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The translation is just a bit better than machine translations. I have in the past gone through hundreds if not thousands of chapters of machine translations before; however, the fan translation for this series can be very confusing and frustrating to read. I have gotten some major headaches trying to figure out what it was I was reading.

ANYWAYS. On to the review... the MC is rather plain, he is an OP character who already surpasses the normal limits of humanity. However he is trapped inside that weak, frail and... more>> young body as he was reincarnated as a newborn baby and he is currently developing his body. On a quest to learn magic after being reincarnated into another world by the dragon god he had slain in his previous world, he travels the world in search of a method to wield magic... but honestly, the side characters are more interesting than the MC most of the times. And the world building is slow but mildly interesting. I quite like the MC's nonchalant attitude.

I would give this series a good rating but when every other sentence has broken english or half finished sentences I quickly lose interest and get a little frustrated. Mental exhaustion from having to go over every sentence one to three times over with some real time editing in my mind. <<less
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