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Kinda like "Dragged into the Class transfer" but the male gains the benefits and the females give the milk (if uknow wat eye mean) *wink*

Probably 30more chapters before leaving breast suckling galore, butt the translator is enjoying it (so much) so it'll probably reach the main story. the author probably just crave for big sized breasts.

Cool story. But has many things to complain about... like breast milk equals skills..... and 1yr old talking, fighting, axe wielding, adventurer kid who used to be a shut in butt after transfer becomes... more>> a breast milk sucking maniac because of random reason of why does a 13yrs old have breast milk that contains skills in them.

Rate: 3 for certain reasons but will change if those reasons disappear <<less
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finestart rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
June 5, 2016
Status: c119
This is actually a good WN.

The protagonist is just a high school student who is practically not in need of any female to male activities. In short he is "gay" he's always near his male assistant and let the female ones go around the world for his convenience (he wants Japanese food).

Whats more is he seeks for his "fated one" "he himself must love" butt does not approach anyone. Dckless protag who is secretly op and secretly a mayor. The empire hero has more dck than he does and that... more>> hero used to be a coward.

I rate it 4 nontheless since its amazing <<less
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finestart rated it
Godly Stay-Home Dad
March 6, 2019
Status: c79
Its good

Typical story of the father spoiling his kid

But the romance part as of chp49 is kinda bland and I assume its going to be like ceo wife where it will take some time for the romance to get going.

After being taken by a different translator the novel turned to sht, the previous translators didnt even check the quality of translation the translator does before passing the novel.

3 cuz of bad translation and slow af slice of life


I give it 4 now cuz the translation gradually got cleaner
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This one is super vanilla and it damaged my brain while reading it cuz there's so many frustrating parts about the MC being too much of a pure saint. The story's around 50%foodstuff, 30%about the kids and 20%fights. Just beware that reading this will give you some brain damage but if you have just that much free time and seeking for new experience then try this. The story's just too baby cheeks soft for me. This is good in its own way and an oujou-chan little girl that goes kya... more>> kya~ fufufu~ will probably rate this 5/5 but ill rate it 3.5/5. <<less
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