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eulerman rated it
Wu Dong Qian Kun
February 17, 2018
Status: c749
-Chapters with half of the content being randoms comments

Some minor spoilers here:

-People that just dissapears, the author forgets them. Ex: Su Rou group were 3, then just the siblings

... more>> -Obvious plot changes midway, like the black nirvana flame beads of the MC that just got forgotten later, or a misterious hot chick in the Hundred War that later becomes irrelevant

-MC lackeys that losses their names with one person representing everyone together

-The MC charm mode overrides reality. Ex: Su Rou "remembering" the kind smile of the MC in the camp at night when it was Little Marten the one that made them stay

-The MC taking advantage from the first love interest after saving her in a lake just because

This novel is bad. I started reading it up again just because I was bored. It was so bad for me that it made me realize that I could do something better with my time. It is THAT bad. <<less
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eulerman rated it
Dragon-Blooded War God
March 16, 2017
Status: c137
The MC doesn't have a consistence personality. He's smart and "cunning" when someone tries to scheme against him, but is re****ed and takes everything else at face value and get surprised when someone tells him the underlined meaning. The fights are boring. Or the MC and his cheats gives him a cultivation power greater than the enemy or he loses. No real strategies allowed.

Everyone has the "hate the MC" symdrome and is the only reason of conflict, otherwise you get the MC cultivating or buying some sh*t for the spirit... more>> girl.

This is a bland novel. <<less
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eulerman rated it
Valhalla Saga
March 9, 2018
Status: v27c3
Korean novel and mythologies, with a basis in norse mythology and some celtic myths.

The MC has just one love interest even when he interacts with goddess and valkyries AND there is a slow progress with her as the history goes.

Some side characters show personalities but the novel focus in fights and missions, giving little time to reveal more of them outside of combat. Also, most people are well know brave (thickhead) warriors that died in battle (required to go to Valhalla), something that gives the author some leeway to focus... more>> in few like Bracky and Siri.

The warriors in Valhalla have missions constantly regardless of their number, which gives a sense of urgency in the novel. This is more so for the MC because his fast grow and prospects makes him stand out and be forced to more important missions and battles, which in exchange makes him stronger and make him have more missions.

As the novel progress, more relevant backgrounds plot is reveled and the reader makes a more clear and wider mental image of the world around Valhalla Saga.

I personally think is a good online novel. <<less
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