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Do you like well written and thought-out characters who engange with another in an interesting way?

Do you enjoy partaking in epic quests, where the MC has to give his all to prevail, just to come out stronger than before?

Would you like to read a story so engaging that you can't stop binge reading all the chapters at once?

... more>>

Well, if you answered any of those with yes, this Novel is definitely not for you!

Let me summarize the last ~130 chapters for you:

  1. MC does something which the MC considers as really mundane and easy
  2. All people around him, especially his harem candidates, get surprised by his prowess can't believe he's that strong
  3. People gloss over it as "That's to be expected from [MC]! No one else could've done that!" to maintain their own sanity
  4. Queue people vehemently sucking MCs c**k for his OPness
  5. Queue in a couple of chapters where the tension in the story slacks to a standstill until another chance comes up so MC can show his long, veiny **** to everyone
  6. Proceed to Point 1.

Rinse and repeat for over 130 chapters.

You'd think people would've already adapted to the OPness of the MC, but even his side-chicks get surprised EVERY fricking time whenever he pulls some Deus-Ex-Machina moves.

If you value your reading time - don't even start with this.

This story COULD get interesting once the MC reaches adulthood and gets older so he gets pretty much the same "Body-Capacity" as his pre-reincarnation self, but with the pace of this story, that could easily take 600~700 more chapters.

Nope, gunna use the time to read better novels :)

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This is, without a doubt, the worst thing I've ever done to my brain; reading this garbage.

Everything in this world is being shaped (in realtime) for the pleasure of the protagonist. EVERYTHING.
The Protagonist has a particular problem - some lines away a miraculous solution presents itself, totally devoid of any logic or cohesion to the worldbuilding.

It is apparent that the author just started writing one day and builds the world along the way, more reactionary than presciently. This presents itself in quite bizarre ways, as in every couple chapters... more>> another rule is added onto the already nonsensical pool of events that only exist to help the Protagonist.

For example:

He 'discovers' that monsters out of the dungeons drop other stuff as in the dungeons.
After getting a handgun dropped (red flag #1) he contemplates that he needs to refill his ammunition anytime soon.

In the next chapter he 'discovers' that any monster that he kills outsite of the dungeons drop him bullets (red flag #2). Problem solved, right? But why did the other monster drop a handgun, opposed to dropping bullets?
Well thats easy, because the Protagonist needed it ;)


There is no further value in reading this story if you're not 12 and need a strongly self-inserted Protagonist that is quite dumb and accepting.

I was trying to use this as a filler for the other stories I read but it was more harm than good tbh... <<less
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fakerlol rated it
Solo Clear
August 27, 2017
Status: c23
So after reading to the most current chapter (as of writing this review, C23), I felt compelled to write a review.

Short Version

This story is a fragmented, hazy feverdream of the author. It's apparent that he got inspired by other works from this genre, but made a real sh*tty job plastering them together. The self-insertment is especially apparent, as the MC always seems to miraculously cope with everything he gets thrown into.

If you value a good writing style, coherent story telling and believable characters: stay clear this lest you want... more>> some headaches. This is only good for filling the "queue" waiting for the real stories to get published; best consumed as a filler.

In depth Version

I want to try and compartementalize all my grimes with this work into two general points. The following text could contain spoilers to the story (which you really wouldn't be mad of getting spoilered tbh)...

Storytelling & Worldbuilding

I don't want to start discussing what is good storytelling and what's not - I wouldn't even be qualified as a non-writer. But as an avid reader who consumes hours of hours of stories upon a day, I can clearly tell apart a good aproach to building up a world in which the story resides in from a generic cardboard cutout.

The story begins more or less with a near cataclysmic event which alters the reality of the world in which the MC lives in and introduces a game-like environment. So far this coincides with a lot of other korean novels and is a default staple of the genre.

The MC is thrown into an unkown environment with rules he doesn't know, social constructs he's clearly not comfortable with but tries to keep his cool and trumps everbody else to better his situation. The places he has to fight in and the enemies he has to kill are just explained in a roundabout and incomplete way, the reader needs to fill the "gaps" as to why the combination of a specific kind of monster lives in a specific kind of place and compare it to former knowledge one has. The author assumes that the reader has enough knowledge about, let's say, Orcs and Goblins to automatically understand why those act in the way the author depicts.

So to speak: lazy story telling. Let the reader do the hard work of building up a story around everything else.

Not later than the first fight you again get reminded that the MC has RPG-like stats, skills and a numerical HP which serves as his life-bar. So you'd actually expect the worldbuilding to follow a coherent game-like system, but as the story progresses, the MC miraculously obtains skills whenever the current plot calls for it (I think he buys it from some shop?) without any regard for balancing or the actual hardship to get them.

In one scene he gets to fight an especially hard enemy and the author reminds himself to actually write down the HP the MC has left so the tension can build up. After that particular enemy is killed though, the author completely forgets the existence of such plot-device and doesn't meantion it in subsequent fights - regardless of the urgency of his wounds which he collects plenty of. It's as if every fight he does isn't even worth meantioning his HP status.

All in all the world the author tries to build is a composite of different ideas other authors had, but glued together asymmetrically, without any regards of filling the gaps and what it entails for his "original" story.

Character Development (or the lack thereof)

Characters are the most important entities in a story - apart from the MC. The thing is: this story really does a great job at stereotyping every single person it tells about.

The MC is your solo guy, never trying to mingle with others but moping that others wouldn't understand him anyway. He relates it to his character, that he was born with it - the cringe is real.

So you have your MC which states he is a loner because... he's a loner. There is no real backstory why he would feel that way, no plot opening that would foreshadow a later back-flash or something of that sort.

Normally you wouldn't harp on such a lack of backstory - if it wasn't the sole motivation and original concept of this work!

Other stories mad a whole lot better attempt at this, like "Everyone else is a Returnee", where the MC is a [Pancosmic Loner] not because he chose to, but certain events lead to it (which is really explained further waaaay later in the story).

For our MC here, we can't identify with him, nor try to understand why he acts so contradictional to his core drive of wanting to be alone. Now you could hower make a point that his contradictory behavior is a story plot in itself and that he himself doesn't see his hypocrisy so the author can later use that to develop the MC.

But he won't. There are no indicators that he will because I'm sure that he weren't thinking about it in the first place.

The other characters surrounding the MC are just the standard templates of heartless korean bastards, who try to backstab the MC the first chance they get. As if every person in korea is an a***ole out for blood. Mix that up with MC's poor financial background and you have the same soup to chuck down as every second korean novel out there. <<less
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I got to read this novel thanks to Reigokai, who is translating "Tsuki ga Michibiku" and as he was picking it up to translate while waiting for new TsukiMichi chapters. He even recommended it. I trusted him.

It was a mediocre work that got slightly but (painfully) slowly better along the way. The MC was starting to get pretty decent considering his former dense and cuckish state but then the Author started to warp the whole story when there was a pretty defined goal of the... more>> MCs adventure, just to cram in more and more chapters. Some Deus-Ex-Machina (no pun intended) moments later and I felt pretty much cheated and my intelligence made fun of.

So read this only if you don't have ANYTHING else to read, as it only, really only works as a filler. Just your typical bland harem story... <<less
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fakerlol rated it
One Man Army
May 1, 2019
Status: c78
Oh gawd mighty, this novel is quite the mediocre trashshow.

The MC is an a***ole through and through, destroying the game for everyone, just to be ontop of the game himself.
He literally scams and robs people, just because he has prior knowledge.

That prior knowledge of his manifests in the following pattern:

... more>>
  1. [Topic] will only be known to the public X Years from now on
  2. But hrrhrr, MC knows it now!
  3. MC then goes to hog all the unique and rare items and titles for himself
  4. Literally destroys the game's balance and robs all other players of their fun
  5. ...
  6. Is smug about it
This patterns repeats itself every couple chapters, so you get the full brunt of MC's faggotry thrown at you.

The writing style is aweful as well, author always repeats himself with facts that he already divulged some paragraphs before.

This novel is a pure self-insert fantasy of the author, without introducing new aspects of this genre, nor breaking any conventions. Just pure, stupid self-insert fantasy.
Stay away if you are used to quality content! <<less
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