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faraonj rated it
9 Heavenly Thunder Manual
April 25, 2016
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Reviewed at chapter 102. I rated the novel at 4/5. I can't really understand why the novel isn't rated more around 3-5 because its not that bad. It has the some of the same characteristics of other novels such as MC getting OP stuff, dark past, weak to strong because of circumstances. It can be compared to other top novels, it just gives a weird feeling because of the modern setting. I honestly think people don't like the novel because it has a modern world theme, so if you are... more>> totally against martial arts in a modern theme then don't read this novel. Readers also have to note this may have a modern theme, but that doesn't mean its against fantasy elements which people will read in novel.

The novel isn't as good as novels such as Peerless martial god or Against the gods as of now, but its definitely under there. It brings a interesting plot twist with the modern setting and fantasy elements. If you want to read of novel thats somewhat outside of the box and is XianXia; then this is a novel to read.

I also wanted to note, reviews are reviews, they aren't your personal opinion. If you read so many reviews then that review will become your opinion. I originally put off this novel because of its average reviews and one review had


in it and this put the novel off for me. This shouldn't be put out there because it makes the readers more disinclined to read this novel. Honestly who would want to read a novel that has said spoiler in it with a modern tag, but no fantasy tag. Enjoy the novel. Take it in and remember "don't judge a book by its covers." <<less
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