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elRouge rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: v1 reboot-activate
The premise is interesting "the dead aren't in the battlefield... but they died there". you can say that is pretty plain, but there is where the story has it own perk (or unique?) the author is pretty good in writing this (how he/she brought the story).

If you say if there is something that look like this, then i'll answer "code geass boukoku no akito". Since it's pretty much the same I think (except the mecha/robot) pretty sure the background is european.

This novel is by no mean light, and have so... more>> much potential (many action and posibbly a mix of politics)

The MC is of course badass

he can hear the voice of "ghost" and "black sheep"

Its still a mystery how he get it thou

I hoped the TL seriously continuing to translate this

Revision:after I read reboot-activate


the potential suddenly leaped sky high with shinn becoming a federation soldier, a surviving country at far east from republic

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elRouge rated it
Sundering Nature
April 29, 2018
Status: v3c23
im going to give you my quick review about this

this novel so far is good and well written

i wont say much coz it will spoil this novel

... more>> the character, story line, and interaction is well fleshed out (i'll give them all 4, 5/5)

there are some that dissatisfied by MC's action but what more can we say? it's just show who he truly is, hard working and a good guy (even to the degree you want to smack some sense into him) *sigh*what could I say love is an ambigue thing after all. but that's his character and he sticks to it and we can see him beginning to change (so far I say its nill but lets bet, for a novel with a pretty decent chapter his going to.... right?)

like I said other's character is fleshed out not some 2d character they all have their own strong point as well pro and con

for translation I will give it (5/5) by their sheer quality and the reminder (hmm... should I call this?) about the background of some character and detail cause even thou there is sci-fi tag up there, there are still strong connection to chinese culture

so give it a try!this one at least worth your time

i'll give you the translator synopsis for this novel if you still hesitating (i personally cant glimpse about the story from the synopsis above)

(credit for Rotten Translations team from Volarenovels)


On the lowest day of his life, Li Yiming receives a key that opens the door to another world. He joins the ranks of Guardians, blessed children of Heaven's Laws whose task is to eradicate Secret Domains, bubbles within reality encapsulating fantasies from your wildest dreams. Mythical beasts, Dao techniques, superpowers... The possibilities are boundless.

However, Li Yiming differs from his colleagues. His very existence among them is a mistake. Is it a simple coincidence, or is he but a pawn in a much greater scheme?

A novel about the growth of an ordinary protagonist, an introspection about what it means to do the right thing, and a window offering a glimpse into the vastness of Chinese culture


sorry if there is any word that offends you all!thanks for seeing my review <<less
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elRouge rated it
Last Days On Earth
February 6, 2019
Status: c17
this novel is about zombie pandemic, the thrill of how to survive them and the horror of the apocalypse, good logic viewed from 3rd person view with a bit of drama as spice. The quality is excellent.

If you found yourself a free time, try to read this. It's not a waste

So far it's good, there are only a few character that has been introduced this far. The chapter is rather short though the author break the chapter is rather well done, while the world progress decently. Haven't got a survivor... more>> team material yet and it looks like there will be no superpower (as of yet)

I hope the author can give us the reader a stable update even if its 1ch/week and finish this story in a good note <<less
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elRouge rated it
Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor
November 6, 2017
Status: c270
This novel is awesome if I say. Must read

If simplified:mostly light but still have its weight. And pretty refreshing for mmorpg, with their heaven defying talent (shamelesness)

This is comedy gold like Bcww said before in the review. Ever watch gintama?their comedy to action scale pretty much the same, so if u hate too much comedy I suggest dont read it

... more>>

I dont know if some people think there are joke that excessively repeated (when they loot) but I think that just one of his character as someone that IS shameless

I mean dont u think its off after that much tries and determination of his (tho its shameless) then he suddenly stop suddenly?he only stop doing that when something bothering him. So if there is time when he really stop forever after, that mean something serious must be happened to change his character

From my opinion there is only two ye cang. The serious, and the shameless

And again that just my humble opinion. Different people different taste and different view of thing

*p.s-just think thornyrose as someone like shinpachi from gintama, where his job to tsukkomi the MC. And look this novel main attraction is comedy so dont be bothered too much about it

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elRouge rated it
Top Management
May 26, 2018
Status: c113
There is no such a thing like complain to this novel

Its just GOOD, VERY

To be honest we knew that he is going to be a successful manager so what has the author try to tell?

Its about the process, you know where the finish line but dont know how to reach it or is there going to be more

Where is the difference with this novel with GoM (God of Music) and IRAS?

... more>>


its about the superpower, while it sees the future it was more like a teaser for a new chapter and uncontrolable

think it this way, what will you do as a writer when you see your future self will definitely become the most popular writer at the future, then what must you do to become one? How many, what novel, what is the content? What is there to pay attention? Are you going to see more of this "vision"? You will think hard you might explode from the angst, warriness and anticipitation


how the author wrote it. For IRAS you will get these chinese vibe (face slapping so often that it become moldy). For GoM its the nuance and atmosphere, while there is anticipation there is no feeling of angst and tense that keep you hooked

I personally liked how the author put a tense situation beautifully each chapter without decreasing the joke and whatever else while keep the story walking


the character stance. While people said GoM like picking an escalator food (or whatever else), well this is not he keeps with them


At first it feels like another slice-of-life novel, but once the plot start digging you just cant stop beating

Cause you know what? I feel like im actually reading an action novel <<less
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