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enzimiro rated it
Evolution Theory of the Hunter
May 18, 2016
Status: c42
I just started this novel but so far it's great. I like how real it is and honest. Also some mystery as well although I'm sure it will all be resolved in the future. The TN was also well done. My only issue and regret is that the site (lightnovelcafe. Com) is about to be shutdown. I also had problems connecting to the server. But in all this is a great read!
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enzimiro rated it
Immortal Mortal
July 21, 2018
Status: c1230
I loved this story. Spent a lot of time and money reading it. It was not worth that time and money with such a lousy, abrupt ending. However, the story progression itself was enjoyable and the MC was likeable. If only the author simply created an epilogue worthy of the character and his development. Thank you for the journey, despite such a lack-luster finish!

PS: Would have given this a 5 star review if only it had a decent ending
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