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fashionism rated it
Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
January 21, 2018
Status: c177
Overrated??? It clearly deserves the rating it has or perhaps even more.

Dont expect any hack and slash. Its a slice of life people and I understand problems in the old empire can be confusing to some"huymans" who are lazy.

The interaction between the MC and ML is almost none existent so its hard to deffuse the misunderstanding but I think thats part of the plot or side stories. I mean come on its a novel it has to be battered with intrigues. Why not just read children stories? ? I'm pretty... more>> sure those are direct to the point. ūüėĎūüėĎ Well its a good read nonetheless, slow pacing but it doesnt seem dragging. If you're reading for the kill this isn't for you.

You know how people criticize an anime after they have watched episode 2? Thats the thing, reading 20 chaps below is like watching an anime intro song then saying "aww im dropping it because the song isnt good." Foolish! <<less
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fashionism rated it
The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage
January 21, 2018
Status: c117 part2
Isnt it gorey and addicting? I like how malicious our MC is. The author makes it that they totally deserve the pain even on this life not just because they where evil on her past life.

An answer to the person below.

Seriously!this is exactly why people said you should read more. And yet you just judge and say "oh the reincarnation part won't be explained" how do you know? I tell you it will be explained. Aww people say we should love and trust our selves but I wouldnt trust myself... more>> if I where you. Lmao <<less
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The Princess Wei Yang
January 6, 2018
Status: c82 part2
This family matters is a lot dragging. But I cant say its annoying. Infact I would want it to drag more. I mean she gains one after another for these schemes.

A girl born of a low mother, a concubines daughter and an unfavored one at that! I disagree that she could just make one great swoop and cut all of these family matters. Shes basically struggling to take down one let alone all of them at once. She just doesnt have the ability and the right people to do that.

Their... more>> destruction is not even caused by her hands solely but she uses that same knife that they're about to stab at her to stab back at them. <<less
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Stunning Edge
July 15, 2018
Status: c211
This is from someone who tried reading with mtl.

Seriously? The MC is not suffering enough? What chapters have you read so far?

This is what I hate about this ignoble people and their nonesense.

The whole kingdom is out for her blood unlike some books where the leaders fawned on the MC just for being op. But this book is the other way around. She is OP thats why she has to be purged. Now if that isnt suffering enough just stick with your whip and paddles and all that kink you... more>> have. <<less
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