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firedrake110 rated it
The Old Man Who Got a Second Round in Another World
October 13, 2018
Status: v2 prologue
If you like reading the same two to three paragraphs each chapter, sometimes multiple times, then this is the series for you. Holy crap does the author love to repeat himself like an elementary schooler trying to pad his word count. I'm serious, he re-treads ground like an obsessive treadmill enthusiast, and it really adds to the monotony.

The story is generic, just add 20 years to the standard protag's age and expect him to act roughly the same as every other MC. He hides his secret to incredible power from... more>> his old friend, lies constantly if it would remotely lead back to anyone else getting a chance at a new start, and then sighs at all "these youngin's that can't mind their manners" when dealing with someone who's walking 1. With a level that makes him look like a rookie/idiot, and 2. With the garbage, throwaway class that can only really leech from parties (but it's super OP for him, because secret hidden knowledge he refuses to share).

He's literally the only person on the planet who has put any effort into learning how to properly swordfight, since nobody else has mastered his incredible skill of "deflecting blows with a sword, instead of taking them to the face." It's literally a world full of idiots and mooks, no exceptions.

Still, not the worst, and it can be funny. 3 stars, I'm just nitpicking <<less
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firedrake110 rated it
Surviving a Harsh Fantasy with Cheat Items
November 1, 2017
Status: c8
All the chapters from hachidori translations' wordpress site suddenly went private, so chapters 1-18 have poofed. RIP anyone that was planning on starting this post-October 2017.

Apart from that, it's a fun time. The guy is given a harsh wake-up call after making a fool of himself and nearly being eaten alive by wolf/dog monsters right out the gate, and from then on understands he's not meant for the harsh life of adventuring or hacking away with a sword in combat. Makes good use of his practical chemistry knowledge, handle on... more>> basic arithmetic, and layman's understanding of several different industries (i.e. mining is easier to do with explosives than with just raw manpower, selling simple detergent to commoners will get you tons of business, meaning immediate capital, etc...).

That people being summoned into that world has established precedent makes it easy for him to get by, without being dragged off and hung/burnt/drafted by the local royalty. The handy sidekick of alchemist/scholar sensei is a little too convenient, but it lets the plot take off much more quickly than it would otherwise, so I'm not faulting it. The first meaningful companion/acquaintance being a notable figure from the royal capital out in the countryside due to plot contrivances is a little less reasonable... But the girls he gets to help out with his business are all adorable, so it's all good! Yay for lots of fun/cute characters <<less
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