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famous35 rated it
Spirit Vessel
July 16, 2016
Status: c58
Alright... It's BAD. The 2 stars are for the team working on the project.
The MC has no identity. The story is filled with inconsistencies. The side characters are shallow. In short, there's no depth whatsoever; there's nothing to cling on. The whole thing is s*upid; I think the author intended for it to be a prank.
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famous35 rated it
Demon Hunter
January 8, 2018
Status: c16 part1
Excellent and thrilling story so far. The first 15 to 20 parts are kind of slow, but those slow chapters built a solid foundation for a good, well written story to develop on. The first few chapters were lacking in the fact that as a reader, I felt like the story was just happening. I did not feel the connection with the MC nor was I emotionally involve in the story, which despite all the its depths, felt shallow. I continued do read because I craved some decent writing, breaking... more>> from all the tr*sh I have been trying to ingest lately. To my pleasant surprise, the pathos side of the story I was looking for popped up, from then on, it became perfect. I strongly recommend it. <<less
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famous35 rated it
The Ultimate Evolution
January 29, 2018
Status: c659
The first few chapters were very rough due to the info dumps, but as the chapters went on, the writing got exceedingly better.

Pros: The author pays attention to the details as well as could be expected and also good comedic relief here and there.

Cons: Lack of immersion due the closeness of the plotline to existing movies and their characters.
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