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douchi rated it
Spirit Realm
September 20, 2016
Status: c54
Well, as usual the crowd from wuxia world immediately overrated the novel. It's a pity the ATG team chose such a trite work as their side project. As it is the case with many lesser quality xuanhuan novels, while the premise is entertaining, the author doesn't care about the consistency of nuances no matter their significance, and he reasons unsophisticatedly and without foresight with the result that the plot feels artificial. Nonetheless, I give it 2 stars because, particularly if you haven't covered many novels, yet, the story is still... more>> able to draw you in at the beginning and is well-paced so it suits as binge-reading material. <<less
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douchi rated it
Raid Breaker
July 30, 2016
Status: c7
Well, if those 11 who gave two or less stars only read the seven translated chapters then it's definitely unjustly dissatisfaction considering the voting behavior on this website. That's why I'll give a short review - and add a premature rating. The story is set in a modern world after an apocalypse so the concept is similar to Dungeon Hunter or especially Evolution Theory of the Hunter with the difference that humanity relies on self-build weaponry including piloted robot suits (mecha elements). The protagonist's personality is similar to the one... more>> in the latter story, although likely more socially inapt, so I expect a more naive approach at life, romance, and such.

Based on the seven translated chapters i'd imagine the depth of this work is lower than of the two above mentioned novels. The focus is probably on adventure and action rather then politics, schemes, war strategy, nuanced decisions, etc., so it would be a more relaxed read.

The only major issue I've noticed at this point is the low number of chapters. The novels has been apparently completed after 118 chapters while the chapters are just a bit more than twice as long as those of a typical Chinese Xuanhuan novel. <<less
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Emperor! Can You See Stats!?
September 11, 2018
Status: c1
A pity. Two reviews from translators, both disappointing disasters.

That used and re-used setting kobatochandaisuki describes is called genre. Not to mention that it makes no logical sense to criticize a work based on how often a particular style had been adapted.

Going from the two available chapters, the story seems to have potential. The writing style suggests it is the usual Korean Western-styled sword and magic story line. If you take a look at the title, the cover, the description, the two chapters, I assume we can expect something in the... more>> way Revolution of the 8th Class Mage is written.

The unique element of the novel is probably the appearance of the game system. Don't forget, it's a second chance novel. Meaning, the MC attains twice the usual advantage. This has been done before, but it's rare. This situation also suggests there will be an early detour from mc's past experience, as otherwise he won't face any significant challenges.

This might become a problem if the author insists on prioritizing villains who shouldn't have had the time to mature, yet, like mc's brother. <<less
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douchi rated it
September 8, 2016
Status: c198
During the first about 90 chapters it is indeed a survival game novel but around that point the novel slowly turns into a survival fantasy using game elements to evaluate some stuff. Well, at the very least, the atmosphere of a game elements novel is lost. What impact this change has as a result is debatable. I would say, if you aren't disappointed by that development - as I am - you will continue to enjoy the story. The novel is a bit over-hyped but even with a few plot... more>> holes it feels intelligent, detailed, at times even epic and the fast pace balances the op MC out. However, if the plot holes keep accumulating and the pace won't slow down more often the author might not be able to keep up this level of quality.

Also mind that reading the novel requires a little bit of focus as you have to memorize quite a few names which might appear later on, and to not get overly confused by the irregular writing style. <<less
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Stealing The Heavens
December 21, 2018
Status: --
If you enjoy the descriptive and slow-paced writing style of Xiantia stories, you should read this novel just for the first 200 chapters. Afterwards it depends on how many flaws you can tolerate or notice. At that point the quality starts to degrade and the absolute plot armor of all side characters named after historical figures as well as the main character's fallacious, illogical or simply stupid elaborations, decisions and handling of his matters begin to ruin your reading experience.

Nonetheless, in many ways even later on it still remains a... more>> good and a mostly well-articulated and translated read, so you should definitely decide for yourself.

Actually, I could write this sort of review for pretty much all Chinese fantasy web novels. Even if you ignore the lack of talent or interest among the authors to finish their projects, you simply can't write a good story by publishing every chapter every day. Literature is more dense and complicated than comics or animation. It always requires editing and planning covering the entire work. <<less
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douchi rated it
Immortal Mortal
September 21, 2018
Status: c680
Very frustrating. While the story is interesting and engaging enough to keep the reader curious where the plot is heading, the author is bullsh*tting and very forgetful throughout the entire novel. Details practically do not matter and cannot be relied on. Basically every bad trope or narrative technique of this genre plays a role here. ... more>>

The main reason I stopped reading were the antagonists the author was keeping alive for no well-argued basis and allowing them to progress through nonsensical means.



Although I've endured this point, usually I'm also not really fond of reincarnation stories where the MC reveals the matter of rebirth, even if the concept is an explicit part of the world itself.

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