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eryafii rated it
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
February 3, 2017
Status: c109
If you are looking for stories with interesting characters, you have to read this. It's always entertaining to read about characters who is always up for mischief.

At first, I didn't like the story. I thought it's a story where every blessing in the world just drop from the sky. But it's not. I'm really glad that it's not a story about a frustratingly lucky bastard.

For me, the story gets increasingly exciting. I hope it will update more often.
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eryafii rated it
Heroic Wife Reborn
January 1, 2020
Status: c20

The idea was interesting. A female from an apocalyptic world transmigrated in the body of the only daughter of the emperor. The ML also has an interesting backstory as the third son of the clan of traitors.

The idea of a wife pampering the husband is fluffy and all. However it was executed poorly.

Everyone is s*upid. I can understand the "straightforwardness" of the MC based from where she come from. But it's unbearable how s*upid she acts. As a person from an apocalyptic world, can she remain such a simpleton? People... more>> show how cunning they are to snatch resources from each other in an apocalyptic world. Yet MC don't think of the consequences and just does what she wants. Whatever the problem? Kill! Just kill. It was done in a supposedly funny way but it's plain childish for me.

There are a lot of loopholes like where she got the strength she has. It was not explained well. It talked about evolution of the human body and all but considering the fact that she transmigrated, that backstory was kind of useless. I mean, seriously? Her soul transferred in a body that can't even kill a chicken and there's an explanation about evolution? Clearly, she forgot that her evolved body is dead and not the one she's using. It would've been better if she said that she retained her experiences in the past to fight instead of explaining evolution to the readers.

The antogonists... they could've been more promising. But they're just half baked intelligent. The emperor is s*upid. I don't know how he ascended to the throne with his pig head.

Overall, this story set in ancient time won't work without a powerful PLOT ARMOR. And this story has a pretty thick one.

I don't know if this will get better in the future. I can't stand it anymore even if I want to read the fluff.

P.S.: I don't know why there's a need to put 'zombies' as tag to this novel. Zombies were only mentioned to remind readers where the MC came from but zombies did not appear from where I left of. Judging from the story type, zombies won't appear so I guess it's misleading to put that tag when the zombies are not relevant to the story. The zombies are just part of the backstory. But who knows, maybe there's a reason for the tag. Afterall, I barely read the story to know much. <<less
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eryafii rated it
Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom
May 12, 2020
Status: c78
Translation: Barely readable. It's better than MTL but there are a lot of misused words, wrong punctuation and other issues. I think it would be best to hire an editor.

Narration: It was chaotic. I don't mind multiple POV but this novel shifts POV midparagraph without warning. It's not too hard to keep track but the way it's done is not good. The transition is barely 1/5.

Story: The MC doesn't have a clear goal. He does this and that but all of his actions put together doesn't have... more>> much use in the plot progression. At least, on my part of the story. It also gets a little boring cause until chapter 78, majority of the scenes is like--brothers bath, go to bed together, hug, kiss, wake up, do stuff, kiss again--and repeat it all over again.

Overall: It's not too bad. You can read it to pass time. But it is far from good, even in the slice of life genre and the fluff tags. <<less
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eryafii rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: c1
If I am to give this novel a title, it would be "Crazy Pawn" which is rather similar to Joon-young's title on earth which is Crazy Terrorist.

Isaac is a typical soldier who is dulled by betrayals and war. It's pretty realistic to me on how a soldier like him would want a lazy life. He treated the new world as a vacation world but for reasons to be revealed at the later parts, he never got the retirement he wanted. Not all transmigrators have to be ambitious.

Disregard reviews for the... more>> first 60 or so chapters stating that the politics is childish. On the later chapters (around 70 - 90), we see the deeper meanings of these actions. And what was revealed are just the tip of an iceberg. There are many more to be unveiled. I'm not a politics expert and there are holes here and there. But it's so much better than most transmigration novels I've read.

By chapter 97, I only have a few inklings on why the powerhouses or the world are out to use Isaac.

He's lazy but he doesn't want to be manipulated and discarded after he's been used to the fullest. That's because of his past life. And that's also the reason why he takes down his laziness from time to time. It's pretty good since there's a limit on how lazy a person could be.

Some might say that he's s*upid for not actively looking for answers for all the questionable things happening to him. However, Isaac knows that "Ignorance is bliss" at times. The more you know, the more you would want to know. And as a pawn, there's a limit on what information he could get so why waste effort?

He is not OP, he is just crazy. Just because he was a soldier doesn't mean he knows the military like the back of his hand (like how other transmigration stories portray people). His knowledge has limitations. He is not the smartest MC but the perk he has is that he doesn't trust people from the other world. And he's right to do so, so far.

Isaac has no friends so far. This is the only transmigration novel that I've read which grasped the psychology of humans aside from Princess Medical Doctor. But this novel definitely is at a higher level when it comes to realism on that part.

This is not the most exciting novels because there is no camaraderie. Just profits. But that's the charm of this novel.

Plus I want to commend the translators, editors and proof readers. I got to appreciate this novel better because of their notes which explains the working of things on the level that's just needed. They don't comment unnecessarily. <<less
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eryafii rated it
Mulberry Song
July 25, 2019
Status: Completed
If you're a sucker for angst, you're missing a lot it your life if you don't read this.

I cried in every chapter. Every paragraph.

It's either my tears are cheap or the novel is exceptional. It could also be both.
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True Star
May 21, 2020
Status: v1c14
Ok, I'm not far enough to give an overall review but here are the things that really bothered me at the start of this novel.

  • MC was raped but was damn calm in the face of the rapist because apparently he has a heart disease which made him so calm. Patients with heart disease are human too and they will surely not be calm after being raped.
  • MC is supposed to be a film emperor something in his past life but he is ok in selling his body to his rapist for an opportunity. I mean, entertainment industry is a gray area and some people definitely sold their body for the same thing. But in his past life, he apparently took care of his image and not much such contact with other people because he can't be too excited. Because he has a heart disease. How could that person be so "okay" in such a thing? There wasn't even a mental struggle presented.
This novel is too s*upid for me, I can't continue.
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Godly Stay-Home Dad
June 12, 2019
Status: c146
You will like this novel if you:

  1. Enjoy slice of life to the core. It's fine at the beginning. Although the pace is slow, it's entertaining. But seriously, one day spans multiple chapters.

    It's nothing but daily life with no clear focus. I haven't read it to the end but I guess it will lead the MC taking his family out of Earth, because there's cultivation.

  2. Can endure multiple misunderstandings. (I can't, my endurance is low)
  3. Are fine with multiple genres. I like all the genres incorporated but it's becoming a mishmash of all genres combined as you read further.Cultivation. Cooking. Showbiz. Underworld Gangs. Childcare.
  4. Like omnipotent MC. Though it's understandable that he has over 500 years to cultivate whatever talents he has. It was even explained in the novel but... it is so freaking exaggerated. There are no challenges at all. The side characters have more decisions to make and more character growth than the MC.
My evaluation of this novel:

Not too bad.
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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship
June 8, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a cute and fluffy story but isn't very realistic.

Huo Qu is on the spectrum but his condition was not explained well. Yu Qinghuan also did not try to understand Qu's situation better by consulting experts psychology experts. Anyway, that part was glossed over.

Next unrealistic point, the entertainment industry. It's too glossed over. But if you shut off a few brain cells, this is quite an entertaining read.

Except, the translation is bad. It's much better that MTLs but I reconstruct the awkward sentences in my head to get a better... more>> appreciation of the scenes.

Anyway, it's good but I won't read it again. <<less
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I cried at the beginning but later on, it became a bit boring.

I am turned of at the narrative. It's not vivid enough and the format isn't that good.

The webtoon is better.
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Avoid the Protagonist!
May 30, 2020
Status: c132
Good translation. I think the story was tied up pretty well, so far. Unlike other 'transmigrated to a novel' story, it doesn't simply allow her to take over the life of the villainess because there is another person who knows that the plot was lead astray. Plus points for that.

Other than that, the story is pretty dull. First of all, the MC and ML are not likeable for me. Their interactions are far from cute, interesting or healthy.
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