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elnuni rated it
Everyone Thinks that I Like Him
December 30, 2018
Status: Completed
Can’t help but giggle almost every chapter ^^ really great story I just wish it was a longer the things that comes after they get together seems a bit in rush to me but it’s not a complain it’s just I wanted to enjoy the story a bit more~ 74 chapters just not enough to satisfy this fujoshi’s thirst pls BL goddess, somehow make it 200+ chapters *puppy eyes* The MC wasn’t completely dense his IQ & EQ is quite high just dense when it comes to his feeling... more>> for ML before he discovered who is actually in his heart well, with some help 😂 😂 😂 I love both MC & ML they are really match made in heaven... MC & ML are such relationship goal we single dogs can only hide in the corner :P there aren’t any hateful character... probably only ML’s mother ^.^ For shounen-ai it’s surprisingly more detailed than any other I have read before... kyaaaa~ *blush* (//∇//) <<less
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