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extremelypokeable rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: c60
Poor world-building explained through equally poor exposition. Basically just a trashy harlequin novel through and through. The heroine goes "I promise to never fall in love with you" to the horrible douchebag of a Duke while she's already been blushing and drooling all over him, and then of course she immediately falls in love with him and has to reprimand herself 200 times a day about expecting anything from him. I really hate this kind of wishy-washy, weak-willed protagonist who can't even keep a promise to themselves.

... more>>

And the Duke falls in love with her because she has a magical v*gina. A long list of coincidences leads him to find out how incredible her hooha feels. That's it. She's not skilled, not particularly beautiful, it's not even really her personality because she does a 180 part-way through when she stops pretending to be a doll. Just because she's super cute when they do it and she has the v*gina of one of those pure white lotuses.


The author also has zero understanding of how s*x and v*ginas work. The smut scenes are a mess and I tried to skip as much as I can after rolling my eyes at the first scene between the leads. <<less
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extremelypokeable rated it
Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
October 17, 2018
Status: c472
It's actually a 2/10 for me, but I didn't rate it 1/5 because it seems harsh when I can't go lower than 1. The translator does a good job. I did enjoy it a lot in the beginning, but ever since Chu Lian finally started interacting with her husband it's been going downhill. And it never recovered and took a drastic drop after they made up.

I really despise the main pairing. Everyone (MC included) acknowledges the 2nd lead as the stalker creep that he is, but excuse He Changdumb (MC's... more>> husband) when he's no better. Throughout the novel he's both physically (seriously intended to choke her to death on their wedding night) and emotionally abusive, a sexist and a bigot (yes this is ancient China, but there have been other novels where the ancient Chinese ML is not a horrible sexist homophobe), and doesn't care whether or not she consents. The author repeatedly tries to justify this and excuse him by showing us his inner thoughts, and with his backstory (which is already disgusting. Please never excuse and perpetuate r*pe culture). But that doesn't change the fact that he's an unacceptable, inexcusable piece of trash.

The protagonist is carefree, lazy and very relatable up until the point her personality does a whole 360 to accommodate her forced romance with He ChangTRASH. She was originally independent and capable, but that changed ever since she met up with her husband again. She's a joy and deserves much better than this eternally abusive and disgusting relationship with no chemistry. I finally dropped it once I realized there were no more readers to suffer along with me because everyone rational (who don't find an openly abusive, non-consensual relationship cute) had long since abandoned ship. Other than the horrible pairing that ruined everything, the amount of flat, throwaway cannon fodder characters has been drastically increasing ever since the MC and her husband "made up". There's suddenly so many unnecessary situations set up just so there can be face-slapping, which already annoys me in other ancient Chinese novels.

It's a shame that it was fun in the beginning and the face-slapping was minimal. Now it's lost everything it had going for it. It was never a real foodie novel either, you could tell in the early chapters that the author probably hasn't stepped into a kitchen in her life. The cooking is never really described. <<less
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extremelypokeable rated it
Kino no Tabi – The Beautiful World
September 16, 2018
Status: --
Kino's Journey is my all-time favourite piece of writing and what got me into light novels and web novels in the first place. It has a very similar atmosphere to Mushishi, exploring a beautifully created, fantastical world and its residents in an episodic format, with a somewhat detached protagonist who acts like a temporary observer rather than a resident of every place they visit. The difference is that Kino's Journey has a more cynical undertone and Kino is very different from Ginko.

Kino herself is my all-time favourite character. She's extremely... more>> cold, uninvolved, and unsympathetic towards others, but her behaviour is that of a person who has a conscience. Her actions are sometimes what I read as "doing the right thing", but I still always feel that she herself isn't acting on any sense of justice. It's just a byproduct of her acting in her own self-interest. She's intelligent, capable, and unmoved by other's opinions. Yet, she isn't cruel and never takes things further than she needs to. There's a depth of warmth to her genuine cold-heartedness. A lot of characters are written to be cold-hearted, but compared to Kino they fall flat and feel fake, not like a believable person like she is. <<less
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