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erowarrior rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
July 30, 2017
Status: c50
Well I read till chapter 50 and this is what I have to say:
... more>>

I should say that this novel is very different from your usual isekai novels and if you get really tired of those stories this one can entertain you for a while.

Chapters are long and you are free from almost all of the bullsh*ts of isekai stories. World building is also good.

But as I said, Almost.

This story have a lot of faults too.

First, you can see a lot of cliches things like everyone speech Japanese, which is truly on my nerve but author somehow justify why. Well we can ignore it.

What was really on my nerve was that author try to said Japan's food is the best and spend around 10 chapters (at this point I drop this novel so I don't know if its continue or nor) telling about awesomeness of Japan's food and how he reproduce it in another world. I won't go in detail like how the hell they found the exact same ingredients in another world when you can't find then in the countries near Japan.

Second, author like to push as much heroines as he can into MC. You can see every single woman that MC see is a beauty that somehow fall in love with MC or want to have baby with him. I should remind you that some of them fall in love for a 1 year old infant AND now he is 3. '-'

Author don't even lets a corpse of beautiful woman pass by and somehow revive her to add her in harem.

Third, Mc's act like a brainless bug. You may find it ridiculous but he have no brain even thought he move around.

Why? Cause a lot of his actions prove he don't have a brain. In the spoilers bellow I mention one of them:


He want to avoid attentions but decide to makes the walls of a town into golems and attract the attentions of the whole empire. '-'

Think about it killing people who rape and torture your mother and then born it leaves any mark about you or let all of them alive and do something as flashy as turning the wall of the town into golems and let everybody watch it?


Forth, There is absolutely no character development and all of the characters are like puppets. At the first chapter author explain how MC hate every so call heroes and want to all of them, have extreme hater for humanity and want to massacre all of them and the next chapter he is thinking about peace and... the reason is because his mother love him. The same mother that got raped, tortured and burn by the humans.

And the mother with everything happened to her is a happy-go-lucky person. '-'

Fifth one is that author have a really strange fetish for piercing. And he show it with piercing woman's tongue and belly. '-'

If you ignores above faults its a good novel to read. ^-^

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erowarrior rated it
Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel
March 20, 2017
Status: --
At first, I read the description of this series and thought that it most be an awesome pure love story. (note that I forgot to read the tags and genres, which I regret a lot). The MC chase after his love for his whole life and when he try to confess to him he finds out she is marrying~.

Awesome right? then he died and goes to the past. Now I expect him to try really hard and win her heart after a long time. What I get was the MC... more>> trying to act cool (Yes it is acting cool and not smart. If you act like that when you are the 30s or so then you have some screws lose) and the girl falls in love with him... WTF??? Well, I don't like realist novels but not this much... Normally a girl falls in love after 8 days... this time can be shorter if the boy is handsome... But I can't understand how the hell the MC manage to make her fall for her with things like acting cool. '-'

Well if it's that much then it's acceptable but then the MC want to earn money for her beloved one. What a nice person don't you think so? Anyway, after thinking a lot, he reaches this solution that creating a program is free of charge and well it's not that far from reality... if you manage to be a one-man-army and write and design the program yourself. But when he try to then he win an award for typing... dunno how the hell it's happened but for your info in you move the keys position in keyboard then I can guaranty nobody can type as fast as right now '-' dunno how the MC manage to do that... well he is MC... so meh...


But the most ridiculous part is that he write windows 98 for a system with 8mg ram '-' and on top of that he copy it in a floppy '-'

Well from what I know windows 95 was around 400mg and writing a windows is not something someone can do in 1 month even if you know the codes and programming 24/7. The computer is not something easy that you can learn everything about it that easily... if you spend 50 years of your life you may be able to completely learn a single subject of it.

Well, whatever... I can ignore this but then MC goes to chase other girls skirt? and the woman he loved is okay with it? This is why I said when an author writing a novel he/she shouldn't put himself/herself in mc's shoes and try to add what he/she loved to be...


Don't read this series. I can't understand why authors can't understand a love for the life is the best and its the most normal form of it. Nobody likes to share his/her lover with others. <<less
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erowarrior rated it
Library of Heaven’s Path
June 19, 2017
Status: c164
Earlier chapters were funny. I even give this novel 5 stars for that. It was a good thing to read till it becomes repetitive. ... more>>

Well the reason I give this novel 3 star now is that plot armor is too thick for MC. And it becomes quite boring in the latest chapters. MC get in trouble and all he need is luck and books to bypass it.
At first, I could tolerate it as the comedy of the novel but now those become the reason for this novel to have absolutely no attractions.
You can easily forecast the event ahead and it destroys the thrill of the reading novel.


Well those are pros and cons of this novel:


    1. Interesting early chapters.
    2. Fast and very good translation.
    3. The comedy is not bad.

    1. Repeatable events.
    2. Thick plot armor.
    3. No plot at all.
    4. Too many face slapping and things about shame and
    5. Comedy part will be lost in the latest chapters.
    6. Very slow pace that a single day in the novel is equal to 50-60 chapters.
    7. Shallow characters with almost no personality.
    8. MC think because he is transmigrated he is above the world.
    9. No explanation about MC's ability except it because he has the library of heaven's path.
    10. MC have absolutely no difficulty to get experience and because of his cheats power.
This is my personal option but only read this novel if you don't have anything else to read or enjoy repetitive novels like this one. <<less
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erowarrior rated it
Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Shichi-nin no Kikōshi
September 18, 2018
Status: c8
First I liked this novel, the way death flag follow MC was awesome, but then MC destroyed it. You dont go around that carelessly and do whatever you liked when death flag is everywhere around you.

Also in danger she's too freaking calm, like a 2d character without any emotion. And what make me give up on this novel was that just because a character should be a genius, doesnt mean they should be all knowing at age of 12 and calmly analyse everything till they solve a very big danger... more>> '-' <<less
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Before I give this series 5 stars but now after reaching chapter 9 I reduce one and at chapter 10 I reduce another and drop this novel.

... more>>

But after chapter 10 it become unreadable. MC is an idiot, characters are shallow and plot is stupid. Prettiest girl in school being in love with a nobody is not weird but she think she's been dating him for 10 years and only talk to him after 10 years is another thing.

Normally when you date someone you would be lovely-dovey with each other but she only sit near him AFTER 10 years.

But thats not something that you can't ignore, I said it once and I say it again. MC is an idiot, he is stupid to the point that it made me drop this novel. Non of his actions are like humans at all, while reading this novel I thought I'm reading about an AI in human form.

When you start dating its normal to pay attention to your phone, its normal to think about her and call her, but our dear MC silence his phone, go to school normally and tell people he is dating. Thats all.-.


Anyway this is another common harem story so if you don't have anything else to read / you are too bored and have nothing else to do, read this. <<less
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erowarrior rated it
The Girl Who Ate a Death God
January 11, 2016
Status: --
the story is awesome, its unique and has a refreshing feeling

well I only read the first chapter but it was good. The MC is a good girl but unlike other novel I dont think this one become one of those soupy novel where every single boy in the world would fall for the girl.

i dont even think she will fall in love muhahahaha
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I have to say this is one of the best stories I ever read. It doesn't have cheat and... but its one of the few stories that made me cry.

And not just once I cried a few times while I was reading this. Definitely recommend this.
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erowarrior rated it
Golden Time
January 30, 2019
Status: v4
If you are tired of all those harems and actions and simply want a romance story without any fighting and... I highly recommend this one.

One of the best romance novels I ever read, too bad it's translation is on hiatus ;-;
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