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feyries rated it
Assassin Farmer
September 12, 2017
Status: c42
Read if you like:

  • Slice of life (seriously, there was one chapter that just described their newly renovated house)
  • No love triangles (at least, none so far... *crosses fingers)
  • Tsundere male leads (watching the ML slowly melting into a puddle of fluff was literally 80% of the entertainment)
  • Nice, but no-nonsense female leads
Don't read if you don't like any of the above.

But seriously, I urge you to give this story a try! It's not a martial arts story where the transmigrated female lead gets revenge on her... more>> entire family. It's not one of those cultivating stories where the transmigrated female lead has insane cheats and a spirit beast companion or two. What this is, is a heartwarming story about a girl who only knows how to embroider and an assassin who only knows how to kill, and how they fall in love and live out the rest of their days together.

This is the mac and cheese of stories, it's an afghan blanket in a dark winter night, it's chicken soup when you're running a cold.

Oh, and did I mention they have two pet snow white wolves? They're the cutest balls of fluff ever, because of course they would be. <<less
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feyries rated it
Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead
February 16, 2019
Status: Completed
What can I say about this absolutely marvelous novel that hasn't been said before? My brain nearly melted MTLing this novel, but still I pushed through because This. Was. Crack.

Read this novel if you like:

    • Yandere female leads. Yeah, there aren't that many of those in Chinese novels, I find. Usually, female leads take a couple thousand chapters to fall in love with their obsessed male leads, leading us readers to wonder why there's even a romance tag on stories like that. Not this one. Our female lead falls pretty quickly (within ~5 arcs) and she falls HARD.
    • Shameless female leads. Now, our female lead isn't shameless because she chooses to be. No, our female lead starts off the story like a blank piece of paper, a completely emotionless world-hopper. Through her interactions with the ML, she gradually develops feelings and emotions. Remember that bit about her being a yandere? Yeah, she doesn't understand what the proper protocol is to pursue someone, so whenever she sees our ML, she just goes out and... uh... *coughs
    • 1v1 no 3rd wheels! I'm not sure why this story is called face slapping the second female lead. There's actually not much face slapping that goes on. Usually, the FL finds her ML, they proceed to feed us tons of dog food, and if there's any face slapping, it's usually incidental to all this.
    • Love-centred plot line. YUP, there's not much plot to this. Actually, scratch that - there's a pretty clever overarching plot behind the mystery of who is the ML, and it's really consistent and beautiful, so major props to the author for that. It wasn't scrambled together last minute to end the series, that's for sure. Anyways, during each of the arcs, there's usually a mission of sorts that the FL has to complete. But given our FL's temperament... as soon as she sees ML.... what mission? There's missions? LOL
What are you waiting for? Get reading! If you're going to pick a novel to suffer through MTL, this is it people. You will absolutely fall in love with these two precious babies.
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feyries rated it
100 Ways to Get the Male God
January 1, 2019
Status: c261
Note: I am machine translating this story and painfully struggling through with my broken Chinese, so please note that I only understand about 75% of what is actually happening.

This story is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read if you like:

  1. The purest ML ever. Honestly, in some story arcs he's just a fluffy white bunny and the FL takes the initiative and it is sooo goood.
  2. No love triangles. Seriously, these two idiots only have eyes for each other, it's so darn cute watching their feelings progress. Every arc shows a new side of the ML and it just makes you fall deeper and deeper in love with him.
  3. Transmigration stories in general. I mean, this one is a bit different though because the system really takes a backseat; it basically only exists to transport FL into different worlds and THAT'S IT! So refreshing. Also, I don't find there to be too much of an emphasis on getting revenge for the host; although that is an element, most of the time the story focuses on the FL and ML's clumsy ventures into love and it's beautiful.
This is also the first story I have ever machine-translated, it's that good. I am actually putting myself through the painful process of understanding what Google spews out because I need to know what happens next so badly. Please, please translator, please... more>> work hard and add oil! <<less
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feyries rated it
Quick Transmigration: Male Lead, You’re Overpowered?
February 21, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel was fluffy crack. Seriously. It was so heartwarming at times, and it was just.... I machine translated the ENTIRE THING and do I regret it? No, no I do not.

Read this novel if you like:

    • THE CUTEST SYSTEM EVER. That's right, I'm calling it here. Marshmallow is the cutest system ever. I'm not spoiling the story and saying why, but suffice it to say when the the entire backstory of the FL and ML ends up being revealed, you will nod sagaciously along with me and go, "What a cute system. Here, let me hug you." Also, when the entire story is over with, the great author gives us an extra ~20 chapter epilogue of one of Marshmallow's future adventures, and I SQUEE'D throughout the whole thing it was absolutely adorable. And this is coming from someone who hates FL-system interactions and thinks systems should just be silent. Well, Marshmallow is the sole exception to this whole rule because Marshmallow deserves the whole world.

      There's only one arc where the FL and ML don't grow old together and kind of exist separately until they die, and I sobbed my heart out

    • The character development of the FL. Ah Zhao kind of starts off the entire thing as a completely blank piece of paper, but then she starts gaining her own thoughts and independence. In a later arc, she remarks that if she hadn't met the ML so soon, maybe the ML wouldn't have made an impact on her.

      (or so she likes to think - I beg to differ, their love is kind of inescapable, there was this one arc where their memories were completely washed and she followed her instincts and STILL found her man)

      Yeah, so watching Ah Zhao develop as her own complete being that is separate and distinct from the ML was really like watching your daughter grow up, it was beautiful. And watching her exert independence from just being the ML's 'plugin' was also beautiful.
Do I think this was the best transmigration story ever? Nope. That honour still belongs to Xia Lang and her Wen Ren in QT: Face Slapping the Second Male Lead. I honestly doubt I'll find anything to beat the glory that is QT: FSSML in a long while because Xia Lang is.... very unique.

But I do think this was a great transmigration story? Yes, I really do. This checked all the boxes for me. It delivered heaping piles of fluff, there was enough character progression, the back story was written very well and by the end I was hoping for more of their past and more of their original love story.

I think maybe the only pity with this story is that I felt like I never got to see Ah Zhao's true feelings. The writing style is somewhat different. In QT:FSSML, you read from Xia Lang's POV and you really do see her emotional progress towards the ML and different people. Here, in some arcs I feel like you don't know exactly how Ah Zhao is thinking and feeling.
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feyries rated it
I Am A Matchmaker on Taobao
June 26, 2019
Status: Completed
This story is so cute!! I MTL'd the entire thing with zero regrets, it is that good.

Read this story if you like:

  • A very adorable ML who is respectful and a bit awkward but really, really loves our FL.
  • A straightforward FL who is rational (does not fall into the clumsy, Mary Sue, too stupid to live category) and has a heart (does not fall into the reincarnated assassin/poison genius etc. Category). Basically, a down-to-earth girl with a college degree trying to build a career.
  • Zero abuse. Seriously! No third wheels, no stupid misunderstandings, I didn't cry once reading this - it's been a fluffy, comforting ride.
  • Somewhat episodic nature. Because of the FL's special powers, she basically shoots a new movie and meets a new lost soul to work her magic on. I quite liked that actually, since it was interesting to learn about other people's love troubles while the main plot (i.e. ML and FL realizing they love each other) moves along.
Okay, I have an assessment tomorrow and still binge read this, so you have zero excuses. Please give this book a chance, it will heal all the booboos your heart didn't even know it had. Translator, add oil!
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feyries rated it
A Love So Beautiful
January 20, 2018
Status: --
I came here after finishing the drama adaption!!! Since I loved the drama so much, I expected to love the novel as well. And indeed, I'm very thankful someone is translating this novel and bringing us Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen's sweet, fluffy story :)
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feyries rated it
Ze Tian Ji
March 19, 2018
Status: c570
Read if you like:

  • A smart, hardworking protagonist who doesn't go on killing sprees and likes to think about the philosophy of life
  • Solid romance (although you might feel rage in the beginning chapters, trust me, when the romance kicks in it really kicks in)
  • Politics and court intrigue --> this might turn some readers off though, b/c Way of Choices is not your typical martial arts story
  • Suspense and mystery --> seriously, even now I'm not sure what exactly is the protagonist's background and it's making me n e r v o u s
  • Great, fully developed side characters (aka Tang Thirty-Six, aka my future husband hello handsome)
Cons: It's slow. Like, I mean, some arcs can be very slow. There's no instant gratification in this novel, it reads more like a slice-of-life... more>> at times (okay, maybe not that slow... stuff actually does happen, don't worry). Suffice it to say, because of the mystery of the unfolding plot line, it might be hard to understand some things in the beginning. I might compare this to Grandmaster Strategist (don't exactly remember what it was called, correct me if I'm wrong).


Chen Changsheng is a young Daoist boy who has studied in a countryside village his entire life with his Master and Senior Brother. He spent his entire childhood memorizing 3, 000 books, the books which compromise the entire Daoist Canon. Yup, hello genius protagonist! One day, he journeys to the Imperial Capital to find his fiancee and end his engagement, because he strongly believes that he's going to die before he's 20 and he thinks this would be deeply unfair to his fiancee. Hijinks ensue, and he ends up caught in the middle of a power struggle that sweeps the entire Empire. Let the boy live! All he's ever wanted is to cultivate in peace and read his damn books! <<less
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feyries rated it
The Grandmaster Strategist
December 11, 2017
Status: v4
This novel is definitely extremely different from your usual, standard wuxia novels. I'll elaborate below:

Read this novel if you like:

  • Incredibly detailed, complicated plot points where there is buckets of foreshadowing and it seems like the author actually has a plan and is following it
  • Minor characters that you will end up falling in love with, and that actually also go through character growth and aren't there just to prop up the MC (hello Prince of Qi you gorgeous man >.<)
  • A realistic (well, more realistic) depiction of court intrigue and politics
  • No harems
  • Beautiful poetry (seriously sublime, 10/10 would recommend)
Thank you to the translator for their incredible work and their faithful reproduction of the text's meaning! Thank you for somehow managing to translate the elegance and insidiousness of Imperial politics into English.

The... more>> one thing I didn't like about the novel: (SPOILERS AHEAD YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)


The first half of the novel depicted the Fengyi Sect as the grand overarching enemy. What made me uncomfortable about the author's depiction of the Fengyi Sect is that they demonized these traits in women: independence, participation in politics, strength. There was a huge emphasis on the traditional role of wives and a preference for the ancient patriarchal system. I'm not trying to defend the Fengyi Sect's other terrible actions though, and I agree that arbitrary killing of innocents and insufferable arrogance are just bad, no matter the gender. It's just that I think the author should have said the Fengyi Sect should be destroyed and their members condemned because of their criminal actions period, and not also because they were trying to 'usurp the patriarchal system'.

The author's depiction fits with the culture and way of things during that particular period of ancient Chinese history. However, as a modern reader, it was uncomfortable for me the way that patriarchal values were promoted with great deference. This won't be a problem to some readers of course, and this shouldn't stop you in any way from reading the novel. The novel is worth a look into! Just fair warning that it's not actually okay to treat women like this in real life.

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LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, Don’t Come Here!
January 22, 2018
Status: c51
This story falls under the genre of 'female lead hopping between worlds', and it is crazy good. From what I understand, the story is actually a lot of short, episodic story arcs set in different worlds. This first arc is about the entertainment industry, and it is SO FLUFFY. The fluff is real, the love is real, the heartbreak is real. Although the translator has just gotten to the end of the first arc right now, I'm excited to see what comes next! Hope the second arc is just as... more>> good as this one :) <<less
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feyries rated it
Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang
February 28, 2018
Status: Completed
Absolutely amazing novel.


    • The translation of this novel was unreal. The sentences were poetic and flowing, it read very smoothly
    • Read this if you liked Three Lives Three Worlds, Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost etc. And other xianxia stories
    • BADASS HEROINE. Seriously badass, she was a no-nonsense take-no-prisoners heroine who takes one look at a much higher ranked deity and still decided she would seduce him, come hell or high water. Her straightforward gumption and raw honesty was so admirable.
    • The poor male lead who, even though we don't get much from his pov, I honestly felt really sorry for at times

      because he never really got to live out a full life with the heroine even once. He had to spend way too much time pining for her while being all depressed. Damn you, Siming!


    • Too short. You could have made this into a long drawn-out epic like 3L3W and I would have been A-OK. That is how much I love Sansheng and her Moxi. They are the epitome of epic romance bundled with cute fluff.
I've re-read this novel at least three times already, it's a perennial favourite. The feels, man, the feels. Right in the kokoro. This book is 100% guaranteed to turn me into a happy leaky faucet.
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