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estelion rated it
I’ll Live My Second Life!
March 25, 2016
Status: --
First of all, I would not be translating the story if I didn’t enjoy it. Although the author wrote it with a romance aimed at women in mind, it is being published under the fantasy genre and is being marketed towards males. Take from that what you will. The story itself it mostly focused around the way the slightly airheaded protagonist makes the Apprentice Knight group her home, and has very little romance at the moment.

Indeed, even in the raws, there is very little romantic development (none, you could even... more>> say) between the male lead and the female protagonist.

It should also be noted that despite what jacobpaige seems to suggest, I don’t actually like the male protagonist. He was unrepentant in his rudeness towards the author, so I banned him from commenting, because the author does indeed visit on occasion. In the 14 months that I have been translating, only one person has ever been IP-banned, and I rarely delete comments, no matter how stupid. Jacobpaige was a rude and unpleasant exception.

At any rate, overall, the tone of the novel is light, and the characters are a little silly, and many of the episodes thus far focus on the protagonist’s group of apprentice friends, and the antics they get up to. There is definitely a deeper story, but any developments on that end are taken at a leisurely pace.

A slow-paced, lighthearted, but enjoyable novel. <<less
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estelionsharluluasheelvinchancecelenalia rated it
Tilea’s Worries
December 9, 2015
Status: --
A misunderstanding comedy, that probably only misunderstanding comedy enthusiasts would understand.

I’m giving it a 5/5, because it’s one of my favourite series, and I wouldn’t be translating it if I didn’t love it.

Fair warning, don’t read it if you’re looking for your typical fantasy story, because you’re really in the wrong place, and will end up like retards who want to destroy their phones.

The characters are a little ridiculous, and the misunderstandings only escalate, never resolve. And that’s the point. If you’ve read misunderstanding comedies before (like Angel Densetsu), and... more>> you know what you’re getting into, then by all means give this a go. Comedy is a finicky thing, and what might be perfect for one person can be bland or even insulting to another, but you’ll never know until you try. <<less
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To be honest, the story never gets too deep. Essentially the story of one girl looking for the meaning of happiness, and climbing the ranks of a warring nation’s military as she does.

Battles and ‘Power Levels’

... more>> Noel, the protagonist, wins a lot of battles. She’s a supersoldier. But at the same time, she isn’t OP in the way that you might think. Although she has incredible physical prowess, most of the battles she wins, she does so through war strategy. The novel features more ‘Rakuin no Monshou’-esque type battles.


Charming, human, and relateable. Honestly, I love the protagonist. I don’t ever cry because of fiction, but I have to say my eyes did tear up in sympathy during the midway turning point.

Although the story becomes necessarily dark due to the nature of war, at the same time, it never approaches anything close to angsty or edgy, and part of the reason is because the protagonist Noel, is intelligent and aware of the way the world works, while at the same time retains a mostly bright and pure personality. She’s honestly quite a charming protagonist, and just like how I was charmed by her, the characters around her eventually gather to her side as well. <<less
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estelionsharluluasheelvinchancecelenalia rated it
Dungeon Defense
July 27, 2016
Status: v1 afterword
Honestly, a lot better than I could have expected.

A lazy protagonist who isn't lazy simply because "lazy protagonists" are cool and hip these days.

A decisive and somewhat twisted protagonist who still isn't a c*nt.

A heroine who isn't just a prize to be won.

Dunno what else to say except that I really enjoyed it, and that it is the first Korean novel to make me say this.
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If I'm going to read a wanky YY novel where the protagonist gets some Heavenly Cultivation Method, then that method may as well be Naruto's jutsu system!

Or at least that's what I thought... I had thought that since I was going in prepared for wanky (but mildly entertaining) bullsh*t I would be fine for whatever terrible writing lay ahead.
But the level of bad writing was completely beyond expectations. The author just plain has no idea how to write. He basically just throws in these events and antics and personality... more>> traits that he thinks makes the story cool and funny, but it just doesn't work out.

Normally, one of these typical junk food novels would have a flat protagonist who is ruthless against enemies, loyal towards friends, a big lecher, and a determinator. Unfortunately, the author hamfists these four traits in so badly that even simple 2-dimensional traits like that are unbelievable on him.
The interactions with that group of youngsters where Ren Tian You gets into some antic and everybody laughs ha ha ha is actually so cringeworthy that I had an easier time reading Watamote.

On my junk-food novel rating system of 0 to 5, I would give Stephanie Meyer's Twilight a 3.
This gets a 1, and that's only because I can't go lower.

Compared to this, MGA feels like a literary masterpiece filled with characters so life-like they feel like real life friends. You would do better just reading MGA or PMG.

tldr; You know how in anime you get those horribly clichéd scenes where the protagonist says something "shocking" or "revolutionary" (even though it isn't) and then the other guy goes from shock to laughter and joins the protagonist because of how "interesting" they are? Imagine that, but for the entire duration of this novel. <<less
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To be frank... a not very good story with very little thought put into certain aspects of it.

At some points seems to blindly throw in tropes with little to no consideration regarding how to work it in believably. At times things seem to happen simply because the author felt it was cool (and thus the story sometimes make logical leaps).

You know how sometimes you get those r*tarded Japanese authors who just assume "no killing = good" and hamfist in reasons why the protagonist won't kill with zero thought... more>> put into the REASONS WHY killing might be good or bad?
You know how sometimes you get those r*tarded Japanese authors who just assume "modern things = mindblowing and superior" and just randomly throw in these inventions or social concepts that seem to work miracles without thinking about WHY THEY WORK or HOW THEY WORK and make their character a w*nky modern knowledge cheater?

Imagine that trait cranked up to ten in an author trying to write a badass fantasy strategist harem novel, and who would have perhaps otherwise have succeeded.

I'd give it a 2.5 out of 5 on my "light entertainment" list, where Twilight is a 3/5. It's definitely below par, even compared to your average junk food novels. Having said that though, it's far from absolute garbage and does have some redeeming traits. It's just a shame that those redeeming traits are far too small compared to all the failures of this novel. <<less
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Charming characters and a fantastic atmosphere.
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Because of the nature of the comedic loop, sometimes this novel feels like Chinese One Punch Man.

That's high praise for the comedy.
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estelionsharluluasheelvinchancecelenalia rated it
In the Land of Rear Dale
March 25, 2017
Status: epilogue
One of the first web novels I had ever read.

Innovation: 4/5

As a pretty old novel as far as syosetsu goes, it predates a lot of the other "game-turned-reality" novels. As a consequence it doesn't seem to do anything particularly innovative with the genre, being one of the pioneers itself.

... more>> Characters: 3/5

The protagonist, Keina, sort of just chills out in a village until stuff happens and she adopts a daughter. Who she spoils and dotes on immensely. Given the short time-frame they've known each other it is difficult to believe that the relationship is much deeper than simply feeling sorry for a random orphan.
Additionally, Keina's interaction with her NPC "children" from back when it was a game is for the most part an unending recurring gag that isn't particularly funny.
Finally, the second most important character to the story only appears late in the game, and they are difficult to treat as a real person because of their oddities.

Story: 2/5

The story seems mellow and mediocre for the majority of its run, but close to the end strange revelations come out of nowhere that seem like complete ass-pulls. Worse yet, these revelations are tied deeply into the existence of the world and the whole mystery behind what set off the plot.

To be fair, a lot of what seem to be complete ass-pulls are in fact mechanics known to the world at large in the author's previous novel. But on the other hand, that novel was dropped midway so you can't expect anybody to have read it, and worse yet there was never any indication or mention by the characters of THIS novel that these mechanics were even around. <<less
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More romantically and interpersonally focused than the anime. It wouldn't have worked well in the anime (which is why I suppose they added so many anime-original characters to the cast) but it works well here. Give it a go if you're in for some light romance.
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The protagonist is a cute dork that is great fun to read about.

Objectively it probably isn't much better than a 4/5, but that's still better than almost any other Chinese web novel I've read.
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estelionsharluluasheelvinchancecelenalia rated it
Stunning Edge
March 14, 2016
Status: --
Very cool and fun story, but who the hell is that on the cover?
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