts. And there is none of that in this story. You can rest assured.

The 2nd thing that needs to be said is that this novel is very politics heavy. Both from the authors view on homosexuality, gender indentity to society. And the plot in the novel being about the MC solving political issues. This really isn't a school yuri romance after the initial chapters.

Onto the review then:

The good parts... more>> are that it's a decently written yuri novel. The characters show development in their feelings, they become much more likable later. The MC works hard towards winning over the villainess while she tries to "fix" certain events of the otome game. I like mc's that work hard for their goal. The villainess is also an interesting character. While at first glance she might seem like a selfish abusive tsundere, later on she becomes a bit more dere, starts opening up more and shows character growth as she tries to solve the issues that she is burdened with.
There are also some fights here and there, but not really the main focus of this novel. Therefore you shouldn't go into this novel expecting great fighting scenes. Though, sometimes the references are hilarious.

Now there are some bad points too. Mainly because I feel like I'm being spoonfed about the author's views on sexuality, gender indentity and politics. Like I get it, you want to preach about it, it happens in a lot of novels, but if you dedicate entire chapters to it then I'll start feeling that it's a bit excessive.
Other than that, a lot of the time certain developments feel forced and rushed. Major plot events get introduced on a whim and end way too quick. And some of the major characters fade into obscurity for seemingly no reason. I felt like they should've taken a bit more time to flesh the world building out a bit more. But this story takes place in the world of an otome game, so again, it's not like you could've expected much.

Some spoilers and more clarification about the bad parts:

The MC is a masochist who throws herself onto the villainess, (an actual child and not a mentally mature person like the mc), with emotional scars. It literally became sexual harassment at some point. But lets put that on the side shall we since it gets better later on.

In this story we constantly get fed on the political views of the author. Monarchy is failing, and thus it is concluded that everyone should be treated equally. I mean it's fine and all but with how the MC is "guiding" the villainess love interest on her political views I really feel like I'm being spoonfed politics. Which isn't what I was looking for.

Another thing is the authors view on homosexuals. Yes, I get it, homosexuals aren't accepted everywhere, there is need to preach about it, and since this is a yuri story I was expecting some kind of talk about that since it is part of the character development. What I didn't expect was again, the authors political views on homosexuals being spoonfed on us. Also, they mentioned at the start of the story that homosexuals were RARE, then how come we keep getting important people introduced that are homosexual? Or is it just purely for the yuri harem the MC creates unintentionally?

Also in the later chapters we get a bombshell dropped on us that one of the males is actually a female and we get an entire lecture arc about gender identity. Like why? How is this even relevant to the plot of two girls trying to love eachother? The MC didn't even know that since it wasn't in the original Otome game.

I have no problems with homosexuals, otherwise I wouldn't be reading this novel, but I was looking for romance, not politics.


All in all it's enjoyable as long as you don't mind the excess amount of politics in this novel.
It's a 2.5/5. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
Is it Tough Being a Friend?
February 15, 2019
Status: v2
Like others have said. This novel is a bait and switch. The summary had me completely fooled and while the plot twist was kinda unexpected. I didn't really like it and the plot soon became generic afterwards. This wasn't what I had signed up for. Such a shame too since the original premise was kinda unique and plenty fun.
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fireutsie rated it
I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again!
February 16, 2019
Status: c15
I like it, the MC realizes that she had done wrong and repents for it. And after time looping back to the past she doesn't suddenly become OP or start living her live happily again. She tries to slowly overcome those depressing things which had pushed her into despair and doing horrible things. She is learning and struggling with all her might. I like this kind of MC. I feel like that there is a lot of room for her character to grow and I'm looking forward to that.
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Nejimaki Seirei Senki – Tenkyou no Alderamin
August 24, 2016
Status: v14
This novels will suit you if you're looking to a novel that handles things a bit more mature than the usual jp novels. All of the characters are being developed and have actual backstory. Relationships get explored, battles are fought and blood is being spilled.

This novel is mainly about warfare strategies. And thus I would compare it to a more of a mature version "Altina the sword princess" with a MC that has bigger balls, is very smart, less dense, and an overall cast that somehow creates a very comfortable... more>> feeling when they are together, as if you were together with your own friends joking around.

A little warning before you start reading but this one isn't for people who can't deal with tragedy because there is going to be a lot of it in it. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
Sword of Daybreaker
April 22, 2020
Status: c890
TL;DR: Highly recommended for people who have the patience to enjoy a highly detailed kingdom building novel. Especially if you liked Release That Witch which is somewhat similar to this novel. It goes in deeper about the details, philosophy, schemes, politics and inventions than RTW. Which has resulted into less battles.

This novel is more about kingdom building and less about war. The novel goes in deep about politics, public opinion, religious belief, scheming and society. We get a thorough explanation about not only how he invents and implement things but... more>> also why he does it.

As others have said, it is similar to Release That Witch. However in my opinion it is also different in a way that it manages to not be called Release That Which 2.0. This novel takes place in the universe of "The Record of Unusual Creatures", once you reach the later chapters (600+) and uncover some answers, you will see that the overarching plot is very different than that of RTW. And how he handles his "opponents" is also very different. The few battles and showoffs the MC has are all well written and hyped up, which offsets this issue somewhat.

Compared to RTW I would say that this novel goes in deeper into the technicalities and philosophy. Less adventuring and conquering. More thinking, talking, drawing up plans and scheming. And boy does our MC scheme well, his plans are several moves ahead of his enemies and allies. There are also some really formidable enemies as well as competent enemy leaders. A lot more factions compared to RTW.

The inventions too have issues due to the physics of the universe working differently. So the MC could not implement his ideas directly and has to rely on competent allies and subordinates to solve things. The biggest difference perhaps is that the MC isn't the only one with talented people, his enemies also have talented people and are progressing while he is trying to get his stuff together.

As of right now there has also not been any signs of romance. Which is kinda expected because our mc's mind got a little bit warped by his reincarnation procedure. This also leads to certain very interesting and hilarious things later on.

The are few "battles" however the buildup is good. There are plenty of mysteries the MC has to solve. But he doesn't do it alone since he has to rule over his lands and work. So he makes allies, friends and subordinates who can help him solve the mysteries. He does step in occasionally but he is mostly not on the frontlines or in direct command.

I think it is a very well done kingdom building novel. Some people might find it slow, however I really like this slow paced way of planning things out and going into detail about stuff other novels skip in order to fit in more fighting and adventuring. <<less
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The story setting is decent, we've seen this kind of setting done over and over again, it doesn't manage to stand out nor does it feel bad or cheap. What really makes the story is the female main character.

I like the main character a lot. She fights and works hard for that which she cherishes. She has faults, has emotions and her hate for her enemies is not unjustified. She has morals, but also accepts that she cannot save everyone, she knows of the virtues and justice, but also knows... more>> that only fools blindly follow these ideals. There is not a thing that I dislike about her.

However, what I do dislike is the male lead. He's the typical perfect tsundere, stalking, overly-assertive, and obsessive guy in these kind of romance novels. Cold to everyone, haughty, domineering and ruthless to everyone. And obviously, what is his weakness/soft spot in his heart? The female main character. Everytime he shows up, there are multiple paragraphs of praises for his beauty, courage and whatever. Despite the main character trying to push him away, he just wedges himself into her life with the help of the author of this story. I dislike these kind of male love interest. I mean come on, who the hell doesn't get creeped out if some guy just break into their house and treats himself as a guest, evenmoreso if it's in the middle of the night in an unmarried ladies' room in those ancient times? Can I really root for someone who sexually harasses his way into the female leads heart?

I also want to say something about the translations. I'm happy and thankful for them, but it's kinda frustrating to have your immersion broken by some very obvious spelling or grammar errors that ruin the flow of the sentence.

I give it a 3.5/5, I would've rated it much higher if not for the problems I personally have with the male lead. If you don't mind such a male lead, then you will definitely like this story. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess
February 14, 2019
Status: Completed
This story feels inconsistent.

More detailed thoughts but contains major spoilers about the entire story:
... more>>

First arc is how Chris (the female mc) meets her sister and dotes on her. This is fine and all just like the summary portrays.

Then comes the 2nd arc of Chris falling in love with the 3rd prince and her literally taking 2 years to come in terms with her feelings and express it well. Like what? Completely not in sync with how her character was portrayed at first.

Then comes the intermission of her and her "friends".

And finally there is the 4th arc from chapter 80 on. Where Chris decides to play the villain for the sake of her sister only to reconcile with her sister who sees through the scheme and manipulated everyone in order to make up with Chris.

At this point I was very confused. What about all those future snippets of her becoming the real villain. What about this entire overthrow the nobility thing that gets mentioned? Is this even the world of the Otome game? And above all, why is Chris still acting like a kid even though she has the memories of her previous life and lived so long in this life? It makes no sense.

Her sister, who was bullied according to Chris' memory, isn't meek at all. She is a yandere with some very high scheming skills like her mother. Whom we also know next to nothing about but keeps being mentioned as a dangerous person who can manipulate everyone around her and trying to cause a revolution.

At this point I had no idea what is even going on anymore or where the story is headed. Was it supposed to be a tragedy like a certain other brocon story or is it just a story about a foolish girl (Chris) who tries to make her sister, who actually needs no protecting but only cares about having Chris by her side, happy?

And then out of nowhere, the story ended after they had made up. All these loose ends and plotholes left a very unsatisfying ending.

In the end it was a happy ending for the MC, as she apparently became pregnant and bore a son with the man (2nd prince) whom she loved. This ending is fine, but it's not what the novel was implying at the start?

Edit: It ended just like that? All that foreshadowing, all these other loose ends... Wth, the ending is so rushed. I'm not even going to recommend this anymore. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
Goblin Slayer
January 29, 2019
Status: v5 epilogue
I'm not entirely sure what the author intended with Goblin Slayer. When I read volume 1, I was thinking that this was supposed to be some sort of dark fantasy novel with a MC, goblin slayer, who was ruthless due to a rather dark past and fixated on revenge. The setting was dark, the world seemed grim, and hope was at an all time low.

Then I read volume 2 to 5. And the story takes a much lighter tone, with each volume becoming more lighthearted. He is now surrounded by... more>> "friends", party members and women who have (romantic) feelings for him. His party members joke around during battles, they party around, and the elf forbids him from using certain tactics that she deems as too vile. At some point in volume 5 they even have a dead weight tagging along while infiltrating the enemy HQ, and they still joke around. This is not what I had expected after reading volumes 1. I know, Goblin Slayer still only cares about killing goblins, but there has been a change in him, a change I didn't want or expected to see.

The story has become "generic" now, just like how The Faraway Paladin took a nosedive after the first volume. Some will probably disagree with my opinion, but these are my honest thoughts

This story is not that kind of dark fantasy novel. It's a novel about a broken man and his surroundings who try to help him in slowly recovering from his "PTSD" so that he can start enjoying life again. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite
July 31, 2017
Status: --
This novel is quite good. The pacing is a bit fast here and thete but the longer chapters make up for that. The setting is not revolutionary but the writing is refreshing and interesting enough to make up for it. Some of the more complex and difficult things get skipped way too fast though imo.

There is one thing that really ruined this for me. As certain others have said, the MC is a gigolo in the first story arc.

There is literally no reason for the MC to sleep with/seduce other... more>> women in order threaten/coax them for information afterwards. Even if the author tries to justify it with MC wanting to protect his dear ones. That left quite a bad aftertaste in my mouth. Because it just feels like a cheap and forced attempt to make the MC alfa. To make things worse, this change in personality came out of nowhere in the span of a single chapter. I was really surprised as the MC wasn't portrayed as a person who would do this during earlier parts. From the main female interest pov she's just getting constantly ntr'd as the MC is hanging around other women for "the greater good". <<less
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fireutsie rated it
Still, Wait For Me
July 19, 2017
Status: c43
First things first, you won't be able to find anything revolutionary or mind blowing plot in this reincarnation story. But it certainly is refreshing from all of the cultivating reincarnations as it's set in the modern times. The pacing is ok and won't make you fell like it's rushed or too slow.

The MC doesn't have superpowers or OP brains for revolutionary inventions ect., just his own life experience. Which gives the story a more realistic vibe. And if you're familiar with the Chinese/asian culture around highschool and studying then perhaps... more>> you will able to relate yourself to particular things that happen in the story.

The supporting characters all get an introduction and some background here and there. And although the key supporting characters seem to have their own personalities, they aren't exactly very deep. But that could change as more chapters get translated.

As for the romance, it will not be a harem, (the tag is also not there). The MC only loves this one girl while he does handle the other girls quite good (nothing inappropriate).

The translation is done very well, as usual from Volarenovels. Though it has some minor errors, which is probably due to the mass release.

All in all I think it's a good and solid read. 4/5. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
Divine Card Creator
April 7, 2020
Status: c680
Last updated on 13th of april 2020
TL;DR: Fun and unique concept but the novel deteriorates in at the end of volume 1 where it starts to have an excessive amount of bad slapstick/tsukkomi comedy which causes a sharp drop in quality of the novel. You can't take anything serious anymore. And it's really a shame because if the author stopped forcing his humor everywhere the story would be good. Because once in a while when there is finally a serious chapter the story really starts to shine.

Full review:

This is... more>> novel that has uniqueness to it. When you think about cultivation you don't really think about card creators. The way the MC uses these cards in battles is also rather unique. The "guild building" part is also well done. The major side characters are charming too.

The downside is that the creation of the cards and the techniques behind it are not well constructed. In the beginning the author said it was similar to programming but I can't see how drawing lines and strokes has anything to do with programming. The other techniques such are also vauge, I feel like the author is just making stuff up on the spot. The "card creator" cultivation the MC practises is not well described.

It also has some Chinese patriotism, and it's mostly about current issues like where the MC thinks that the slander towards him is similar to how Huawei is being accused which he links to Apple being the culprit (in chapter 545). Even though this is in a new "world" he still relates things to his previous world. However it's very minor and such messages rarely happen. I'm not sure if the author is doing this due to being pressured to write government propaganda or he's doing this out of his own will. Because such mentions are rare in the novel.

Another point is that the humor might not be for everyone. Especially the "dirty" jokes. The story also keeps repeating the same kind of jokes, they aren't "high level" type of jokes but instead often slapstick tier jokes. I feel like the first 100 or so chapters is where the story was at its peak, from there on it just becomes mediocre. When you get to volume 2 of the novel the joking frequency increases way too much to the point of being excessive. Everything the MC does or happens around him needs some kind of joke, some kind of misunderstanding, some kind of tsukkomi and some kind of weird thought. Even during fights he is thinking or talking about things that are supposed to be "funny" which ruins the mood of the fight.

An example of excessive humor: (contains spoilers)

In chapter 628-629 we finally unravel the mystery about Lu Ming (the mc). His weird constitution, his lack of talent and why his parents are not around. However this serious backstory is ruined immediately by forced comedy about his dad not recognizing him. They then fight over some shitty "funny" misunderstandings while saying tsukkomi's that are supposed to be funny. Then afterwards when his dad reveals the story Lu Ming has to think about inappropriate things again so it's "funny". I find this entire thing very distasteful, his parents were very irresponsible. They gave birth to him knowing that it would cause issues, they then put an even bigger issue into his body in order to fix the aforementioned issue. And then abandoned him in order to fix the issue they created themselves. And since his father didn't even recognize him it means that they didn't even bother to check up on him. His sister tried to keep him safe but didn't manage to do so because the original Lu Ming has already died, and our otherworldly MC basically hijacked his body. And now all of this is basically being invalidated because haha we need more "dirty jokes", tsukkomi's, misunderstandings, "black faces", ect. This entire thing is so disappointing.


If you are really looking for something more balanced in jokes and serious content in the genre of modern day comedy cultivation then I would recommend Cultivation Chat Group. Because that novel is imo superior in every aspect compared to this one. <<less
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