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As with most of the novels on novelupdates, overrated.

Author treats you like an idiot regurgitating the same information again and again.

The characters are so bland that calling them two-dimensional would be a compliment; I literally do not give a sh*t about any of the characters, even the MC isn't even fleshed out. This is made doubly annoying because he prioritizes describing game mechanics in-depth over actual character development.

World building is also bland, because the author keeps fleshing out tired old game mechanics we've seen millions of times instead of developing... more>> an actual interesting, deep fantasy world.

For an amateur translation it's not bad but it's not good either, it suffers from a lack of localization, grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and awkward phrasing.

The author had a decent spin on the reincarnation/time-travel schtick but after the prologue he kept butchering it harder and harder. <<less
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edytor rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
April 7, 2017
Status: c40
Overrated. Incredibly Overrated.

Story is generic.

Characters are incredibly bland, so bland that it was painful to read about them. Made doubly worse about my expectations of this novel. He uses the fact that no one can see him as an excuse for zero character development for most characters and for the ones that do they are just frustratingly boring.

... more>> The world building is terrible. He combined generic fantasy creatures and generic game mechanics and described something you've read again and again in other novels, again.

Writing and presentation are akin to something I wrote in grade 5.

Do not read if you value your time. <<less
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edytor rated it
Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon
April 11, 2017
Status: c16
Characters are nothing terrible like you'd find in a cliche Xianxia or Wuxia novel, but it's nothing like it's KR betters like MEMORIZE, Main Character Hides His Strength and Dungeon Defense. For example:

> civilians driven into life or death situations and they've been acting remarkably calm

> MC doesn't even question the existence of the dungeon

... more>> > MC starts out (trying to be) cold and calculating but after a certain event in chapter 14 he just comes off as a complete 'edgelord'. Typical among cliche revenge power fantasies.

As well as other examples I can't remember off the top of my head.

General writing is better than your usual cliche KR web novel. Author knows how to use basic imagery and is more descriptive of the world than some KR web novels, also knows not to break the flow of battle or dialogue with constant jarring inserts. Still, the overall worldbuilding is weak and plain. It all amounts to describing tired old game mechanics you've seen again and again with a few details changed, though still not enough to make it interesting.

Translation is decent, still needs some work. Awkward words and phrasing, might understandably turn some off; not as bad as many novels on this site though. Grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes but nothing unreadable or likely to disturb from the experience.

In conclusion, avoid if you want decently written characters and an interesting world. If you want a decently written gauntlet or dungeon crawling KR web novel, read Master Hunter K instead. <<less
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The Tutorial Is Too Hard
April 7, 2017
Status: c26

It's a dungeon-like setting of 100 floors of four difficulties. People are transported at random and are given the choice to choose the difficulty setting, easy, normal, hard or hell. Our MC chose hell and the story starts off with him being stuck on the 60th floor and in need of a co-op partner, to attempt the higher floors, on a difficulty no one wants to attempt except the insane, stupid or unlucky. An unlucky girl gets transported and he guides her through chat functionality and other derivative game mechanics... more>> and it examines these floors through his own personal flashblack (s).

The author has spent 3 chapters on the 1st 'waiting room' and about 8 chapters on the first floor, 3 chapters on the 2nd 'waiting room' and another 7 chapters so far on the 2nd floor. I'll remind you he's on floor 60.

If you're like me and read stories for interesting characters and their relationships with each other and their environment in a deep fantasy world filled with mystery and awe, avoid this novel. There is little interaction with other characters and the world to speak of is a boring dungeon setting you've seen many times before.

The saving grace is that this author has some solid writing (for a web novel author) but is made worse that the tension has already been removed since we know he survives. But character development you say? There's only so much character development for the MC you can convey on 8-chapter-floors 60 times before it gets incredibly boring. Seems like a poor effort to pad the story out by the author when he can make each level incredibly hard then make the MC survive by plot armor again and again.

Avoid this novel if you're not a fan of the genre, give it a go if you like gauntlet type stories and do not mind a lack of a character cast. <<less
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edytor rated it
Dragon Maken War
April 7, 2017
Status: c40
My biggest problem with this novel is flow.

The author does not understand flow and how to use it and how not to break it. There are conversations broken up by world building that just drags on and on. It's like if they had ads in books and you were reading then all of a sudden "We now interrupt this conversation to bring you 6 paragraphs of world building" then continuing the conversation like nothing happened.

Characters were nothing to write home about, barely better than bland but not enough to be... more>> called interesting.

World building was less than decent. Nothing wrong with a generic fantasy world if you can deliver and execute it well, but this is a generic fantasy world delivered in less than passable fashion but not completely terrible.

Translation also needs work, suffers from localization, grammar and spelling mistakes. <<less
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edytor rated it
April 13, 2017
Status: c45
Story's standard. MC dies, gets given a chance to live through 'exams' and upon completion, gets given rewards (or penalties) then returns to reality for a set period (break) before he needs to complete another one, rinse and repeat until the final assessment.

Some of the character's, so far, are more or less relatable.

Though most of the interactions feel forced and stale and while the characters aren't cliche, I still felt they were roughly less than decent, nothing amazing (Dungeon Defense) or good (MEMORIZE). So far some of the side characters... more>> have been shafted in order to make the MC look more amazing, specifically on the second/third test. Even further on, the author still didn't explore his immediate party enough for me to get attached. The MC is the only one with sufficient development. He knows he was a loser and the novel doesn't spend too much time dwelling on his regrets and insecurities, mostly only when necessary and relevant and enough to be believable that his past as a loser is a part of his character (heavily influenced by women and success for better and worse). But sadly, he was the only one with some real depth.

This is a gauntlet type story, so the world building will never be as strong as MCHHS or Dungeon Defense since the stories have to build themselves around the game system rather than a persistent epic fantasy world. The world building was better than it's competitors like Master Hunter K and Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon, partially to the fact that the tests seem to be on a persistent world though the overall writing was worse than both. Additionally, another good thing is that the author doesn't shove too much in your face at any one time, spreading out mechanical info. However there are still numerous plot holes like:


MC has the power to muffle sound but doesn't muffle the sounds of a humanoid dying, waking up a large hostile force. MC obtains a Mosin and practically aimbot, but when the big bad boss shows up supposedly aimbot is not good enough to avoid a shield, and this is also assuming a 7.62 wouldn't be enough to penetrate the shield itself.

The very same boss can somehow dodge bullets despite them going faster than the speed of sound. Utter bullsh*t.

One of the party members dies instantly to an arrow to the heart.

As well as other signs of poor writing.


Translation definitely needs work. There are spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, incorrect tense and enough awkward sentence-structure/word-choice (localization) that it bothered me and ended up hurting the overall rating.

Overall I'd give this a mark of 4/10.

It's better than most cliche web novels out there, still not the best or even a good web novel, just don't have too high of an expectation and you'll most likely enjoy it. <<less
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edytor rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
October 14, 2017
Status: c87
A worse version of Overlord without the charm.

The author can conjure up an interesting world but the way he delivers the details and intricacies of the world he's describing leaves much to be desired. His world-building presentation is just barely better than a textbook description. It sometimes feels like a toddler droning on and on about details you don't care about.

His characters are flat and uninteresting and any characters which show the potential so far of being interesting, turn up to be one-dimensional yes-men or starry-eyed women pining for affection.... more>> The villains are more interesting than the main cast and the MC is just plain boring, no charm, no quirks, he's just so flat. Not that there isn't some depth to him, he's just not interesting at all to read about. Most probably again because of the authors presentation skills.

The plot and story are fairly generic but it's the only part where the author can raise this novel into a decent read, the other parts are Slice of Life (and there is alot, more than plot progression) which I despise with a passion.

The author has potential but he needs to learn how to improve his characters so that they have personality, present the world so that it doesn't feel like I'm reading a geography textbook aimed at ADHD kids and actually make his Slice of Life segments more interesting. <<less
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The First Hunter
April 7, 2017
Status: c30

Story is fairly standard, game-like fantasy suddenly asserts itself in the modern world. MC must survive along with his tag-alongs.

Characters aren't completely one dimensional they have some depth to them. But this is a story that centres around the protagonist too much. Learning about the side characters is mostly gleaned from his interactions with them or their reactions to him interacting with the world or other characters, rather then themselves with other characters. The MC's personality isn't interesting but it's understandable considering the life he's lived and there is a... more>> certain amount of mystery, although it is heavily hinted to be a standard cliche past.

World Building is passable for a web novel, not terribly interesting. It involves the standard game mechanics like loot, leveling etc which by this point is very boring (considering the competition out there) since it's a prominent part of this novel.

Translation is pretty good for an amateur. There are a few grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and it's a bit rough with the phrasing in some places but nothing unforgiveable for a amateur web novel translation.

In summary. Wasn't good enough for it to hold my attention but others may like it. Just don't expect too much from it. <<less
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Master Hunter K
April 7, 2017
Status: c70
This was either a 2 or a 3 for me but conceded the writing a point.

The writing (use of imagery, 'show not tell' and other writing techniques) and presentation were solid (comparatively to it's WN brothers).


The story is nothing we haven't seen before, that's not a bad thing if it has an interesting world and characters. Unfortunately, the story does not lend itself to great character development because it's strictly a 90% solo story and any characters that do get introduced either get killed off or disappear just as... more>> fast as they appeared.
This wouldn't impact enjoyment so much if the MC wasn't so standard. He is relatable but his interactions with the world and the other characters are just barely better than flat.

The world isn't much better since it's in a constant state of rapid flux (except for the 'hub'). The novel describes much more what feels like a 'system' than an actual world.

All in all, it's a novel that was doomed before it started as the premise of the story does not lend itself to developing interesting side characters or a interesting deep fantasy world.

It's a shame because I feel the author has potential. <<less
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Revenge Consulting
April 7, 2017
Status: c6
Absolutely terrible.

Any side character so far has existed in so far as to satisfy or fulfill the requirements of moving the plot. The author creates characters to satisfy the wish fulfillment check list. Although six chapters is too early to judge character development there has absolutely been zero done by the author to warrant a leap of faith or a continued gamble to continue reading.

World building is also, while not atrocious, leaves alot to be desired. The only interesting thing about this novel's world was the purgatorial 'Reincarnation School' but,... more>> again, nothing about the authors writing made me believe he was going to take it anywhere interesting.

The translation and editing were done by people who definitely do not speak and/or write English fluently or even accurately. There are numerous localization issues, grammar issues, spelling mistakes and painfully awkward sentence structure and phrasing that reading this, almost gave me a headache.

Do yourself a favor and don't read this novel. <<less
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Return of The 8th Class Mage
April 11, 2017
Status: c24
Characters are nothing to write home about. There's no interesting villains, and the only antagonists that have shown up have been painfully boring cannon fodder. MC is the standard power fantasy MC and comes with the standard revenge personality you'd find in any cliche reincarnation-time-travel-type novels themed with revenge.

World building is okay. Author's taken the cookie-cutter western fantasy world with some slight variation. Not a problem if it's delivered and executed well but the author hasn't done such. As mentioned in other reviews as well there is alot of plot... more>> convenience which screams poor writing.

Translation is in need of more work. Needs localization work as there's plenty of awkward phrasing and sentence structure as well as awkward wording. Grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes are scattered throughout as well.

If you're looking for a well executed revenge with no expectations on the story and plot, search elsewhere, this isn't the novel for you. <<less
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