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duchessofFandom rated it
Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
June 19, 2017
Status: c74
I think this is a fair read. I really love reincarnation novels and I like the fact that the MC isn't s*upid or dense BUT there is just one problem, the MC is too smart, too knowledgeable. How the hell does she know how to make chocolates from cocoa beans, even I had to research it after reading this not only that how the hell did she manage to create different flavors, is she a chocolatier perhaps in the previous life? Nope, she was an office lady, she knows... more>> so much it's just too unbelievable. She also knows so much about banking, how to make a bank, accounting, bookkeeping, oh and she's a designer too, a seamstress, shoe maker and patissier? Wait there's more, a chemist cause how the hell can she make beauty products, I can understand her using eggs or coconut oil for her hair but making a conditioner let alone other sort of beauty products? And let's not forget a perfume maker.. Or perhaps she was a DIY enthusiasts, yeah right. I just don't understand how she knows so much, as far as I know, on her previous life she spent a whole night playing an otome game.

The plot was good the first chapter I liked how she pointed out the damage the others had done to her but that was it, what the f. The only redeemable point for me was how that knight boy who was violent to her at the first chapter realized how s*upid they were. And that was it. <<less
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Quite bad. The author created a vague, unbelievable, annoying and boring story. If people say that it were somewhat good, don't be fooled. It isn't.

One, a two year old managed to poison her entire family, in what world can that possibly happen. Even if she was a highly trained assassin in her previous life, it still isn't plausible. Because she's a freaking baby, she's a freaking 2 year old baby. How, when, and where did she managed to get poison on her capable of killing her entire family? Two, just... more>> because it was decided that she was a villain in her new life, she had somewhat became a psychotic manipulator. Three, she conveniently managed to be surrounded by somewhat vaguely good and caring adults, who will not be creep out by her creepy sneaking and looking like a psychotic adult-like baby and conveniently manages to read her mind and did everything she wished without her needing to voice it out since she was only a two year old. Four, I didn't know if it was even socially and morally acceptable to throw a five year old in the forest all alone for her to procure food, which she could just get since she's a heiress, also she is the heiress. Five, since she's a heiress and a villain character it is only typical for her to go through all those length for no purpose at all other than to (I don't really know what she has in mind about her future, she doesn't really have a plan, she already knows she's in an otome game and all she wants to do is train to be tomboyish because it is what's convenient for the current setting as the author thinks).

If she wanted why not poison her potential rival and be done with it, no one would suspect her, she's a five year old being drilled to be a general with no real purpose cause she can just try and stop all potential harm that comes her way since she already knows the plot of the game and she's already a wonderful mastermind at such a young age and also the setting is just an otome game where she can just not mind the heroine, and thus no one will suspect her since she has no time to conspire the death of her future enemies. Thus ridding anything that hinders her future life. If we're going with that kind of setting I'd gladly read this shit, but no, boring sh*t about her training or her magical beasts and her growing army is what will welcome you. Vague descriptions of an emotionless, sociopath little girl and her vague and indecisive lifestyle is waiting for you. <<less
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duchessofFandom rated it
Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen!
June 27, 2017
Status: --
What made this story interesting wasn't the fact that the MC didn't have convenient knowledge about everything and anything. It was that the other characters aren't as stuck up as other capture targets in other stories. They are all sensible and have interesting characteristics, even the side characters. It isn't cliche or overly acted. And there is no doting parents or siscon, there is also so much possibilities with the other capture targets and lastly there's still no heroine showing up that will seduce the capture targets.
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Now this is a great read. It was funny, it was light-hearted and it was a freaking cliff-hanger.. Please don't end this novel.. I REALLY want more..

The MC doesn't have a smart brain, despite having been reborn and the fact that she was from the 21st century, she threw all that potential to bring up any useful information or invention to her new life or used her brain to escape potential death, well she tried. Nope, just by her pureness, s*upidity and denseness, she managed to captivate all the capture... more>> targets, and also managed to seduced three ladies into her harem. Resolved her problems just by pure coincidence with only farming as her weapon of choice. But what will captivate you is how everyone is so sappy and so thirsty for love and affection that the first kind words they hear will make them fall head over heels for our very own Bakarina. Also the fact that there is no drama whatsoever, her love interest are okay with being everyone's competition, there is no backstabbing and everyone is just happy for seeing Bakarina happy. <<less
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Finally a novel with a bit of common sense. You just don't casually steal a man who is already promised to marry someone else. Also with people who has a common decency to know what was right from wrong. They weren't as easily manipulated like the idiotic prince.

For once, the MC is not humiliated by her ex-fiance and the damn heroine in front of everyone and she defended herself from the senseless accusations.

What I don't like is the heroine awakening her powers, she didn't deserve it. Anyone can see just... more>> how self-centered she was. Still, it's great the ex-fiance prince realized his mistakes. You just don't throw away 10 years worth of relationship for someone you just met, you give her the benefit of a doubt and a chance to defend herself.

Good for the MC to meet a prince like Aqua. Although I think the naming sense of the author is a bit corny, that may pass since they did a decent story like this. <<less
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