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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
December 29, 2015
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Read until volume 11.
It's like weed is the only guy with enough brain to think. Something like grinding your stat, trying out your options onto the NPCs, exploring every skill and class for their every single effect, prioritizing those with "percentage effect", prioritizing passive skills and playing a whole lot. They're common sense, any gamer would've done it, weed with his 2 years of handicap (8 years in game) wouldn't have a chance at RMT. You would've need to be at cap level for something like RMT and yet,... more>> weed with his low level could get enough money for living AND PAYING FOR HIS MOTHER TO A HOSPITAL. I also can't agree how his 1 year of swordsmanship training could be any better competed against players with 8 years of in game experience (I mean, they teach you how to fight other human fighting with swords in dojos), no matter how great his teacher is supposed to be. Only sleeping for 3 hours doesn't help, "sleep deprivation" exist, or else anyone would love to play game without sleeping at all.

It's like the whole story is spitting on the face of "gamer", "professional RMT gamer" and especially "paying gamer". Paying gamer are the game side for super players as far as my experience go. <<less
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Nidome no Yuusha
March 22, 2019
Status: c103
Revenge isn't driven by rational thought nor mindless instinct, it is driven by emotion. At the same time, art can be defined as a way to express human emotion. This novel is such an art that tells of a revenge story.

A big part of the story tells of the MC's plotting at and torturing the revenge targets that wronged him in his previous life while he strengthen himself in a typical LitRPG manner. Because most of the tragedy part of the story is in flashback, you don't have to go... more>> through much of its discomfort while still having full of that emotional justification and satisfaction in the suffering of the revenge targets.

Other than the disturbing character of the MC, you might find the number yanderes and the bad translation from JackOFallTrades off-putiing. But other than that, the story is engaging and well thought out <<less
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@zaimokuza – There’s something wrong with you. Re-read the novel again. This time, don’t skim it and read properly. I am totally writing this review to refute yours.

... more>>

While it’s true that there are 2 books is about the labyrinth, there aren’t actually that many chapters depicting his adventure in the labyrinth. It’s mostly filled with miscellaneous things like his training with the paladins, the adventurer guild, audience with the pope, his charity etc. This might be biased, but I don’t think anything is repeated too much as to call it repetitive. All of this miscellaneous things along with the labyrinth adventure is interesting.
Luciel trains almost everyday ever since his contract with adventurer guild, after that there’s the fight with undeads, specter knight sensei and his training with the paladin corps – He’s basically built to fight against human already (Adventurers fights against monsters remember?). But the thing that makes him different with the rest of humanity is [Object X] that he could drink because of his Appraisal and will to live – of which he drinks after each meal undiluted in barrels. Read the effect of [Object X] again (ch5 & ch30), it’s important.

The bosses ARE getting stronger, it’s just that Luciel becomes stronger and fights with better method even if he stays level 1.

– The first boss (ch17) : He killed it without any spell (because it could negate magic). He only uses magic-coated-weapons to kill it.

– The second bosses (ch24) : He used [Purification] and [Area Heal] which is really effective against undead crowds (There are 3 bosses here). He had also trained with the Valkyrie at this point so that he could deal with specter knights.

– The third bosses (ch29) : He obtained anti-undead cheat equipment from the pope. Got more training to fight against crowds with the adventurer guild. Used [Area High Heal]. The bosses them self are pretty much the same type as the 2nd bosses, only with more numbers (5 bosses).

– The fourth boss (ch33) : This is the fight that took him about 6 month. I don’t know how you miss it, but he used [Object X] to pause and heal – while the boss can’t heal himself. Now, let’s say he fights 10 times a day and deals only 20 damage in each battle. In 6 month, that’s a whole cumulative 3600 HP damage. That’s how much of a cheat his method is.

– The fifth and sixth bosses : They’re just to show how OP [Sanctuary Aura] is.

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